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   Vol. XXXIX.                                       BOSTON, SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, 1908.                                                                          No. 1.

                               J r tion and propagating pacific means of would be a good ezample to show that the right to speak.  And he doesn't  CONOERNING WOMEN.
TheW      oman's         urn       settling international questions, there- they were willing .o go to prison, at care much  about speaking In the
      FOUNDED BY LUGV STONI        fore,                             any rate; to eufferiftartyrdom for their places where he is allowed to speak,
A WEICKLY NwaPApit. published RaT    Resolved, That the Third Nation- principles, if eu ary. People have but in the places where he is not al-  Mrs. Coiden-Sanderson will sail for
GavUAn   In D atoes devoted to the Iateriu  al Peace Congress expresses its desire always been willinig 'that women should lowed.         England on Jan.' 11.
    *omnn-to her duetlonal, Indutrl,  that women may soon obtain their be martyrs! And some of those girls
    Loa and Politoal quality, and ese-  political rights and complete personal would not in thq east mind giving  Our cause has done nothing yet to  Miss Caroline  l)ring  h:15 giveit
      , iaily toher Right o Sufage. Independence, in order to gain a sense their lives for t *.cause. They saw  make women cre les for what they$1 o Colte  thasnin
  (metered at thePo et01ic, Roa, Meet  o  their responsibility towards the the suffering of t ' lr fellow working should care for. You cannot do work 00oete the  Union Hos-
eeedol-au mail matter.)            community in the interest of universal women and their helplessness; how  for your city without ennobling your pital at Fall River, Mass.
                                   brotherhood.                      they were sinking.9flown under work home, and you will also care for other  Rev. Anna 11. Shaw will address the
              XDITOM8                                                 and care. And they saw the great people's homes bestda ,your own.    MichiAnnu       tiadoentho
 5.1. BLACzwzLL. ALIe: STONE BLACUWELL. Fuller particulars about the new nt- moral question bgh hd it. They saw                           Michigan  Constitutional Convention
                                                                     that, in order to.& t tid of the social  We have'tfipwork l, ng people with us. In behalf of the Michigan H. S. A., on
  Metrox Oman, No. PAsamSi., Room 1,  frage rights of Russian women are at evil, women must-.* made equal with We turn to the working classes, to the Jan. S.
                                   hand. Under the new electoral regime, men. They must'*!e equals, not vic- great mass, of workers, fo we feel that
                                 N there are four different elective sys- tilms. They saw tht both must stand they will help us.;  They have suffered  Dr. Madeleine Pelletier edits in Paris
            CONTENTS.tems, for European Russia, Poland, the for what ts higheatnd bestin human themselves so. ipuel that they know        an equal-rights'paper ,alled La Suf-
                              PAO    a  s      an   siatih            life and in moralsi-'             what it means for us to suffer without fragiste. It does not confine itself to
 The Beginning of Things                              Russia. respect-                                  representation. They know what a women's rights, but also treats of cur-
 Editorial Notes.................  ively. Everywhere the law is obscured In our House of imoemons, it is very help representation 'is to them.  rent political and social questions.
 Sayings of Mrs. Cobden-Sande son 1 by scores of by-laws 'and exceptions. difficult for a priate member to bring-
                                                                      in a bill with any chance of success,
 Research Fellowship for Women     Itis only In regard to European RU- because, ithe sone member who is   We do not feel in England they    Professor Theresa LabriolaIs one of
 The Convert..................... sin that we have details. A woman opposed, he has tib power of talking the women feel in America. Here the' he'editors of La. Voce delia Donna,
 To Our Subscribers, H. B.B.....2woe say that they have everytbilg (the Woman's voice), Pblished at
 A Dastardly Article. A. s. B......n of property may vote by proxy In the until the time has expired when the theythemselves want,and,therefore,  t             pus       a
 Judge Not.......................   Douma elections, but apparently she bill could be passed.           there is no need for them to  haveany Br , Italy. It advocates equal rights
 Ex-Seuntor Palmer on Suffrage ......can give her proxy only to her hus-  When we went in procession to Par- trouble about the obligation of the for women, and has both men and we-
 Women in the ChurChes.........        d                                                                vote. Not many women, in 'England men Among its contributors.
      InMmoi8-Jme     ......dw..l  ban   or son. Single women, and liament, wo brought with us the poor-
 In Memoriam-James B . Bradwell'wouldsdarleato saeythrot.ette poeen
   Cornelia H. Cary, Mary C. Atkln- widows whose sons are under age, or eat, the most miserable women that we would dare to say that. The       Aaomen
                                          could find. We brp,ught women such who are rich feel more uncomfortable                            Mr'laHweyCostpei
   son ...........................2,.3 who have only daughters, seem to have as you cannot seep your cities. There about it, they feel a little more Qbliga- dent of the New York State W. S. A.,
 The Close of the Year.............. 4  no representation. Army and navy of- are no women in your cities to be com- tien on account of it. Show the hten has a new  grandson.  She writce:
 A Housekeeper's Paradise..........f4 icers, like women, are debarred from  pared to these miserable creatures in or the women in England that they The baby is a boy and named for his
 State Correspondence-New   York,   voting in person, but may give proxies London. And we anid we would not have a certain public duty to perform,
 StateWomen nd     e     . York,    otingIn       btmayiveendure any longer'fo have our sisters and somehow or other they rise to the grandfather. John Crossett Kent, so
   Oregon.......................4 to their sons. Students. aliens, men live such miserable lives.       occasion. The duty of public service another voter may b expected for the
 Notes and News ................... 4 under 25 years old, and members of                                 is born in the British race. Any man cause of woman suffrage.
 Humorous ........................ 4 nomadic tribes, are excluded alto- Oi this occasion the police would who has leisure looks upon this pub-  Lady Auckland is the latest addition
                                                                      not let me enter the House of Com- lic duty in the way that he looks upon
                                    gether, as are al persons not having o   It   nt aways so, however his duty to the church. It Is an ideal to the numerous ranks of titled bust-
    THE BEGINNING OF THINGS.        the required property qualifications.  Last year, at the meeting of the Pre- before him, and he feels that he must ness women. Her line Is furniture and
                                                                      miers, at the banquet in Parliament give some of his time to it. Women decorating, and she attends to her busi-
                                    SAYINGS OF MRS. COBDEN-SAN- House, I was seated         between  the have this same feeling. Some of our-he's personally
 Oh, the beginning of things!                   DERSON.               Prime Minister and a Cabinet Minister. richest women are beginning to feel es ro   l   d also looks up
   Bright little springs in the moun-                                 I think in our -country we do not re- that they must share in public work. customers outside her shop. As her
      tains, from which great rivers  The following are paragraphs from main as far apart as you do. You                                   friends In social circles have so many
      down flow;                                                       would be surprised at the way in   Jane Addams has to go around lec- houses and places that they can
 The first pale pink of the roses; the some  of Mrs. Cobden-Sanderson's which the liberals and aristocrats turing. and urge men to do what she
      first white fall of the snow: speeches:                         meet together. We meet and have i t ought to be ble to accomplish herself y remember them, and are for-
   Babies, the beautiful darlings, dim-  I cannot believe that there is any out, and rather enjoy the fight.  with her own vote and those of the ever selling them  and buying new
      pled and winsome and dear;    woman worthy to be called good, who                                  women who think with her.         ones, Lady Auckland has a large field
 The glow of the sky in the morning- does not want to do all she can for When we women were arrested, we                   '               to cultivate, and. expects to do a
       and the first new days of the the good government of her city, her did not hit the policemen and behave  When there are children, I think it thriving business.
       year!                        State and her country. And we have generally like hooligans. In fact, the Is well for the mother to stay at home,  Katherine Vosbaugh, who for sixty
           ______________come to realize that this can be done first question we asked each other at If the father can ot,'n enough to keep
                                    only by women who have the power the police station was, Is my bonnet them  in comfort. In a well-ordered years had passed aaman, lately died
         EDITORIAL NOTES.           to say what the government shall be. on crooked?                    State, the mother of little children in the hospital ut Tiidad, Colo., aged
                                                  -        '                                             ought to be able to stay at home; and. Her sex was'discovered only wh
   WIth, this week   1sims.. ' the': ,w-  .~alHglif pI01Am  not afraid of pol- - e' isvour tepan -vdrw'iaon we get-o. N wna-ra,--,.,6liftpbat1lA 41
                                    mtle#; .weMre'only afraid of being left work in earnest to con ert Englond work for 'wag. ,however, t1e cO1F.,
  man's Journal enters upon Its thirty- out of them.                   and Scotland. Ireland we left alone, tio1s ought not to be made worse for rad filled many responsible poetions
  ninth year of service to the cause of             -                  for where there Is anything like a re- her than for the man; but they are, and hlad been a bank clerk, a sheep-
  equal rights. During all this time, it  Let us go back to. the derivation of bellion, you can count on Ireland. We In England the woman .who clings to herder, a book-keeper, a restaurant-
  has never once failed to come out the word' politics, which means the were sure of Ireland. No one would her home, and      has little children keeper and a mining-camp cook. She
                                    government of the 'city and the State. dare to say that the Irishwomen were about 'her, becomes the sweated home-
                                    We know that in the city and State is not as good as the Englishwomen, or worker who Is the despair of our civil- had even married, in a chivalrous
  founded, the position of women has the home, and we stand for the home. that they ought not to have whatever ization. They work for three-quarters way, a young woman whose betrothed
  been very largely revolutionized in the For this reason, and because the home rights the Englishwomen had.  of a cent an hour. The exhibitions had deserted her at a time when her
  matter of educational, professional, i being neglected and forgotten, we                               that have been   held of women's gdo(I name was at stake; but she first
  Industrial and property rights; three feel that we can no longer stand aloof,                          sweated labor have done more than
                                    The object is not to destroy the home,  We went to Sotland, and there was aImost anything else to make converti tohl her life secret to the young girl.
  States of the Union and four foreign but, on the contrary, to stand for the more enthusiasm  there than In Eng- to woman suffrage.  is Katherine E. Guild, acting see-
  countries have .gyen women the full home, to build up the home, to make land. On the whole, Scotlnd Isrquitetrtary                               of the rMasachustts Aiocia-
  ballot, while minbicipal and school it the centre of our city and country, the easiest place I know to convert to
                                                                       woman suffrage. When I go back, i   The  modern factory  system has tion Oppocd to the Further Extension
               We holdmeetinut                        In our country in am going to Wales, to speak to the boken up the home. The home bas of Suffrage to Women, sat out to Its
  too numerous to   mention. Before    e   deeng in ro      nt y in men coming out of the mines,         become a luxury of the few; but we
  thirty-nine years more have passed, we a very different way from the way you                           women dream of a time when every members on Dec. 27. 100.,a letter an
                                    hold meetings here.  We are rather  Of course, we have made other raids woman shall have a home.        follows: The Executive Committee of
  may expect to see a still greater more reckles, being an old country. upon th House of Commons. Some-                                     the Association considers It most Ir-
  growth; for this movement advances We are tired ofwatting. This is'a times the Inspector of Police comes to  We do not say that women are like portalt that the Association  should
  by geometrical progression,       young country, and you have net*us and says, Can't you g!ve us an idea men, or that they are going to be. We appear before Legislative Committ s
                                    waited so long.                    when the next raid will be?   We say that they are very different from tnis winter with Inere~ued member-
                                                                      should like very much to know. We menthad thereore       entu    th   swite      r te     M   a eb-
    A New Jersey woman was astounded  In 1845, my father, Richard Cobden, are always good friends with the po- men, and therefore they must have ship to demonstrate that Masachu-
  the other day to learn that her hus- who had always been on the side of lice, but we say that we cannot tell; representation. Itisonecessury not ts women are vitally InteresedIn
  band. who was still living with her, liberty, spoke at a great meeting at that we cannot possibly let him know. orhesi                          womn     raly inte       in
                                  hrManchester. He aid: It is an anom. Then the reporters come In the same                                opposing wen suffrage. The Con-
  had got a divorce from her five years aly that women, who have the power way; but we give them more hope. We  RESEARCH   FELLOWSHIP      FOR   mittee urgertly requests that you win
  before, without her knowledge. The of giving -votes to their sons, do not Mare them  that we will telephone         WOMEN                 show your personal interest by secur-
  decree of divorce relieved him from have it for themselves. At that tinme them when we have a raid. When                                 Ing new members. Will you plese gt
  all responsibility for her sapport, but the woman suffrage question *as more we. do have a raid, we telephone the  It Is announced that Mr. Emile Der-
                .. o naiae-  rnfro  petheoretical; it was not a living part of aunduncement to every newspaper in liner of Washington, one of theper- two signatures on the enclosed card
  did not invalidate a transfer of some politics as It I today. My father  '- London. There Is a great difference deters of the telephone and the in- fragists who are wlling to collect ig-
  real estate whilch she had afterwards pressed himself freely at that time to between torinei days and today In re-
  made to him. under the belief that he the women who were his personal ga4t to the newspapers.     Then we venter of the gramophone, has given fiatures on our side to offset this, are
  was still~her husband. When women friends, and letters are still extant. cod, not get a line in any of the $12,500 as endowment of a research '         t
  help   ke the laws, they will probably     for what rson he dI              but now each paper is anxious fellowship for women who have deam .nvitedo st.d Bote for eni'eront
     h arane the divorce egwilatn hat suffrage for women. He was always tobe the first to put in the news about onstrMted their abltye to carry on re- oards.
  soArrange the divorce legislation that looking for something to replace phyal- what the women are doing. You see  sear hiriliy tcarry o   r
  a Woman shall at least know whether cal force.  He believed that women it i .becoming a living question.   search work Inphysics, chemistry or
  her husband has divorced her or not. would bring in moral power.            '         -                 biology. The foundation, which Is in Lady Steel, of Edinburgh, Scotland,
                -                                                        Wehave the best women with us. honor of the donor's mother, will be who not long ago let her goods
    The Atlantic Monthly, which lately Mr. Gladstone Is on the list of men Wnji4vi women of wealth add of high known as the Sarah Berliner Reserch sold for taxes, as a protest agant
  celebrated iet emi-centennial, seems who have spoken against the enfran-  oec ! ipsitiou. We have the wife and Fellowship for Women.  The. award taxItionvwithout representation  waM
                                     chisemeat of wome, but Mr. Glad- daughter of one of our most distiln- will be made by a committee of we- Ivited totherdat       n the
   to be gaining in liberalism with ad- stone was by no means always right. guished scientific men. We have Alice
   vimeinogyears.' It has systematically Ho had a way of getting right, but he Meyanll heartily with us, amd orie of men, of which Mrs. Christine Wd tH
   refused to publish any articles in favor very often began wrong. By now, he her daughters is ready to go to prison. Pranklin of Baltimore Is to be theh  Boroughmuir Higher  ra School
   of equal suffrage, though occasionally would probably be friendly to woman  This movement has a tendency  to chairman.                   In her city. She took the opornity
   publishing one apinst it. Now It has auffrge te Hewas In favor of Slavery bring women of all elasses more close.._too point out to tle students that up to
                                     at the time of the war. My father was ly togetber. I dislike the separation  TIE CONVERT.            that time the boys nl girls before
   broken through this bad tradition, and not. My father's opinion was more o oes, and this movement will   The Convert, .by Miss lIabeth her were considere equal in educ-
   announces a forthcoming article on apt to be right in the beginning; 'it bring rll les~a   of women tether Robins, may be ordered from thil  o h- tion and attainments, but that ateor
   the questioh,.y Ellis Meredith.   was more as Mr. Gladstone ended. ' for serious purpoesr, for the political lece, price $l.lo; also photoglraphs of there would be a cleavage. One class
             -,'                                                  .     emancipatlon of all, and all willaharue Mrs. Cobden-Sande'son, price 110 cents    ee   tt hv       a
        'li~    hol it thr Natona     Pepl. haeakdwywacbe             the beet. That has been poieotn   or $.4)o. according to size,      would be considee  ttohea a
        [!' just hditthrNainl         Pplhvesedw          weae snby many of. our strong belevers; by        $1in the affairs of the Empire, and
   Peace4conres, at Perugia., Many so quiet during these twenty yers John Stuart Mill;. by our grfeaest lie- Think you that judgment waits-till would be looke upon as citizens, be-
         wome's asocition  wer  rersn eonservative rule. I think It.warn be- ug geniu, George Meredith; by 'Der- tihe doors of the grave are opened? caumse they were men; the orbed~Ola!U
   wed Irmaoelaty onk thre ae-et cause certain young girls were still in nard Shaw (if you call him a genius); It waits at the door of your houseo-- ,would be ranked with idiots and ori-
   gaeIromaelnonk, the Woe'sPae- tyher youngdirl-t s etssied aodel- by Wellr., i. Ifusnphry Ward ii ail- Itwaits at the corners of ytour streets. I
                    Bae fom he ome's eac 8olet I  youg grlshav  retvo  a  el-most the sole exception, and even she , ..We are in the midst of judg- naa, *unworthy a vote, becaue they
  of' Palermo, made a strong address, leseducation; they have studied po- is not quits what Zsnagwill caill early Itenti-the insets that We crush are !were women. She declared that this
       shwig ha  omn' apraioso       Iltieal science and political economy; Victoria, for she believes in thne mu- our judgs, the moments we fret away was not only an insult to wom h~,
           aholn  tht  omn'sasirtios  orthey have their trde-uicus, and they niclpal vote,                are our judgea--the elements that feed ibut a disgrace to manhood ad the ,M-
...peace were unavailing, as lOng as they understand the conditions of~ labo.--u                             d,      temiiaradth;fn.Trin                 pllyt4h       1o,
- lacked the power of the ballot.. ..The         agt- :                   Yu    m    vrh        reo    usio  jueasrs they mieiste ad    they'Ld   te   ad eblee ~~l
                  ~loiaresluln a crre ual- Tw easyonf dr8be- without women in it.                        indulge.-Rushill.                 LaySelsi       ieblee     htta
   * osy                             Ia   oas    ht hycol-o--gtf--in eolto                                                                  haft too much chivalry and gpff ti
   Whereas,:   Wn,      we     te     theo,   Twhe ai the could  I Noet iether king  30o?, emperors  can   The German roy al family are said fraly to enjoy their citUsenmhip, ,while
   shall have awakened to see their dv- do..whatthe Chartists didt burning  stand ageidat lab~or, if It is thoroug~hly to be much disappointed that the child Inwn  ltterem~tM-ftd
   ties, ill: serve with more effcencuy towlad making riot, but toey could ofpl!se. -    --born to the crown prince isa aboy, .nwngta.ter.o.                               . o l
   peae by educating the coming genera- they to uld suffer. They thouglht it  An 3aglishm a will alwuys fight for l~istttle pripyncess was desired.t tfilana  . ''he'p rivileges.r The boys applauded..  :te~

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