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      Vol. XXXVI I.1                                 BOSTON, SATURDAY, JANUARY 5,1907.

   TheW     oman's Journal (10 not fight: Womn are not callei tIre and that the leaders of both parties      A                                    CONCERNING WOMEN.
                    ~upon for military service, but theilhddtemndtonlmt no more                               A WOMAN'S FARM SCHOOL.                          wOCR idoG  h  lt
         FOUNDED BY LUCY STONE         terwoeeienesa               then  ad determined to nomi11nate no Ir
                                      Lthir whole exstence is a perpetual women. Miss Katherine I. Craig, the A remrkable womn visited our or-     Mrs. Seddon, widow     or the late
   WXEKLY N WSPAPXS, published EvERy campaign, which requires courage and    newly-elected State Superintendent of  e last week, one of the humble Prenier or New        Zealad, has just
   BATUnDAY nBostondevoted to the Interests  Cl'rslstnce  Battles and adversity fall Public Instruction 0for Colorado, was saints of whom  thc  world is not been voted $30,000 by tile New  Zea-
     of Woman-to her Educational, Industrial,  to Woman's lot eery lay; she works the olys one of the ictorous State or-  otland Parliament.
     Legal and Political Equality, andespe-                                                                worthy.
         olally te her Right of Suffrige.  Iand suffers as much as man, and more ilcers who ran  thousands of votes  Enna Wilson  was born   a slave    Melba made ler son. who has just
    (Entered at tile Post Office, Boston, Mass., ah I icr lethods and needs are different ahead of the ticket.M             it
                                        ~~~~near                                                                 aysilS. C. Her mother was been mauried, a wedding p~resent or
   secoad-ol so mail matter.)         from man's, yet there is no difference  Men and women are natural corn- tie  plantation  cook. From     her a fine old castle in Ireland and an
                 EDITOIIS:            in the interest antd importance of thehr plements of one anotier.  American earliest childhood little Emma had a annuity of $7,500.
   E.B.BLAOIKWELL. ALIOSTONE1LAKWELL. wok.                             political life,today s marked by exe- thirst for knowledge. When she saNN Mrs. Faradee, wife of Prof. ,V. C.
     BosroX OFmN, No. 3 PARK ST., Room 16,                              cutive force and  luisiness ability, people reading, she longed to be able Faradee of Harvard, has gone with
   Wiere oopies are for sale and subscriptions  1y the unanimous request of the qualit'es in which flen are strong, but to read, too. 1ir master's son begart her husband on his investigation of
   j.RMonaso, Bsiness Manger, Adv. DepOtiOlahonia Constitutional Convention, IttoIoften lackingi v'nsvence and to teach hcr; but when  sih ehad tile aborigines of tile Andes Moun.
                                      _Miss Kate Barnard recently addressed humanity. These a lar'ger lnfusion of learned to write her master's name tains.
               CONTENTS               that body on the clauses in the new the mther element wiu . supply. We she was so delighted that she wrote it  Miss Kate M. Gordon lands in New
                                 PATE consttution relating to compllsory believe that men andTI women in co-op- up all around tie kitchen. This nat- York  llityfer-
   Editoralf the New Year ..............  . education, State  factory  inspection eration can accomplish letter work urally annoyedter mistress, and s or  t     and will hold a con
   Cdtallto toals ovnton..lca.on..a...noy..e.                                                                                 itIesan    seence with Rev. Annta H. Shawvand
   call to National Convention... ..............and child labor. She urged the con- than either sex aloie. We invite all put an embargo on the lessons. But Mrs. Rchel Foster Avery before go.
   Greetings to Mary Anthony..........I vention to create the offices of State who share this belief to meet with us at Emmia kept on studying.  Anybody Ing o't to New Orleans.
   A Woman'st Farm S    A...........................I factory inspector and of State coal- our National Convention, and, Iili al who would be bothered with me be-
   Concerning  W omen  ...................... I  missioner  to  visit  and  inspect  riso s,  earnest  effort  to  crystallize  public  sen-  came  my  teacher,  she  says.  She enrs  0t a n.e me nt  f ivh
   America a World Power--H.  B. B ....... 2  asylins  and  poorhouses.  She  asked  tinent,  to  consult  together,  to  devise  would  save  every  stray  scrap  of news-  e n a100,00useen me or yt of
   Southern Women for Suffrage .......2 also for an investigation of the bad plans for co-operation, and to take paper, and pick out some short word Cln,.nnati Art Museum, in memory of
   Against Athletic Girls ................... 2 conditions prevailing  In  the  coal sa-h steps for advancing the interests and get someone to tell her what it her husband, on condtion that Satur-
   PleasantWords........................... 2 mining centres of the new State. Miss of out- Association s w l best serve was, and then learn it by heart.  ly be made a free admts itnn day.
   SMoragtsDinool..... .............2 2larnard is a menmiber of the Trades the p-rogress of woutan's enfranchise-  After a while a lady came to the  Mrs. Ella Burr McManus, aau'ghtcr
   Anootier View of the Banquet.........2 Assembly of Olahoma City and ment.                              plantation to open a school for the of the late A. E. Bur, f the HartSor˘,
   T h e N a tio n a l C o n v e n tio n . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .-:1 a tn ii ff t e P r v i e n t A s s o ia t 'o n(
   Important Notice from Railroad Secretary 3                            The gathering will lack the visible white children of the neighborhood. (Conn.) Times, has left $101,000 for
   In Memoriam,Rosa . Segur......... 3which cares for the worthYpoolr, presence of Susan B. Antiony, the be- Little Enin had always played with  charitable purposes. Among the be-
   Wininfome Case..............4Dloved Honorary President of the Asso- the white children, and she was too quests are $55,000 to the Humane So-
   Women of the Press .................... . . .4c in she made nany speeches, ciation for so many years; but in the small to realize that there would be ciety and $20,000 to the American An-
   College and Alumnae a..  kaI............... al was instrimental in having  a rapid advance of the  movement  to any objection to her going to school ti-Vivisection Society.
   stdiana,COrrespondence-Southy............ ota,in-4lank incorporatedl in the Deniocratic which she Was deveted, her soul goes with them; so, when they trooped off  Mrs. Rosa Lewis, head cookc of the
   WomenIn the Churches .1latforin             declaring for comil lsory marching on. One day of the Conven- to scchool, she went along.  Sihe was Cavendish Hotel, London, is believed
   TheChicago Teachers' Fight........4 leducation and the prohibition of child tion will be a memorial meeting for alnost heart-broken when the teacher to draw  a larger salary than  any
              NotesandNew.............. . .ther; but the best of all memorials will told her sie could not come In, and other female cook in the world. She
   HEmoGAusE.....T.E..  NEW. YEAR                    ALLbe to carry forward                to victory the shut the gate, leaving her outside. On is paid $15,000 a year, and Is so
   THE GATE OF THE NEW YEAR.                                           caueAheloed
                                                                       cause she loved,                   her return, lier mother asked her why famous that graduates from her
                                                   B.                    Anna H. Shaw, President.         she had been crying. Emma told her, kitchen are always sure of good post.
           By M. J. Savage.            The National AmerianWomanuf-      FlorenceeFlorence Kelley, Vi.e-President.
                                     frage Association will hold its 3.th Kate M. Gordon, Corresponding Set-can eyothr     a   ieDn'tVyou k on
  In wondering dream before my face  annual convention Feb. 14-19, IM7, in retary-I child, a                       you crazy? Don't you know  Helen Keller says: There is no
    I saw a massive wall arise,
  As old as time, as wide as space,  Muisc Hail, Fine Arts Building, 'hi- Alice Stone Blackwell, Recording that you can't go to school wit law oi the statute books compelling
    And. high as are  the star-strewn icage.                           Secretary.                         buclra children?                  people to move tip closer on  the
       skd. hieh s. aie renssf qtitrghswil on                            Harriet Taylor Uptom, Treasurer.   While Emma was still a little girl bench of life to make room for a blind
       skies.                          Tie friends of equal gsi will ntou Laura Clay, Anni.e Jeffreys Myers, the war came, and the plantation was brother; but there is a divine law
  And while I marveled what it meant, together on this occasion with an out- -i. D., Auditors.            broken up. A school for colored peo- written on the hearts of men con-
    And what lay on the other side,  look even more than usually bright.
  I saw an age-worn arch that bent   During the past year full suffrage has GREETINGS TO MARY ANTHONY. pie was opened seven miles away, an     d straining them  to make a place for
    Above a gateway opened wide.     been granted to the 2,50,00 women                                    Emma's mother sent her sons to It, him, not only because he is unfortu
  And on the arch's frontI reaa- .' -- Finland, the greatest victory hsince  Miss Mar.hntry, who is ii at but, although Emma knew much more nate, hut also because is his right
    Each traveler who enters here   full national suffrage was given fo the her home in Rochester, N. Y., was than her brothersand was ten times te a tuman being vihare       Goda
  Finds what he   pleases, stones or women of Federated Austrtiia in 1902. made very happy on Dec. 21 by the as eager for an education, her mother greatest gift-the privilege of man to
       bread;                        Within the past year municipal suf- suffragists of that city. A basket ot would not let her go to school, but go forth unto his work.
    I am the gateway of the year.   frage has also been granted to women delicious fruit of all kinds was sent put her to work in the fields.       Miss Eric Farweli of Rock Haven,
                                     in Natal, South Africa; National Woe- to Miss Anthony by the executive     ,Jn those days, Miss Wilson says, Pa, lately killed a 250-pound bear, a
                                     Inan Suffrage Associations have been committee of the P. E. Club, and at the negro mothers did     not care twelve-pound wild turkey, a sixteen-
         EDITORIALNOTES.organized in Hungary, Italy and Rue- the suggestion of Miss Helen F. Sa- about educating their girls.                   The) pound raccoon and a brace of rabbits
    The senior editor of the Woman's sin and the reports at tlye recent meet- main, principal of No. 2 School, pupils wanted to educate their boys, In the in one day, while hunting at Glen
  Journal sails today from New York Ing of the International Woman Suf- of the second and third grades went hope of making preachers of them Union. Miss Farwell is still in her
  for Jamaica. He fell In love with the frage Alliance at Copenhagen showed to the Anthony home in the morning friend in Mrs. Cooper, the lady on teens, and Is a regular student at the
  West Indies when  he visited them  a remarkable increase in the agitation and  sang  Christmas  carols in the whose place she worked. Mrs. Cooper Central State Normal School in that
  with Dr. Samuel G. Howe and the U. for woman suffrage all over Europe. study, under Miss Anthony's room. was exceedingly kind to her, and gave city.       We may regret that women
  w. Commissioners in 1871, and lie has In England, out of the 67  members of  orty-four boys and girls sang beau- her lessons regularly, keeping the should go hunting; but here is one
                   S. ommssiner i 181, nd iehasin  nglnd ouofthe67 meber ofFtifourndwhohysha d endeds wit fact a secret from everyone. Emma gr   h   etil    ol    o  edne
  longed for years to take another trip the present House of Commons, 420 tifully, and when they had ended withbeggedher to gvehera book.Wh           girl who certainly could not be denied
                                                                       Holy Night, Miss Anthony cheered- book shall I give you? asked Mrs. the ballot on the ground that she
  to Jamaica. He is accompanied by his are pledged to its support.     The children filled the lower part of Cooper.                        would be useless In time of war.
  brother, Mr. George W. Blackwell, of In the United States, widely-circu- the house.                      Emma answered    promptly, Web-   Pundita Ramabal   now has  2,000
  East Orange, N. J.; Mrs. Emma L. lated newspapers and magazines, rep-                                  ster's blue-back speller! Mrs. Cooper
  Dlagkwell, president of the New Jersey resenting the most opposite political                           got it for her, and Emma studied it women and girls under her charge,
  Blakw ell, SA, eida fthteewJereyrA esntinghemosla ppit aedfo manA CAT FARM.                     diligently.  She also questioned her and the little school that she began
  W. S. A., and their daughter Anna. views, have lately declared for woman                               brothers about all that the teachers seventeen years ago for the child
  The party expect to get back about suffrage; the National Grange has just                              told them at school; and, working in widows of India has grown into a
  Feb. 1.                           endorsed  it unanimously, and  the   It is suggested that women who the field by day and studying In the
                                    American Federation of Labor with need to make money       and can   give evening, she managed to keep up with populous village. No effort is made
   If yoo are thinking of going to the only one dissenting vote. In Chicago, plenty of time and care, should raise the boys in their studies, and even to proselyte the girls, and even some
 National Suffrage Convention in Chi- 87 organizations, with an aggregat  Angora cats-or coon cats, for that went ahead of them.                    of the teachers still adhere to the
                                                                                                           When she found that she was really Hindu faith. Ramaba is acknowl-
 cage, read -carefully all the notices in membership of 10,000 women, have pe- matter; that they should have a cat ahead, she  picked out the longest
 this issue relating to it. Delegates titioned for a municipal woman sf- farm, just as others have a hen, a duck word in the speller- incomprehens  edged to be the most learned woma
 Wanting free entertainment must send frage clause In the new ch'trter, and or a cattle farm, only that the cat farm bllity--and got Mrs Cooper to teach of her race, and she alone of all the
                                                              itr        eit to her. She spelled it over and over women of India bears the title of'
                                                                 p inent is les.work.to herself all day while she worked, Pundita, Dr. Charles Cuthbert: Hall
 Entertanment Committee by Jan. 25, In the city's good works are support-    The great points are to secure healthy till she knew  it perfectly. ' In the
 ..        ..sr-and handsome animals of good stock; evening, when it was time for the calls her a statesmanlike servant of
 Instead of by Feb. 1, as was first an- lug the plea. In  conservative     to see to it that the breed is kept per- other children to come home from  God, and one of the great personageN
 nounced,                           mont, a municipal woman suffrage bill fectly free from common stock, which school, she lay in wait for them by of her generation.
                                    this year passed the house 130 to 25, would be the ruin of the business; to the roadside, and when she ::heard
   kt the last Boston school election, and came so near passing the Senate feed and care for the ecats intelligently, them coming, she dashed out into the  Mrs. W. E. Ayrton of England has
   14,628sw o    stend8o59levon-tatdaca        neaof    the teto be able to nurse whatever maladies road and confronted them. Spell 'i .been awarded a medal by the Royal
 14,628 women registered and 8,595 vet- that a change of three votes wouldflafflict them, particularly in their kit- comprehensibility!' she cried. None  Society, for her experimentalnvesti-
 ed. The fact that all parties had have carried it. In the Vermont Con- tenhood, and to have       the business of them could spell it; most of them  gations on the electric arcandAlso,
 united on the one candidate no doubt stitutional Convention of 1870, woman sense to carry on the plant so as to denied that there was any such word,
 lssened the women's vote. But the suffrage received but one solitary vote, make a fair profit.                 She showed it to them in the book upon sand ripples An added interest
 neendet candate         . Dutfhe-sInaOre       e e anesuaysuotragenOne of the points In favor of . cat and spelled it triumphantly. iEvery is given!to this by the ifact tliar. 'the
 fndependent candidate, Mrs. Duff, de-  In Oregon, where an equal suffrage farm is that it needs but a small out- evening she met them   and hold a society has refused a fellowship to
 veloped such unexpected strength that amendment was last spring submitted lay of money, always providing that spelling match in the road, at which Mrs. Ayrton for four years simply be-
 she ran only 8000 votes behind Mr. to- the voters for the third time, a more one lives in the country where there is she always came off victorious, It
 Ellis, who had the nomination of all systematic and organized campaign room for the cats to roam-within became noised about the neighbor- cause she is married. Mrs. Ayrton,
                      h~ounds, free from the possibility of hood, and people wondered. :How well known as an electrical engineer
 the parties; and the women voters this was made against it than ever before danger.                     can she do it, when she does not go and inventor, began her investiga-
 year actually held the balance  of in any other State.  The combine    To raise cats well, one should keep a to school? they said.
 power,                             formed against it was said to have cow, milk being the chief diet of an Finally, by persistent teasing, day tions of the electric arc to assist hem'
           been the strongest ever effected against Angora. A woman who                     has experi- and night, she got her mother's leave hsadwhhad gono to America to
                      Itay, he ighst  our ha  de  an  pulicmeaurein  regn.  et heence in raising cats, and  has  made to go to school. It was seven miles lecture and had not had time to om-
  nrtltehgetortase-nypbimaueIn                          reo.ettemoney at it. estimates that, starting away, but 'for three' years she was  plete his experiments before leaving.
  cided that under the constitution wo- amendment retived a larger vote than with a few fine animals, a cat farm  never absent for a day, rain or shine,Shuneto    tocryhmonad
onie cannot'iote  Butc h en susione ever before, and camne so near victory should soon be able to raise something and usherledkall herryclasses.,Thn
ofte quesnti oe whic hsdbeen sirdtaonhng    f502vtsnattllk 200 kittens a year. They sell for teachers, Northern            women, encour- became so much interested  thatl she:
                                                                      from $10 to $30 apiece,           aged her to try to make something of continued them: on her own account.
         tIPal oerItlyha mdea  ulitdeof 83.899 would 'have carr'ed it.     The boarding of choice cats belong- herself. She did washing, field work, Her attention was attracted to sand
0f converts, and given a great impetus In California, five of the six political lag to people going into the country any kind of chores that she could get, ripples while staying at'the seashor.e,
to the nmovement. Among other ceml- parties this year put woman suffrage for the summer or to Europe, is profit- to earn money to continue her educa- and she tried to find out how they
nenth men who have declared for it is planks in their State platforms,    abl    hee $2 uste   rcrn a week.tipn Btwth   an all that  :  he t l
the distinguished .jurist and states- In Colorado, the chairmen of the Re- good and safe market, keeping, the mother could give her, she had only sujet, 'hesad't a intriewer,'i~
man, Luigi Lucehini.• He said the publican and Democratic State Central stock in good   condition, . and  never $15 when she started for Scotia  e.btanepaatoofhe                noe     i /
other day in an address at Villafranca, Committees have united in denying sending to cat shows, the worst places inary,-                   btayepntinothmnvle
in ianswer to the rg  enthtwe- over terown names teaoyosin the world for the cats, who both               Here she was,-hal~py, and did well in althe  principles  underlying ithe ,!
                              arguenttha thir          te aonyouscatch ailments and are made ill by ex- her studies, but her little bit of money motion of water and of bodies 'opeillat-:
men ought not to vote because they report that equal suffrage w a fall- citement,                             (Continued on page 3.)      lag in the water.

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