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Code of Federal Regulations



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Federal Register Library


Federal Register
Vol. 74#1-31 (January – February, 2009)

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Foreign & International Law Resources Database


Religion & Human Rights: An International Journal
Vol. 1 (2006)

Scandinavian Studies in Law
Vols. 1-45 (1957-2003)

South African Yearbook of International Law
Vols. 1-32 (1975-2007)


Baltic Yearbook of International Law
Vol. 5 (2005)

International Court of Justice Yearbook
Vol. 59 (2004-2005)

International Law Studies Series. US Naval War College
Vol. 83 (2007)

International Law Studies Series. US Naval War College
Vol. 84 (2008)

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Law Journal Library


International Journal of Franchising Law
Vols. 1-5 (2003-2007)

Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
Vol. 1 (2004)

Journal of International Law and International Relations
Vols. 1-4 (2004-2008)

Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare
Vols. 1-35 (1973-2008)

Law Practice
Vols. 1-33 (1975-2007)

Litigation News
Vols. 1-33 (1975-2008)

Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology
Vols. 1-2 (2007-2008)

Update on Law-Related Education
Vols. 1-23 (1977-2000) All Published


Akron Law Review
Vol. 42#1 (2009)

Alabama Law Review
Vol. 60#1 (2008)

Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology
Vol. 18#2 (2008)

Alberta Law Review
Vol. 45#5 (2008)

American University Law Review
Vol. 58#3 (2009)

Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade

Appalachian Journal of Law
Vols. 5-7 (2006-2008)

Arizona State Law Journal
Vol. 40#4 (2008)

Army Lawyer

Auckland University Law Review
Vol. 14 (2008)

Australian Year Book of International Law
Vol. 25 (2006)

Berkeley Business Law Journal
Vol. 5#2 (2008)

Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
Vol. 36#1 (2009)

Boston College Law Review
Vol. 50#1 (2009)

Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law
Vol. 15#1 (2009)

Boston University Law Review
Vols. 88#4-5, 89#1 (2008-2009)

Boston University Public Interest Law Journal
Vol. 18#1 (2008)

Brigham Young University Law Review

Brooklyn Law Review
Vol. 74#1 (2008)

Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal
Vol. 5#1 (2007)

Buffalo Law Review
Vol. 56 (2008)

California Law Review
Vol. 97#1 (2009)

Canadian Journal of Law and Society
Vol. 23 (2008)

Canadian Law Library Review
Vol. 33 (2008)

Capital University Law Review
Vol. 36#4 (2008)

Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal
Vol. 26#3 (2009)

Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution
Vol. 10#1 (2008)

Catholic University Law Review
Vol. 58#1 (2008)

Chapman Law Review
Vols. 10-11 (2006-2008)

Charleston Law Review
Vol. 3#2 (2009)

Chicago Journal of International Law
Vols. 8-9 (2007-2009)

Children’s Legal Rights Journal
Vol. 28#4 (2009)

Cleveland State Law Review
Vol. 56#4 (2008)

Columbia Business Law Review

Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Vols. 39#3, 40#1 (2008)

Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts
Vol. 31 (2007-2008)

Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
Vol. 47#1 (2008)

Connecticut Insurance Law Journal
Vol. 14#2 (2007-2008)

Connecticut Law Review
Vol. 41#3 (2009)

Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal
Vol. 7#2 (2008)

Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
Vol. 17 (2007-2008)

Cumberland Law Review
Vol. 39#1 (2008-2009)

Drake Journal of Agricultural Law
Vol. 13#3 (2008)

Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law
Vol. 19#2 (2009)

Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
Vol. 16#1 (2009)

Duke Law Journal
Vol. 58#5 (2009)

Ecology Law Currents
Vols. 35#4, 36#1 (2008-2009)

Entertainment and Sports Lawyer
Vol. 26 (2008-2009)

Environs: Environmental Law and Policy Journal
Vols. 30#2, 31 (2007-2008)

Federal Communications Law Journal
Vol. 61#1 (2008)

Florida Coastal Law Review
Vol. 9 (2007-2008)

Fordham International Law Journal
Vol. 32#2 (2009)

Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law
Vol. 13 (2008)

Fordham Urban Law Journal
Vol. 36#1 (2009)

George Mason Law Review
Vol. 16#1-2 (2008-2009)

Global Governance
Vol. 15#1 (2009)

Gonzaga Law Review
Vol. 44#2 (2008-2009)

Hastings Business Law Journal
Vol. 5#1 (2009)

Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal
Vol. 31#2 (2009)

Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal
Vols. 24-25 (2006-2008)

Human Rights
Vol. 35 (2008)

International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family
Vol. 19 (2005)

International Labour Review
Vol. 147 (2008)

Israel Law Review
Vol. 41 (2008)

John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law
Vols. 7#3-4, 8#1-2 (2008-2009)

Journal of Business and Technology Law
Vol. 4#1 (2009)

Journal of Church and State
Vol. 50#1-3 (2008)

Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
Vol. 97 (2006-2007)

Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation
Vol. 23#2 (2008)

Journal of Health and Biomedical Law
Vols. 3-4 (2007-2008)

Journal of International Criminal Justice
Vol. 3 (2005)

Journal of Law & Family Studies
Vol. 11#1 (2008)

Journal of Law, Information and Science
Vol. 17 (2006)

Journal of Space Law
Vol. 32 (2006)

Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society
Vol. 91#1 (2009)

Judges’ Journal
Vol. 47 (2008)

Vol. 92#4 (2008-2009)

Law & Social Inquiry
Vols. 27-29 (2002-2004)

Law Library Journal
Vol. 101#1 (2009)

Louisiana Law Review
Vol. 69#2 (2009)

Loyola Law Review
Vol. 54#4 (2008)

Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review
Vol. 28#3 (2007-2008)

Maori Law Review
November 2007

Marquette Law Review
Vol. 92#2 (2008)

Michigan Journal of International Law
Vol. 30#1 (2008)

Michigan State Journal of International Law
Vol. 17#1 (2008)

Military Law Review
Vol. 198 (2008)

Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology
Vols. 7-10#1 (2006-2009)

Monash University Law Review
Vol. 34#1 (2008)

National Black Law Journal
Vol. 20#2 (2007)

Natural Resources Journal
Vol. 48#2 (2008)

New Mexico Law Review
Vol. 38#1-2 (2008)

New York City Law Review
Vol. 11#1 (2007)

North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation
Vol. 34#1 (2008)

North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology
Vol. 10#1 (2008)

North Carolina Law Review
Vol. 87#2 (2009)

Ohio Northern University Law Review
Vol. 35#1 (2009)

Ohio State Law Journal
Vol. 69 (2008)

Oregon Review of International Law
Vol. 10 (2008)

Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal
Vol. 18#1 (2009)

Penn State International Law Review
Vol. 27#2 (2008)

Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal
Vol. 9#1 (2008)

Pepperdine Law Review
Vol. 36#1 (2008)

Pittsburgh Tax Review
Vol. 6#1 (2008)

Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
Vol. 14#1 (2007)

Queen’s Law Journal
Vol. 34#1 (2008)

Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal
Vol. 22#2 (2009)

Regent Journal of International Law
Vol. 6#1 (2008)

Review of Litigation
Vol. 28#2 (2008)

Revista Juridica Universidad de Puerto Rico
Vol. 77#1-2 (2008)

Revue Generale de Droit
Vol. 36 (2006)

Revue quebecoise de droit international

Roger Williams University Law Review
Vol. 13#1 (2008)

Santa Clara Law Review
Vol. 49#3 (2009)

Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues
Vol. 11#1 (2008)

Seton Hall Law Review
Vol. 39#1 (2009)

Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review of Singapore Cases

Singapore Academy of Law Journal
Vols. 17-18 (2005-2006)

Singapore Journal of Legal Studies

SMU Law Review
Vol. 61#2-4 (2008)

South Carolina Law Review
Vol. 60#2 (2008)

South Dakota Law Review
Vol. 54#1 (2009)

Southern University Law Review
Vol. 35 (2007-2008)

Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas
Vol. 15#1 (2008)

St. Thomas Law Review
Vol. 21#1 (2008)

Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Vol. 27 (2008)

Stanford Journal of International Law
Vol. 44 (2008)

Stanford Law Review
Vol. 61#2-3 (2008)

Stellenbosch Law Review
Vol. 17 (2006)

Suffolk Transnational Law Review
Vol. 32#1 (2008)

Tax Executive
Vol. 60#6 (2008)

Tax Lawyer
Vol. 61 (2007-2008)

Temple Journal of Science, Technology and Environmental Law
Vol. 27#2 (2008)

Texas Environmental Law Journal
Vol. 38#1-2 (2007-2008)

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
Vol. 17#2 (2009)

Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal
Vol. 10#1 (2008)

Texas Tech Law Review
Vol. 41#1 (2008)

Texas Wesleyan Law Review
Vol. 14 (2007-2008)

Thomas Jefferson Law Review
Vol. 31#1 (2008)

Thurgood Marshall Law Review
Vol. 33#2 (2008)

Tulane Maritime Law Journal
Vol. 33#1 (2008)

UC Davis Journal of Juvenile Law and Policy
Vol. 13#1 (2009)

UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal
Vol. 25#1 (2007)

University of Colorado Law Review
Vol. 80#1 (2009)

University of Dayton Law Review
Vols. 33-34#1 (2007-2008)

University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy
Vol. 19 (2008)

University of Kansas Law Review
Vol. 57#1-2 (2008-2009)

University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class
Vol. 7#1 (2007)

University of Memphis Law Review
Vol. 39#1 (2008)

University of Miami Law Review
Vol. 63#1 (2008)

University of Pittsburgh Law Review
Vols. 69#3-4, 70#1 (2008)

University of Queensland Law Journal
Vol. 27#1 (2008)

University of San Francisco Law Review
Vol. 43#2 (2009)

University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal
Vol. 20#1 (2007-2008)

University of St. Thomas Law Journal
Vol. 5#1-2 (2008)

University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review
Vol. 66#1 (2008)

Vermont Journal of Environmental Law
Vol. 9#2-3 (2008)

Vermont Law Review
Vol. 33#1-2 (2008)

Villanova Environmental Law Journal
Vol. 20#1 (2009)

Virginia Journal of International Law
Vol. 49#2 (2009)

Washington University Global Studies Law Review
Vol. 8#1 (2009)

Wayne Law Review
Vol. 54#1 (2008)

Western Criminology Review
Vols. 8-9 (2007-2008)

Whittier Law Review
Vol. 30#1 (2008)

Willamette Law Review
Vol. 45#1-2 (2008)

William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal
Vol. 17#1-2 (2008)

William & Mary Environmental Law & Policy Review
Vol. 33#1 (2008)

William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law
Vol. 15#1 (2008)

William Mitchell Law Review
Vol. 35#1 (2008)

Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues
Vol. 25#1 (2008)

Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender and Society
Vol. 23 (2008)

Wisconsin Law Review

Women Lawyers Journal
Vol. 92 (2006-2007)

Women’s Rights Law Reporter
Vol. 30#1 (2008)

Yale Journal of Law and Feminism
Vol. 20#1 (2008)

Yale Journal on Regulation
Vol. 26#1 (2009)

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Legal Classics

Documents Illustrative of International Law
Lawrence, T. J.
1 v. Boston: D.C. Heath & Co, 1914

Elements of the Roman Civil Law; In Which a Comparison Is Occasionally Made between the Roman Laws and Those of England: Being the Heads of a Course of Lectures Publicly Read in the University of Cambridge
Hallifax, Samuel
1 v. London: Printed for the proprietors, 14 Charlotte Street, Bloomsbury, 1818

Introduction to the Philosophy of Law
Pound, Roscoe
1 v. New Haven: Yale University Press; [etc., etc.], 1922

Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy
Paley, William
1 v. London: Printed by W. Green, for the proprietors, Military Classics’ Office, 1817

Principles of Natural and Politic Law
Burlamaqui, J. J.
1 v. Oxford: Printed by W. Green, for the proprietors, Military Classics Office, 1817

Selected Articles on Prohibition, Modification of the Volstead Law
Beman, Lamar T.
1 v. New York: H.W. Wilson Co, 1924

Society and the Criminal
East, William Norwood
1 v. London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1949

Studies in the History of the United States Courts of the Third Circuit
Presser, Stephen B
1 v. Bicentennial Committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States, 1982

Text-Book of Jurisprudence
Paton, George Whitecross
1 v. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1946

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National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws


Handbook of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and Proceedings of the Annual Conference Meeting
116th Conference (2007)

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New York Court of Appeals Records and Briefs


10 NY3D

10 NY3D 46 Spota, Thomas J., Matter of v. Jackson, Tina

11 NY3D

11 NY3D 15 Marmelstein, Adina v. Kehillat New Hempstead: The Rav Aron Jofen Community Snynagogue and Tendler, Mordecai
11 NY3D 55 Venigalla, Sambasiva Rao, Matter of v. Nori, Dattatreyudu
11 NY3D 470 Helmsley-Spear, Inc. v. Fishman, Michael
11 NY3D 573 Van Kipnis, Claire v. Van Kipnis, Gregory
11 NY3D 767 Bernstein, Robert B., Matter of v. Feiner, Paul J.
11 NY3D 848-02 People v. George, Raymond C.
11 NY3D 850 People v. Castellano, Roberto, also known as Castelan, Roberto

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Session Laws

Back file added




2007 vol. I bk. 5 86th General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2007 vol. I bk. 6 86th General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2007 vol. I bk. 7 86th General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2007 vol. I bk. 8 86th General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2007 vol. II bk. 1 86th General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session, 2006 1st Extraordinary Session

2008 82th General Assembly, Regular Session

2007 vol. 1 79th Legislature, General & Special Laws, Regular Session, 3rd Called Sessions
2007 vol. 2 80th Legislature, General & Special Laws, Regular Session
2007 vol. 3 80th Legislature, General & Special Laws, Regular Session
2007 vol. 4 80th Legislature, General & Special Laws, Regular Session
2007 vol. 5 80th Legislature, General & Special Laws, Regular Session
2007 vol. 6 80th Legislature, General & Special Laws, Regular Session

2006 vol. I General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2006 vol. II General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2006 special General Assembly, Acts, Special Session I and II
2007 vol. I General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2007 vol. II General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2007 vol. III General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2008 vol. I General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2008 vol. II General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2008 vol. III General Assembly, Acts, Regular Session
2008 special General Assembly, Acts, Special Session I and II

West Virginia
2007 vol. I 78th Legislature, 1st Regular Session
2007 vol. II 78th Legislature, 1st Regular Session, 1st Extraordinary Session; 77th Legislature, 2nd Extraordinary Session, 2006
2008 vol. I 78th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session
2008 vol. II 78th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session, 1st & 2nd Extraordinary Session, 2nd Extraordinary Session, 2007

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Treaties and Agreements Library


Air Laws and Treaties of the World
3 v. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1965


Guide to the United States Treaties in Force

105 KAVs have been updated

40 TIAS have been updated

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U.S. Attorney General Opinions

Investigation into the Removal of Nine U.S. Attorneys in 2006
1 v. Buffalo, NY: W.S. Hein, 2008. Reprint. Originally published : Washington : U.S. Department of Justice, 2008

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U.S. Congressional Documents


GPO Best Sellers

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress – 1774-2005
1 v. (2005)

Congressional Pictorial Directory – 110th Congress
1 v. (2007)

House Ethics Manual
1 v. (2008)

United States House of Representatives Telephone Directory – Summer 2008
1 v. (2008)

Women In Congress
1 v. (2006)


Congressional Record – Bound
Vol. 150 No. 12-50 (2004)

Congressional Record Daily
Vol. 155 No. 1-35 (2009)

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U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals


GPO Best Sellers

2008 Emergency Response Guidebook: A Guidebook for First Responders during the Initial Phase of a Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials Transportation Incident
1 v. (2008)

Annual Energy Outlook
1 v. (2008)

Budget of the U.S. Government – Fiscal Year 2009
1 v. (2008)

Compilation of Maritime Laws (As Amended through the Second Session of the 109th Congress)
1 v. (2007)

Compilation of Social Security Laws
2 v. (2003)

Constitution of the United States, and, the Declaration of Independence
1 v. (2007)

Deploying Justice: A Handbook for the Chief of Military Justice
1 v. (2008)

Emergency Response to Terrorism
1 v. (2000)

Federal Historic Preservation Laws: The Official Compilation of U.S. Cultural Heritage Statutes
1 v. (2006)

Federal Mine Safety & Health Review Commission: Amended Mine Act, Procedural Rules, EAJA Rules
1 v. (2008)

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure with Forms
1 v. (2007)

Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
1 v. (2007)

Freedom of Information Act Guide
1 v. (2007)

How Our Laws Are Made
1 v. (2003)

Intelligence Community Legal Reference Book
1 v. (2007)

Judicial Business of the United States Courts: 2007 Annual Report of the Director
1 v. (2007)

Manual for Courts-Martial, United States
1 v. (2008)

Not in Our Own Backyard: Posse Comitatus and the Challenge of Government Reorganization
1 v. (2007)

Occupational Outlook Handbook
1 v. (2008)

Preservation Briefs 1-14: Recognizing and Resolving Common Preservation and Repair Problems Prior to Working on Historic Buildings
1 v. (1975-1998)

Principles of Federal Appropriations Law
2 v. (2004-2006)

Reference Manual to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks against Buildings: Providing Protection to People and Buildings
1 v. (2003)

Safety and Health Requirements Manual
1 v. (2008)

Statistical Abstract of the United States
6 v. (2003-2009)

The FBI: A Centennial History, 1908-2008
1 v. (2008)

U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook: Incident Command System (ICS)
1 v. (2006)

United States Sentencing Commission Guidelines
1 v. (2007)


Federal Communications Commission Record
Vol. 23#20-21 (2008)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances
Vol. 65 (2007)

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U.S. Federal Legislative History Library

Legislative History of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002
Manz, William H.
12 v. (2003)

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U.S. Presidential Library

Economic Report of the President

Public Papers of the Presidents – George W. Bush

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United Nations Law Collection


United Nations Statement of Treaties and International Agreements

United Nations Treaty Series

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World Trials


A. Peries, Adm’r de Bonis Non Cum T. a. of James Yard. Plaintiff in Error, v. Mariano de Aycinena, Executor of Juan Fermin de Aycinena, Defendant in Error: S.C., December Term, 1841, No. 12: Statement of Case
1 v. (1841)

Aycinena v. Peries: S.C.N.P. – July, 1842, No. 78: Bill of Exceptions
1 v. (1842)

Aycinena v. Yard. Plaintiff’s Statement of the Case
1 v. (1835)

Bank of Kentucky, vs. The Schuylkill Bank: In Equity, before Examiner
1 v. (1843)

Bishop of Salisbury’s and the Bishop of Oxford’s Speeches in the House of Lords, on the First Article of the Impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverall; also the Bishop of Lincoln’s and Bishop of Norwich’s Speeches at the Opening of the Second Article of the Said Impeachment
1 v. (1710)

Carmick & Ramsey Case
1 v. (1860)

Case and Appeal of James Ashley, of Bread-Street, London: Addressed to the Publick in General: In Relation to I. The Apprehending Henry Simons, the Polish Jew, on a Warrant Issued out against Him for Perjury, II. His Trial and Conviction of a Capital Misdemeanor, Last Lent-Assizes, Held at Chelmsford for the County of Essex, III. His Second Trial at the Subsequent Assizes, for the Same Offense, and Surprising Acquittal, IV. An Action Brought, and the Cruel Verdict Obtained, against the Said James Ashley, and Others: Interspersed Throughout with Many Very Uncommon Particulars: to Which Is Prefixed, a Curious Print of the Person and Dress of the Said Henry Simons
1 v. (1753)

Case of Carmick & Ramsey. Points Submitted to the First Comptroller of the Treasury, by the Post Office Department, in Opposition to the Claim
1 v. (1863)

Case of Carmick and Ramsey. Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting Reports from the Secretary of the Treasury and the Postmaster General, with Accompanying Papers, in Answer to a Resolution of the House Asking What Action, If Any, Has Been Taken for the Adjustment of Damages Due Carmick & Ramsey
1 v. (1859)

Charges of Baron Smith: Also Addresses, Presented to Him; and His Answers; together with a Report of the Two Debates in the House of Commons upon His Case; and an Appendix
1 v. (1834)

Copy from Mr. Gurney’s Short-hand Notes, of the Argument in the Case of the Queen v. George Millis: Heard on the 13th, 14th, 16th, and 17th February, 1843
1 v. (1843)

Debates of the Legislature of Pennsylvania, on the Case of Gideon Olmstead
1 v. (1810)

Decision of the Comptroller of the Treasury, in the Case of Carmick and Ramsey, Rendered November 9, 1864
1 v. (1865)

Full Report, Embracing All the Evidence and Arguments in the Case of the Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Thomas Ritchie, Jr.: Tried at the Spring Term of the Chesterfield Superior Court, 1846 : to Which Is Added, an Appendix, Shewing the Action of the Court in Relation to the Other Parties, Messrs. P.J. Archer, W. Greenhow, and William Scott, Connected with the Said Case
1 v. (1846)

Hazen Court-Martial: The Responsibility for the Disaster to the Lady Franklin Bay Polar Expedition Definitely Established, with Proposed Reforms in the Law and Practice of Courts-Martial
1 v. (1885)

Illustrated Life, Career, and Trial of William Palmer, of Rugeley: Containing Details of His Conduct as Schoolboy, Medical Student, Racing-Man, and Poisoner: Together with Original Letters of William and Anne Palmer, and Other Authentic Documents: The Whole of His Private Diary up to the Hour of His Arrest, with a Verbatim Report of His Trial, and Fullest Particulars Respecting His Execution at Stafford: Illustrated with Views, Portraits, and Representations of the Chief Incidents in His Career and Trial
1 v. (1856)

In the common pleas His grace the Duke of Beaufort against John Crawshay Bailey and others : for trespass on Cwmdu Hill, in the parish of St. Michael Cwmdu, Breconshire : report of the trial before Mr. Justice Mellor
1 v. (1863)

In the District Court for the City and County of Philadelphia, of December Term, 1835. No. 466
1 v. (1835)

In the Matter of the Contested Election of District Attorney: Before King, Campbell and Kelley, February 12, 1851
1 v. (1851)

In the Supreme Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in Equity. Tilghman et al. vs. Frelinghuysen, Administratrix of Yard
1 v. (1842)

In the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Eastern District, Aycinena vs. Peries, June 42, No. 78
1 v. (1842)

In the Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania, Eastern District, December Term, 1841. No. 12: A. Peries, Administrator de Bonis Non Cum Testamento Annexo, of James Yard (Plaintiff in Error) v. Mariano de Aycinena, Executor of Juan Fermin de Aycinena, (Defendant in Error)
1 v. (1842)

Indictment, Arraignment, Tryal, and Judgment, at Large, of Twenty-Nine Regicides, the Murtherers of His Most Sacred Majesty King Charles the Ist, of Glorious Memory: Begun at Hicks’s-Hill on Tuesday the Ninth of October, 1660 and Continued at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily until Friday the Nineteenth of the Same Month: Together with a Summary of the Dark and Horrid Decrees of Those Cabbalists, Preparatory to That Hellish Fact
1 v. (1724)

Keystone Bridge Company, vs. The Phoenix Iron Company et al.: Samuel J. Reeves, vs. Jacob H. Linville, et al., Argument for the Phoenix Iron Company and Samuel J. Reeves
1 v. (1871)

Keystone Bridge Company, vs. The Phoenix Iron Company et al.: Samuel J. Reeves, vs. Jacob H. Linville, et al., Opinion of the Court
1 v. (1872)

Lady Hewley’s Charities. A Full Report of the Hearing in the House of Lords, on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of May, and the 24th, 25th, and 28th of June, 1839 on the Appeal of the Trustees. (From the Short-Hand Notes of Messrs. Gurney and Son.) To Which Are Prefixed, the Judgment of the Vice-Chancellor, on the Original Hearing of the Cause before Him, Dec. 23rd, 1833. The Judgment of Lord Lyndhurst on the Appeal to Him as Lord Chancellor, Delivered 5th Feb., 1836. The Case of the Appellants. The Case of the Respondents
1 v. (1839)

Proceedings before the Assembly Judiciary Committee: In the matter of the Charges against Ex-Attorney-General Hamilton Ward, and Hon. Theodoric R. Westbrook, a Justice of the Supreme Court
2 v. (1882)

Proceedings of the Court Martial for the Trial of Major Daniel Sharp, Late Brigade Inspector the the First Brigade, First Division Pennsylvania Militia
1 v. (1835)

Proceedings of the Government of the United States, in Maintaining the Public Right to the Beach of the Missisippi, Adjacent to New-Orleans, against the Intrusion of Edward Livingston Prepared for the Use of Counsel
1 v. (1812)

Proceedings of the Trial of the Ship Two Friends, in the Court of Vice Admiralty in Bermuda
1 v. (1795)

Report of the Case of Hoope vs. Sir R. Griffith: Being the Appeal of the Christian Brothers of Kingstown, County Dublin, from the Valuation of Their School Premises for the Purposes of Assessment. Heard before Mr. Sergeant O’Hagan, Q.C., Chairman of the County Dublin, on Wednesday, October 20th, Monday, December 20th, and Tuesday, December 28th, 1858
1 v. (1859)

Report of the Case of Horner against Liddiard, upon the Question of What Consent Is Necessary to the Marriage of Illegitimate Minors; Determined, on the 24th May 1799, in the Consistorial Court of London, by the Right Honourable Sir William Scott, Chancellor of the Diocese: with an Introductory Essay upon the Theory and the History of Laws Relating to Illegitimate Children, and to the Encouragement of Marriage in General
1 v. (1800)

Report of the Case of the King v. Westwood, with a Preliminary Digest of the Authorities on the Points of Corporation Law therein Discussed and Referred To
1 v. (1830)

Report of the Cause between William Beaurain, Gent., Plaintiff, and the Right Hon. Sir W. Scott, Knt., Defendant, for Unlawfully Excommunicating the Plaintiff: Tried in the Court of King’s Bench, Guildhall, London, on Saturday, the 6th March, 1813, before the Right Hon. Lord Ellenborough, Chief Justice, and a Special Jury: with an Appendix
1 v. (1814)

Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire into the Condition of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States
1 v. (1872)

Report of the Proceedings in Cases of High Treason, at a Special Commission of Oyer and Terminer, Held in and for the County and City of Dublin, in the Month of July, 1798
1 v. (1798)

Report of the Trial of John M’Cann, upon an Indictment for High Treason
1 v. (1798)

Report of the Trial of Michael-William Byrne, upon an Indictment for High Treason
1 v. (1798)

Report of the Trial of Oliver Bond upon an Indictment for High Treason
1 v. (1798)

Report on Extraterritorial Crime and the Cutting Case
1 v. (1887)

Second Supplemental Bill: The President, Directors and Company of the Bank of Kentucky, vs. The Schuylkill Bank, etc.: June Term, 1842. C.P. No. 6. Supplemental Bill In Equity, Filed Sept. 30, 1843
1 v. (1843)

Trial of Daniel Giddings for Shooting Benjamin Wiltshire: August 5, 1882, Near Chillicothe, Ohio
1 v. (1885)

Trial of Francis Ravaillac for the Murder of King Henry the Great, together with an Account of His Torture and Execution, Extracted and Translated from the Registers of the Parliament of Paris, 1610
1 v. (1885)

Trial of Rev. H.T. Widdemer, 1888
1 v. (1888)

Trial of the Honourable Admiral Byng, at a Court-Martial Held on Board His Majesty’s Ship the St. George, in Portsmouth Harbour, Tuesday, Dec. 28, 1756, for an Enquiry into His Conduct, While He Commanded in the Mediterranean. Together with His Defence; Likewise an Appendix, Containing All the Papers Read in Court, and Several Others. Being Much Fuller, and More Circumstantial, Than the Judge-Advocate’s Minutes; because containing All the Occasional Speeches and Reflections Made by the Members of the Court, or the Prisoner, on What was Said, or Passed; and Each Member’s Name Prefixed to the Questions He Proposed. Part 1[ -2]
1 v. (1757)

Trial of William W. Holden, Governor of North Carolina, before the Senate of North Carolina, on Impeachment by the House of Representatives for High Crimes and Misdeameanors
3 v. (1871)

Tryal of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, before the House of Peers, for High Crimes and Misdemeanors; upon an Impeachment by the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses in Parliament Assembled, in the Name of Themselves, and of all the Commons of Great Britain: Begun in Westminster-Hall the 27th Day of February, 1709, and from thence continued by Several Adjournments until the 23d Day of March Following
1 v. (1710)

Tryal of the Roman Catholics of Ireland
1 v. (1764)

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