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Federal Register
Vol. 72#105-146 (June-July, 2007)

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Vol. 43#22-29 (June-July, 2007)

Foreign and International Law Resources Database

Revue Hellenique de Droit International
Vols. 1-57 (1948-2004)

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1861 to 1976 (Abraham Lincoln through Richard M. Nixon presidential administrations)

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American Bar Association. Section of Intellectual Property Law. Annual Report

Eyes on the ICC
Vols. 1-3 (2004-2006)

Family Advocate
Vols. 1-29 (1978-2007)

Journal of Law, Economics & Policy
Vol. 1 (2005)

Law Student’s Helper
Vols. 1-23 (1893-1915) All Published

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Acta Universitatis Lucian Blaga
Vol. 2006 (2006)

American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law
Vol. 15#4 (2007)

Annals of Health Law
Vol. 16 (2007)

Annual Survey of International & Comparative Law
Vols. 12-13 (2006-2007)

Berkeley Journal of International Law
Vol. 25#2 (2007)

Berkeley Technology Law Journal
Vol. 22#2 (2007)

Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
Vol. 34 (2007)

Boston College International and Comparative Law Review
Vol. 30 (2007)

Boston College Law Review
Vol. 48#2-3 (2007)

Boston College Third World Law Journal
Vol. 27#2 (2007)

Brooklyn Law Review
Vol. 72#4 (2007)

Cardozo Law Review
Vol. 28 (2006-2007)

Cardozo Public Law, Policy and Ethics Journal
Vol. 5 (2006-2007)

Columbia Journal of Asian Law
Vol. 20 (2006-2007)

Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
Vol. 32 (2007)

Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts
Vol. 30 (2006-2007)

Commlaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy
Vol. 15 (2006-2007)

Connecticut Law Review
Vol. 39 (2006-2007)

Creighton Law Review
Vol. 40#2-4 (2007)

Delaware Journal of Corporate Law back to top
Vol. 32#2 (2007)

Denver University Law Review
Vol. 84 (2006-2007)

DePaul-LCA Journal of Art and Entertainment Law
Vol. 16 (2005-2006)

Developments in Mental Health Law
Vol. 26#1 (2007)

Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
Vol. 14#2 (2007)

Duke Law Journal
Vol. 56#6 (2007) 

Duquesne Business Law Journal
Vols. 8-9 (2006-2007) 

Duquesne Law Review
Vol. 45 (2006-2007)

Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal
Vol. 23 (2006-2007) 

Federal Communications Law Journal
Vol. 59 (2006-2007)

Federal Reserve Bulletin
Vols. 14-26 (1928-1940)

Fordham International Law Journal
Vol. 29 (2005-2006)

Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal
Vol. 23 (2007)

Harvard Civil Rights – Civil Liberties Law Review
Vol. 42 (2007)

Harvard Journal on Legislation
Vol. 44 (2007)

Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly
Vol. 34 (2006-2007)

Heidelberg Journal of International Law (External to HeinOnline)
Vols. 31-40 (1971-1980)

Human Rights Law Review
Vol. 3 (2003) 

Idaho Law Review
Vol. 43 (2006-2007)

IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review back to top
Vol. 47#5 (2007)

Indiana Law Journal
Vol. 82 (2007)

Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Vol. 60 (2006-2007)

International Law & Management Review
Vol. 3 (2006-2007)

Journal of Appellate Practice and Process
Vol. 8#1-2 (2006)

Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues
Vol. 15#1 (2006)

Journal of Corporation Law
Vol. 32#3-4 (2007)

Journal of Korean Law
Vol. 5 (2005) 

Journal of Law and Health
Vol. 20 (2006-2007) 

Journal of Legislation
Vol. 33#2 (2007)

Journal of Mental Health Law
Vol. May 2007 (2007)

Journal of National Security Law & Policy
Vol. 2#1 (2006)

Journal of Southern Legal History
Vol. 14 (2006)

Journal on Telecommunications & High Technology Law
Vol. 5#3 (2007)

Vol. 90 (2006-2007)

Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy
Vol. 15 (2005-2006)

Legal Studies Forum
Vol. 31 supp. (2007)

Maine Law Review
Vol. 59 (2007)

Marquette Law Review
Vol. 90 (2006-2007)

McGeorge Law Review
Vol. 38#1-2 (2007)

Mercer Law Review
Vol. 58 (2006-2007)

Monthly Labor Review
Vols. 81-102 (1958-1979), 130#1-4 (2007)

Natural Resources Journal
Vol. 46 (2006)

Naval Law Review
Vols. 1947-25 (1947-1971)

Nebraska Law Review
Vol. 85 (2006-2007)

New England Law Review
Vol. 41 (2006-2007)

Notre Dame Law Review back to top
Vol. 82#5 (2007)

NYU Journal of Law & Liberty
Vol. 2#1-2 (2006-2007)

NYU Journal of Law and Business
Vol. 3#1 (2006) 

Ocean and Coastal Law Journal
Vol. 12 (2006-2007)

Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal
Vol. 16 (2007) 

Vol. 25 (2006-2007)

Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal
Vol. 20 (2006-2007)

San Diego International Law Journal
Vol. 8#2 (2007)

Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal
Vol. 23 (2006-2007) 

Seattle University Law Review
Vol. 30 (2006-2007) 

Seton Hall Law Review
Vol. 37#3 (2007)

South African Journal of Criminal Justice
Vol. 17 (2004)

South African Journal on Human Rights
Vol. 20 (2004)

Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice (Previously Southern California Review of Law & Women’s Studies)
Vol. 16 (2006-2007)

Southern University Law Review
Vol. 34 (2007)

Southwestern University Law Review
Vol. 36#1 (2007)

Sports Lawyers Journal
Vol. 14 (2007)

St. Thomas Law Review
Vol. 19 (2006-2007)

Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Vol. 26 (2007)

Stanford Journal of International Law
Vol. 43 (2007)

Stanford Law Review
Vol. 59 (2006-2007)

Suffolk Transnational Law Review
Vols. 29-30#2 (2006-2007)

Suffolk University Law Review
Vol. 40 (2006-2007)

Supreme Court Economic Review back to top
Vol. 10 (2003)

Supreme Court Review
Vol. 2001 (2001)

Sydney Law Review
Vol. 29#1-2 (2007)

Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce
Vol. 34 (2006-2007)

Syracuse Law Review
Vol. 57 (2006-2007)

Temple International & Comparative Law Journal
Vol. 21#1 (2007)

Texas Journal of Women and the Law
Vol. 16#1 (2006)

Texas Law Review
Vol. 85#6-7 (2007)

Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal
Vol. 8 (2007) 

Texas Tech Law Review
Vol. 39 (2006-2007)

Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems
Vol. 16 (2006-2007)

Transportation Law Journal
Vol. 34#2 (2007)

Trends in Law Library Management and Technology
Vol. 17 (2007) New article added: “The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse: A New Digitized Archive at Washington University in St. Louis”

Tulane Law Review
Vol. 81 (2006-2007)

Tulane Maritime Law Journal
Vol. 31 (2006-2007)

Tulsa Journal of Comparative & International Law
Vol. 14 (2006-2007)

UBC Law Review
Vol. 40#1 (2007)

UCLA Law Review
Vol. 54#1-5 (2006-2007)

UMKC Law Review
Vol. 75 (2006-2007)

Uniform Law Review – Revue De Droit Uniforme
Vol. 9 (2004) 

University of Dayton Law Review
Vol. 32 (2006-2007)

University of Illinois Law Review
Vol. 2007#3 (2007)

University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender & Class
Vol. 6 (2006)

University of Miami Law Review
Vol. 61 (2006-2007) 

University of New Brunswick Law Journal
Vol. 56 (2007)

University of Queensland Law Journal
Vol. 25 (2006) 

University of San Francisco Law Review
Vol. 41 (2006-2007)

University of Toledo Law Review back to top
Vol. 38 (2006-2007)

Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal
Vol. 14 (2007)

Virginia Law Review
Vol. 93#2-4 (2007)

Washburn Law Journal
Vol. 46 (2006-2007)

Washington University Global Studies Law Review
Vol. 5 (2006)

Western New England Law Review
Vol. 29 (2006-2007)

Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal
Vol. 10 (2007)

Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics
Vol. 6 (2006)

Yale Journal of International Law
Vol. 32 (2007)

Yale Law Journal
Vol. 115 (2005-2006)

Legal Classics (New Titles) back to top

American Mining Code: Embracing the US, State, and Territorial Mining Laws, the Land Office Regulations, and a Digest of Federal and State Court and Land Department Decisions
1 v. (1886)

Benjamin’s Treatise on the Law of Sale of Personal Property; with References to the American Decisions and to the French Code and Civil Law
1 v. (1899)

Dartmouth College Causes and the Supreme Court of the United States
1 v. (1895) Also in U.S. Supreme Court Library

De Jure Maritimo et Navali: or, A Treatise of Affairs Maritime & of Commerce. In Three Books.
1 v. (1690)

Digest of the Laws of England
8 v. (1824)

Dissertations of Early Law and Custom, Chiefly Selected from Lectures Delivered at Oxford
1 v. (1883)

Elements of the Common Lawes of England, Branched Into a Double Tract: The One Containing a Collection of Some Principal Rules and Maximes of the Common Law, with Their Latitude and Extent. Explicated for the more Facile Introduction of Such as are Studiously Addicted to that Noble Profession. The other the Use of the Common Law, for Preservation of Our Persons, Goods, and Good Names. According to the Lawes and Customes of this Land
1 v. (1639)

Essay on the Growth of Law
1 v. (1882)

European Constitutional History, or, The Origin and Development of the Governments of Modern Europe: From the Fall of Western Roman Empire to the Close of the Nineteenth Century
1 v. (1902)

International American Conference. Reports of Committees and Discussions Thereon. (Revised under the Direction of the Executive Committee by Order of the Conference, Adopted March 7, 1890).
4 v. (1890)

Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution
1 v. (1902)

Law-Dictionary: Explaining the Rise, Progress and Present State, of the English Law; Defining and Interpreting the Terms or Words of Art; and Comprising Copious Information on the Subjects of Law, Trade, and Government
6 v. (1811)

Life and Letters of Joseph Story, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and Dane Professor of Law at Harvard University
2 v. (1851) Also in U.S. Supreme Court Library

Life and Speeches of Thomas Corwin
1 v. (1896)

Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes: His Speeches, Essays, Letters, and Judicial Opinions
1 v. (1946)

Treatise on the Anglo American System of Evidence in Trials at Common Law: Including the Statutes and Judicial Decisions of All Jurisdictions of the United States and Canada
5 v. (1923)

Treatise on the Law of Mortgages of Personal Property
1 v. (1881)

Treatise on the Law of Personal Property
1 v. (1918)

Treatise on the Law of Private Corporations
2 v. (1886)

Woman Suffrage and Politics: The Inner Story of the Suffrage Movement
1 v. (1926)

New York Court of Appeals Records and Briefs (Updates) back to top

8 NY3D

Case No. & Case Name

43 Colavito, Patricia v. New York Organ Donor Network, Inc.
513 County of Chautauqua, Matter of v. Civil Service Employees Association, Local 1000, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, County of Chautauqua Unit 6300, Chautauqua County Local 807
611 Cubas, Maria v. Martinez, Raymond
952 People v. Dukes, Alfonso
963 Clementoni, Craig v. Consolidated Rail Corporation, also known as Conrail and Skowron, Paul
970-01 Nonnon, Patricia v. City of New York (and another action)
970-02 Nonnon, Patricia v. City of New York (and another action)

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New York 1986-1999 (209th Legislature, Regular Session – 222nd Legislature)

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Current Treaty Index
29th-40th editions (2001-2007)

KAV Agreements

U.S. Congressional Documents Libraryback to top

Congressional Record
Vols. 21-25 (1889-1893)
Vols. 136-137 (1990-1992)

World Trials (New Titles) back to top

Argument for Construing Largely the Right of an Appellee of Murder, to Insist on Trial by Battle; and also for Abolishing Appeals
1 v. (1818) Kendall, Edward Augustus

Boston Slave Riot, and Trial of Anthony Burns Containing the Report of the Faneuil Hall Meeting; the Murder of Batchelder; Theodore Parker’s Lesson for the Day; Speeches of Counsel on Both Sides, Corrected by Themselves; a Verbatim Report of Judge Loring’
1 v. (1854)

Bridge-Street Banditti, versus the Press. Report of the Trial of Mary-Anne Carlile, for Publishing a New-Year’s Address to the Reformers of Great Britain; Written by Richard Carlile; at the Instance of the Constitutional Association: before Mr. Justice Be
1 v. (1821) Carlile, Mary-Anne

Brief History of the Pittsburgh Forgery Case
1 v. (1860) Dillaye, Stephen D.

Burdell Case. Closing Argument of Mr. Charles Edwards, Advocate for Infant Next of Kin of Harvey Burdell; and in Opposition to the Claim of Emma Augusta Cunningham, for Letters of Administration
1 v. (1857) Edwards, Charles

Campbell versus Campbell. Bush, Proctors, Bogg: Dr. Scott, Dr. Nicholl, Counsel, Dr. Battine, Dr. Swabey
1 v. (1796) Campbell, Charles Collins

Car-Hook Tragedy. The Life, Trial, Conviction and Execution of William Foster for the Murder of Avery D. Putnam. Governor Dix’s Letters. Neither Tears, Appeals for Executive Clemency from the Wife of the Murdered Man, Opinions on This Interesting Case fro
1 v. (1873) Bemault, J. Edwards

Case of Edwin R. Biles. Forgery
1 v. (1859) Biles, Edwin R.

Case of the Respondent, the Above Designed Major Yelverton
1 v. (1865) Yelverton, William Charles

Case of Thomas Alexander Fraser, of Lovat, Esquire, Claiming the Title and Dignity of Baron Lovat
1 v. (1825) Fraser, Thomas Alexander

Celebrated Trials
1 v. (1897) Clinton, Henry Lauren

Charges against Justice George G. Barnard, and Testimony thereunder, before the Judiciary Committee of the Assembly
1 v. (1872) Barnard, George Gardner

Charges of the Bar Association of New York against Hon. George G. Barnard and Hon. Albert Cardozo Justices of the Supreme Court, and Hon. John H. McCunn, a Justice of the Superior Court of the City of New York, and Testimony thereunder Taken before the Ju
4 v. (1872) Barnard, George Gardner

Classics of the Bar: Stories of the World’s Great Jury Trials and a Compilation of Forensic Masterpieces
8 v. (1909-1924) Sellers, Alvin V.

Closing Argument in the Case of the People vs. Reuben Dunbar, Murder; Tried at the Late November Term of the Court of Oyer and Terminer for Albany County
1 v. (1851) Hammond, S. H.

Collection and Abridgement of Celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland, from A. D. 1536, to 1784. With Historical and Critical Remarks
1 v. (1785) Arnot, Hugo, Editor

Commonwealth v. George F. Baker and Mary A. J. Baker. Indictment for Murder: Closing Argument of Frederic T. Greenhalge for the Prisoners
1 v. (1887) Greenhalge, Frederic T.

Complete Report of the Trial of Dr E. W. Pritchard, for the Alleged Poisoning of his Wife and Mother-In-Law
1 v. (1865) Pritchard, Edward William

Copy of the Short-Hand Writer’s Notes of the Proceedings in the Case of Stockdale v. Hansard (In the Court of Queen’s Bench)
1 v. (1839)

Correspondence between Rev. Nehemiah Adams and Rev. J. H. Fairchild, with Notes and Comments
1 v. (1846) Fairchild, J. H.

Emeline. Claim against the Government of France for Compensation on Account of Injuries to the Brigantine Emeline, at Papeete, in the Island of Tahiti
1 v. (1855)

Freeman Trial. Presenting the Testimony Given in This Remarkable Case, with Comments
1 v. (1871) Dimon, David

Great Divorce Case!!! Most Remarkable Trial on Record! The Suit of Grace R. Ferguson, against James Ferguson, for Divorce, on the Ground of Adultery
1 v. (1851) Ferguson, James

 History of the Pocasset Tragedy, with the Three Sermons Preached in New Bedford
1 v. (1879) Potter, William J.; Nutter, Charles S.; Stiles, William Curtis

In the Circuit Court of the United States for the Eastern Division of the Eastern Judicial District of Missouri. United States of America, Petitioner, vs. Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) et al., Defendants
3 v. (1907) United States. Circuit Court (8th Circuit)  back to top

In the House of Lords. Additional Case of Thomas Alexander Lord Lovat in the Peerage of the United Kingdom Claiming to Be Lord Lovat in the Peerage of Scotland
1 v. (1854) 

In the Supreme Court of Illinois, Northern Grand Division, March Term, A.D. 1887. August Spies et al., Plaintiffs in Error, vs. The People of the State of Illinois, Defendant in Error: Indictment for Murder, Brief and Argument for Plaintiffs in Error
1 v. (1887) Black, W. P.

In the Supreme Court of Illinois. The Anarchists’ Cases. Brief for the Defendants
1 v. (1887) Swett, Leonard

In the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Myron A. Buel, Plaintiff in Error, vs. The People of the State of New York, Defendants in Error. Bill of Exceptions
1 v. (1879) Buell, Myron A.

 In the Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1909, No. 725. Standard Oil Company et al., Appellants, vs. The United States. Appeal from the Circuit Court of the United States for the Eastern District of Missouri. Brief on the Law on Part of Ap
1 v. (1909) United States

Investigation of the Wonderful Charge Made against Daniel Burtnett, (the Wealthy Butcher,) of Incest on his Daughters: Held before Justice Osborn, of the Police Court, City of New York
1 v. (1846) Burtnett, Daniel H.

Jay Gibbons Investigation. Testimony Taken before the Select Committee of the House of Assembly and Reported to the House March 20, 1861
1 v. (1861) Gibbons, Jay

John W. Eighmy, Plaintiff in Error, Against The People, Defendants in Error
1 v. (1878) Eighmy, John W.

Joseph H. Foote. Plaintiff in Error against The People of the State of New York, Defendants in Error. Case & Exceptions
1 v. (1873) Foote, Joseph H.

Laura Keene, Plaintiff and Appellant, against John S. Clarke & William Stuart, Defendants and Respondents. Case Containing Exceptions
1 v. (1866) Clarke, J. S.

Lovat Peerage. Additional Case on Behalf of Thomas Alexander Lord Lovat Baron Lovat of Lovat in the Country of Inverness, Claiming to Be Lord Lovat in the Peerage of Scotland
1 v. (1854) Fraser, Thomas Alexander

Minutes of Evidence Given Before the Committee for Privileges to Whom the Petition of Thomas…
1 v. (1827) Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Committee for Privileges

Minutes of the Proceedings Respecting the Execution of the Warrant for the Commitment of Sir Francis Burdett, Bart.
1 v. (1810) Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons

Most Foul and Unparalleled Murder in the Annals of Crime. Life and Confession of Reuben A. Dunbar, Convicted and Executed for the Murder of Stephen V. and David L. Lester, (Aged 8 and 10 Years,) in Westerlo, Albany County, September 20, 1850
1 v. (1851)

Mr. Fairchild’s Trial
1 v. (1844) Fairchild, J. H.

Mrs. Dr. Emma Burleigh. The Mysterious Death of Margaret Campbell Critically Examined; with a Review of the Testimony, Verdict of the Jury, Comments of the Press, Etc.
1 v. (1872) Crothers, T. D.

New Abridgement and Critical Review of the State Trials. Wherein are Inserted, Several Trials Not in Any Other Collection. Also, Some Trials That Were Taken in Haste and Scarce Intelligible, are Brought into Regular Order; and Many Deficiencies throughout
2 v. (1737-1741) Salmon, Thomas

Official Report of the Trial of Laura D. Fair, for the Murder of Alex P. Crittenden, including the Testimony, the Arguments of Counsel, and the Charge of the Court, Reported Verbatim, and the Entire Correspondence of the Parties, with Portraits of the Def
1 v. (1871)

On Appeal from her Majesty’s Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes. Between Lavinia Janetta Horton Ryves and Her Majesty’s Attorney General, William Henry Ryves. Case and Appendix for the Appellant
2 v. (1868) Ryves, Lavinia Janetta Horton; Ryves, William Henry

People vs. John Butler, a Newsboy, and William R. Roberts, William Bennett, Bernard Biglin, Thomas Carroll, Robert C. Foster, John W. Guntzer, George Hall, John W. Jacobus, Patrick Keenan, Terence Kiernan, Henry C. Perley, Lewis J. Phillips, Bryan Reilly,
1 v. (1878) Butler, John

Phrenological Character of Reuben Dunbar, with a Short Treatise on the Causes and Prevention of Crime
1 v. (1851) Thompson, Margaret

Proceedings at the Trial of Joel B. Erhardt, DeWitt C. Wheeler, and Sidney P. Nichols, Commissioners of Police of the City of New York, before Hon. Smith Ely, Jr., Mayor of New York, Dec. 20, 21 and 22, 1877
1 v. (1877) Erhardt, Joel B., defendant

Proceedings in the Cause at the Instance of David Jolly and Others, a Committee of Proprietors of the Abbey Chapel of Ease, Arbroath; against Mr. James Johnston M’Farlane, Minister of Said Chapel
1 v. (1835) McFarlane, James Johnston 

Report of a Committee of the New England Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church on the Case of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery, Member of Said Conference
1 v. (1833) Avery, Ephraim K. back to top

Report of the Case of Trespass & Assault and Battery, Wherein John Evans was Plaintiff, and Ellis Yarnall, Richard Humphreys, Jonathan Willis, Thomas Savary, Isaac Parrish, Caleb Carmalt, Benjamin Kite, John James, David Bacon, Abraham Leddon, John Elliot
1 v. (1810) Hopkins, Joseph R.

Report of the Evidence Taken before the Judges in Scotland, on the Lovat Claim of Peerage (Dated 5th May 1826)
1 v. (1826) Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Committee for Privileges

Report of the Evidence, Arguments of Counsel, Charge and Sentence, at the Trial of Stephen Merril Clark, for Arson, before the Supreme Judicial Court, February 15, 16 & 17, 1821
1 v. (1821) Clark, Stephen Merrill

Report of the Great Conspiracy Case. The People of the State of Michigan, versus Abel F. Fitch and Others, Commonly Called the Rail Road Conspirators: Tried before His Honor Warner Wing, Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court for the County of Wayne, at the
1 v. (1851) Fitch, Abel F.

Report of the Proceedings, in the Mock Trial of an Information, Exhibited Ex-Officio by the King’s Attorney General against William Tunbridge, for the Publication of a Book Called Palmer’s Principles of Nature, as an Alleged Blasphemous Libel upon the Chr
1 v. (1825) Tunbridge, William

Report of the Trial and Conviction of John Haggerty, for the Murder of Melchoir Fordney, Late of the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In the Court of Oyer & Terminer, Held at the City of Lancaster, for the County of Lancaster, at January Term, A. D. 1847,
1 v. (1847) Haggerty, John

 Report of the Trial before the High Court of Justiciary Her Majesty’s Advocate against the Directors and the Manager of the City of Glasgow Bank and of the Procedure upon the Petition for Bail; with Lithographs of the Scroll Abstracts of Accounts and the
1 v. (1879) Couper, Charles Tennant

Report of the Trial of Edward E. Bradley, Indicted for the Murder of Lucius H. Foot, before the Superior Court of Connecticut, Held at Litchfield, on Tuesday, April 14, 1857
1 v. (1857) Cothren, William

Report of the Trial of Humphrey Boyle, Indicted at the Instance of the Constitutional Association, as a Man with Name Unknown, for Publishing an Alleged Blasphemous and Seditious Libel, as One of the Shopmen of Mr. Carlile; Which Took Place before Mr. Com
1 v. (1822)

Report of the Trial of James Watson, for Having Sold a Copy of Palmer’s Principles of Nature, at the Shop of Mr. Carlile, 201, Strand, Tried at the Clerkenwell Sessions House, at the Adjourned Sessions for the County of Middlesex, on the 24th Day of April
1 v. (1825)

Report of the Trial of Jason Fairbanks, on an Indictment for the Murder of Elizabeth Fales
1 v. (1801) Fairbanks, Jason

Report of the Trial of John Barkley, (One of the Shop-men of Richard Carlile,) Prosecuted by the Constitutional Association for Publishing a Seditious and Blasphemous Libel
1 v. (1822)

Report of the Trial of Mrs. Carlile, on the Attorney-General’s Ex-Officio Information for the Protection of Tyrants, against the 8th No. of Vol. 3, of the Republican; with the Information & Defence at Large. Tried before Chief Justice Abbott, and a Specia
1 v. (1825)

Report of the Trial of Mrs. Susannah Wright, for Publishing, in His Shop, the Writings and Correspondences of R. Carlile; before Chief Justice Abbott, and a Special Jury; in the Court of King’s Bench, Guildhall, London, on Monday, July 8, 1822. Indictment
1 v. (1822)

Report of the Trial of the Directors of the City of Glasgow Bank before the High Court of Justiciary Edinburgh from Monday, January 20, to Saturday, February 1, 1879
1 v. (1879) City of Glasgow Bank Directors

Report of the Trial of Thomas Wilson Dorr, for Treason against the State of Rhode Island, Containing the Arguments of Counsel, and the Charge of Chief Justice Durfee
1 v. (1844) Pitman, Joseph S.

Report of the Trial of Willard Clark, Indicted for the Murder of Richard W. Wight
1 v. (1855) Clark, Willard; McFarland, H. H

Report of the Trial of Willia, Smith O’Brien, for High Treason, at the Special Commission for the Co. Tipperary…
1 v. (1849) Hodges, John George; O’Brien, William Smith; Ireland. Commission of Oyer and Terminer

Report of the Trial of William Vamplew Holmes, (One of Mr. Carlile’s Shopmen,) on a Charge of Sedition and Blasphemy, before the Common Serjeant and a London Jury, at the Sessions House, Old Bailey, March 1st, 1822, with the Proceedings before Trial, and
1 v. (1824) Holmes, William Vamplew

Report, of the Whole Trial of Gen. Michael Bright, and Others; before Washington & Peters, in the Circuit Court, of the United States, in and for the District of Pennsylvania, in the Third Circuit; on an Indictment for Obstructing, Resisting, and Opposing
1 v. (1809) Lloyd, Thomas

Reports from the Select Committee Appointed to Consider of the Proceedings Had, and to Be Had, with Reference to the Several Papers Signed Francis Burdett; the Contents of Which Relate to His Being Apprehended, and Committed to the Tower of London
1 v. (1810) Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on Proceedings Relative to Sir Francis Burdett.

Reports of Proceedings at the Special Commissions, (1867), for the County and City of Cork, and the County and City of Limerick, in Cases of High Treason and Treason-Felony, and of Trials for Treason-Felony, at the Summer Assizes of the Same Year, for the
1 v. (1871) Ireland. Courts of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery; Ireland. Courts of Assize and Nisi Prius

Reports of the Trials of William Campion, Thomas Jefferies, Richard Hassell, John Clarke, William Haley, William Cochrane, and Others, for the Sale of Anti-Christian Publications in the Shop of Richard Carlile, 84, Fleet Street, London Tried at the Old Ba
1 v. (1824)

Review of the Case of the People vs. Elisha B. Fero
1 v. (1870) Stevens, George T.

Review of the Case, the People Agt. Rev. Henry Budge, Indicted for the Murder of His Wife Priscilla Budge, (Tried at the Oneida, New York, Circuit Court, in August and September, 1861,) Containing an Examination of the Medico-Legal Questions Involved in t
1 v. (1862) Swinburne, John

Review of the Proceedings and Result of the Council in the Case of Mr. Fairchild
1 v. (1844) Fairchild, J. H.

Review of the Second Trial of Jesse Billings, Jr., for the Murder of His Wife. Tried at the Saratoga Oyer and Terminer, Ballston, Saratoga County, April, 1880. Being Chiefly a Review of the Medical Testimony
1 v. (1881) Balch, Lewis

Some of the Papers Laid before the Governor in Support of the Petition for the Commutation of the Sentence of William Foster to Imprisonment for Life
1 v. (1873) Foster, William

Special Commission Act, 1888. Report of the Proceedings Before the Commissioners Appointed by the Act
4 v. (1890) Great Britain. Special Commission to Inquire into Charges and Allegations against Certain Members of Parliament and Others

Speech of Mrs. Susanna Wright, before the Court of King’s Bench, on the 14th of November, 1822; in the Course of Reading Which She Was Continually Interrupted by the Court, and before She Had Finished it, Committed to Newgate for Persisting to Read, to be
1 v. (1822) Wright, Susanna 

State Trials of the United States during the Administrations of Washington and Adams with References, Historical and Professional, and Preliminary Notes on the Politics of the Times
1 v. (1849) Wharton, Francis

Statement of the Case of the People against Elisha B. Fero
1 v. (1870) Porter, Charles Hogeboom

Suppressed Defence: The Defence of Mary-Anne Carlile, to the Vice Society’s Indictment, against the Appendix to the Theological Works of Thomas Paine; which Defence was Suppressed by Mr. Justice Best, Almost at Its Commencement; and, on the Propriety of W
1 v. (1821) Carlile, Mary-Anne

 Transcript of Record. Supreme Court of the United States. October Term, 1908. The United States of America, Appellant, the American Tobacco Company, and Others. The American Tobacco Company, and Others, Appellants, vs. The United States of America. Appeal
1 v. (1908)

 Trial and Conviction of John Earls, for the Murder of His Wife, Catharine Earls, Late of Muncy Creek Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania; in the Court of Oyer and Terminer Held at Williamsport, for Lycoming County, February Term, 1836. Including the A
1 v. (1830) Earls, John; Packer, Wm. F.; Cummings, A. Jr.

Trial and Convictions of Dr. Stephen T. Beale; with the Letters of Chief Justice Lewis, and Judges Black and Woodward, on His Case. Interesting Ether Cases, and Letters of Prof. Gibson, Prof. Wiltbank, Wm. Badger, Esq., W. L. Hirst, Esq. Rev. Albert Barne
1 v. (1855) Beale, Stephen T.

Trial of Aaron Burr for High Treason, in the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Virginia, Summer Term, 1807: Comprising All the Evidence and the Opinions of the Court upon All Motions Made in the Various Stages of the Case, with Abstra
1 v. (1864) Coombs, J. J.

Trial of Amos Furnald, for the Murder of Alfred Furnald, before the Superior Court of Judicature, Holden at Dover, within and for the County of Strafford, and State of New-Hampshire, on the First Tuesday of February, Anno Domini, 1825
1 v. (1825) Furnald, Amos

Trial of Colonel Quentin, of the Tenth, or, Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Hussars, by a General Court-Martial, Held at Whitehall, on Monday, the 17th of October, 1814; and Continued, by Adjournment, till Monday, the 31st of October, 1814
1 v. (1814) Quentin, George Augustus

 Trial of Daniel Davis Farmer, for the Murder of the Widow Anna Ayer, at Goffstown, on the 4th of April, A. D. 1821
1 v. (1821) Farmer, Daniel Davis

Trial of Frederick Eberle and Others, at a Nisi Prius Court, Held at Philadelphia, July 1816 before the Honorable Jasper Yeates, Justice. For Illegally Conspiring Together by all Means Lawful and Unlawful, with Their Bodies and Lives to Prevent the Introd
1 v. (1817) Eberle, Frederick 

Trial of Harry Crawford Black, for the Killing of Col. W. W. McKaig, Jr., in the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Maryland, Sitting at Frederick City, April 11, 1871
1 v. (1871) Black, Harry Crawford

Trial of James P. Donnelly, for the Murder of Albert S. Moses, on the First of August, 1857, at the Sea View House, Navisink, New Jersey
1 v. (1857) Donnelly, James P.

Trial of John Fox, for the Murder of John Henry, at the Special Term of the Middlesex Oyer and Terminer, at New Brunswick, N.J., May 1856 Containing the Testimony of the Witnesses, the Speeches of the Counsel, the Charge to the Jury by Judge Vredenbergh,
1 v. (1856) Fox, John

Trial of Lucretia Chapman, Otherwise Called Lucretia Espos Y Mina, who was Jointly Indicted with Lino Amalia Espos Y Mina, for the Murder of William Chapman, Esq. Late of Andalusia, County of Bucks, Pennsylvania, In the Court of Oyer and Terminer, held at
1 v. (1832) Du Bois, William E.

Trial of Moore & Sevey for a Libel on Samuel D. Greene, in the Municipal Court, Boston, July Term, 1833
1 v. (1833) Locke, Charles H.; Moore, Charles W.; Sevey, Edwin

Trial of Mrs. Barnes (The Argus)
1 v. (1879) Barnes, Frances

Trial of Reuben Dunbar, for the Murder of Stephen V. Lester and David L. Lester, Eight and Ten Years of Age, in the Town of Westerlo, on Saturday, Sept. 28, 1850
1 v. (1850) Dunbar, Reuben  back to top

Trial of Rev Joy Hamlet Fairchild, on a Charge of Adultery with Miss Rhoda Davidson
1 v. (1845) Weeks, J. E. P.

Trial of Robert M. Goodwin, on an Indictment of Manslaughter for Killing James Stoughton, Esq. in Broadway, in the City of New-York, on the 21st Day of December, 1819
1 v. (1820) Goodwin, Robert M.

Trial of the Boot & Shoemakers of Philadelphia, on an Indictment for a Combination and Conspiracy to Raise Their Wages
1 v. (1806) Federal Society of Journeymen Cordwainers; Lloyd, Thomas; Pullis, George

Trial of the Case of the Commonwealth versus David Lee Child, for Publishing in the Massachusetts Journal, a Libel on the Honorable John Keyes, before the Supreme Judicial Court, Holden at Cambridge, In the County of Middlesex. October Term, 1828
1 v. (1829) Child, David Lee

Trial of the Persons Charged with Burning the Convent in the Town of Charlestown, (Mass.) before the Supreme Judicial Court, Holden at East Cambridge, on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1834
1 v. (1834) Buzzell, John R.

Trial of the Rev. Geo. W. Carawan, Baptist Preacher, for the Murder of Clement H. Lassiter, Schoolmaster, before the Superior Court of Law of Beaufort County, North Carolina, Fall Term, 1853. Together with a Sketch of the Murderer’s Life, and the Tragical
1 v. (1854) Carawan, George Washington

Trial of Twenty-Four Journeymen Tailors, Charged with a Conspiracy: Before the Mayor’s Court of the City of Philadelphia, September Sessions, 1827
1 v. (1827) Gould, Marcus T. C.

Trial, Before the Lord President of the Court of Session, Lord Mackenzie, and a Special Jury, (taken in shorthand,) of the Issues in the Action of Damages at the Instance of Lady Ramsay, Widow of the Late Colonel Sir Thomas Ramsay of Balmain, Baronet, aga
1 v. (1833) Ramsay, Elizabeth MacDonell

Trial, in Quaem est Confession of John Haggerty, for the Murder of the Fordney Family: Together with an Original Sketch, of All the Incidents Connected with the Lancaster Tragedy
1 v. (1846) Frick, G. W.

Trial: Commonwealth vs. J. T. Buckingham, on an Indictment for a Libel, before the Municipal Court of the City of Boston, December Term, 1822
1 v. (1822) Buckingham, Joseph T.

Trials of Richard Smith, Late Lieutenant in the 23d Regiment U. States Infantry, as Principal, and Ann Carson, Alias Ann Smith, as Accessary, for the Murder of Captain John Carson, on the 20th Day of January, 1816, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer Held at
1 v. (1816) Smith, Richard

Truth Revealed. Statement & Review of the Whole Case of the Reverend Joy H. Fairchild, from Its Commencement to Its Termination, Compiled from Original Documents, by a Member of the Suffolk Bar, with an Appendix Containing All the Correspondence, and the
1 v. (1845)

United States vs. Thomas J. Brady, John L. French, William H. Turner, George L. McDonough and Samuel P. Brown. Proceeding by Criminal Information Charging Conspiracy against the United States
1 v. (1881)

Wonderful Trial of Caroline Lohman, Alias Restell, Reported in Full for the National Police Gazette
1 v. (1847)