23 Women's J. 1 (1892)

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Vol-. XXIII.

A                          l



1301'O,  \rj~J)~\YJA\NU ARI~Y 2, 1892.

   The Woman's Journal.
   A ii'eeklv Newsiptp'r, liblishied every Satlirdiy'
 In ilolTON, levotled to the iterests of i oiniilt-t)
 lier eciihlentoill lidlistrial, iegal tiid polltleil
 Equality, aitad especially to ier right of StifItrage.
                    i. ll'r1l1S 5
               I,.it iti. ri i'iis
          ,'i CY , 1.TONI,:,
          I. I I II A CIKWIE I,I ,
          A LICE STO''(.NE lBLACKWELL.,
               ASSt'rANT itI'TOItS:
          CA'iARINE WIIE.
          ih-iC'A.iiNAI. CONTIBlIiUTIOIIS:
      JUIIA WARD ifl)oI,.,
      SAlii A. itij I o ttoII.,
      31is. II. M. T. Curri.it,
        'IAIIV trUTNII 0Lwolllil 31. 1).,
      ?   'tI.t Nt S i' .  WIWII.Io.AIII,
      31AItV I. EAWI'iAN,
      D;,'i IIt, KBACK;WEiM.,
      .%i1s MARY E. IIrKl,l~'
      I . I El'IilA  .. BDlll .t' l Fli.
      MitS. t .LN It. iTICK ,
      MRlS  LII,I. )IVM I 1U1LAKI.,p
      Dat. AL.ilA (XAViItY,
       MIts.  l I )IIC,T I,z  0 I11 Ilt
      1Mits.  EAI V  K.  II A iiA I ,
      MiS. 31 AY WRilIT SEWAL,
      311S. L,\URA.11.%. ,1INl~S.

   IloSrON OIIOFItIi-N'o. t I'ark Street, where copies
 are for sale ill(uliserlpitiotim receiveil.
                SUBISCRI IrON.
 Per Ailintti.. ...                .....  ..   50
 First yeiir ol trial, ......                       1.50
 Single copi,        .        .05
 CiUB t itA'T'i--s-ive coplis oneYear,$   10.00
 Saimplie collies free.
   A litark agilnst Ihis paragraipiinlicates that this
 il I s1l cop), of tie paper, selt to you for viir
 tcispect iol fri'e of charge,  ndt tit we Shouild be
 gilid to hav\e Veol beciiell It saltscriber,

                tY J. 0. Wtirriit.
   Give fools their gold, atid knaives their power;
     Let fortiie's IliuIles rise and fall
   'Wio sows t feld, or trains a flower,
     Or lilaints a tree, is itore thit all.
   For lie whIo Ilesses most Is blest;
     Aild God iatnd titan shliill own his worth
   Wl'hotolls to leave as his becqtest
     Alt added beauty to tile earth.
   Antd, soon or late, to all thitat sow,
     Tite litte of liarvest sliall lie giveti
   The Ilower shah lilooni, the fruit shill growv,
     If itOt on earth, at last It heaven!

   All wolen ought to use their influentee
 agaitst ile efforts of certain poliiciants to
 prove thai thle hoior of the Unitted States
 requires oir governiment; to go to will-
 with little Chill It Conseqiuence of ia fight
 ailliOlig sonic tirtnikeli sallors, i which it
'is by li nieais sprovedi that the Amnericaiis
were nott the aggi'essors.     As l)tinols sal
to the l)tike of Orleans, tie trile hOlloer
woild have beei to have kept olit of the
scrape. As It Is, there      is certailiy no
holioto i he gaIned bIy ltt lckilg il nationi
that lits nliot  a thousandth  pat of our
lIghthig force.

   It will be remnembered that the wolan
 suffi'age law  twice enieted by the legis-
 lature of Washington Te,'ritory was twice
 set aside Idy the Territorial courts as nii-
 eonistitlitiolial, tile first time oii the appeil
 of it coitvicted gamnbler, tile secoi(i tlnle
 oil that of a 8tloonl-keleper's wlfe: I tile
 Iri'st case, tile law was declared null and
 voi Ibecause It had been headed Alt ict

-        I        -

of tile     ciinluickE. II A. lilts soil Vet
Ieei received.

   A Ielatei ('hristmis priseti is :1t litis
 oflt'; for Mt's. Clahiue.

   A series of sifl'i'iige Ccon vettionits in Kaitl-
 sits will opentFell. S. Miss Atihony, Rev.
 Aina It. Shaw ail Miss Floreie BRalgii',-
 tile will go from   Wa shiglti Iotito Kanlisa s
 afterti lie    liintoil  Con ventlion,hJaln.
 17-20, alnd theirl services c:li Ie ohbtaihted
 for lectures or eonvent iots en lotte Oil
 tnlslally ftavoiiltle tiS, )' itihh'essilug
 the eetetaii ry of the Comitul tee o i(h'gant-
 izatioi, Miss Lney E. Anthoniy, 11-1 No.
 11 it St., Philiadelphia.

   D)r ihockley says thiti is liolher iloes
 not itl'etl' with hiii  hi sii v view's ot lithe
 woinali questioi. The reilairk quI ttetiII
 tile ,OU'IINAI.  ti'HeMill to is iy a Hie'-
 sol who pt'ofe.ssd  Ito hi e leard it frot
 his niother's Oi l il I lsso tht. we s1)-
 pOstld we liliii good ali ty for the Slile-
 tinelt., lowever, we protitllly give  )r.
 ltuctkltyt lie beliellt Iof hiis contiiditt ion
 ])r. Buckley iuiotes froni Ilis Intotherits
 follows: I hive sontietihites sall that I
 did not gltree with yor in eve'ytiig yot1
 sail, buit, liever IiI' ti'|d to the 'woian

   Rev. Nai'cisse Cyr', eX-pricillal of the
 French Prolestattt Yoing Ladiles' Institute
 of Moiti'real, aiid late histruclor i Ilostoli
 Univer'sity, is aibou t. to establisli it So il
 ChlriistliUnin for Americaintud nlits il
 the Frenchiiropols,. lie hits pullished
 a br'iglit, readaitle descrilt ion of the gieit
 schools of tile P'aris llitiitiQuarter,
 which aire of spi'cial praciicalIit ieest to
 Aiieicans. The School of Medihcine, tlhe
 Sotiotlite, the College of Fran.ice, the Law
 School andtilte School of Flite Ai's ollii'
 gi'atiitois iidvaittaies to .tttdeiits of every
 countr', withoutdilistinction of sex, iace,
 religion or color.  A comittee lias beent
 forined illai'ls to enceourage foreligu stu-
 dents to iivill tlemtselves of these advin-
 tiiges They proliise coilper'ation ii the
 proposed eitiblishiiiet hi l[iiPais of iait i-
 stitlitioii eiltltd to group  lhe Alneri-
 call studeits togetlie'. Three thiousali
 dollars will estiiblisli silch it ceitre, il ai
 portoni is alreaidy sulbscribied. Persons
 intertediiuay iidtli'ess  [. Niirelse Cyr,
 Vendoiiie, Spriigflh, Mass. Mi's. Cyr.
 all Atnericai idy, it gradulate of Eliiha
 College, w'ili greatly ald ie i tsbaitd ii
 this movetuienit, whlh is   tedoirsed by 1Rev.
 Edw'ard Evei'ett 1lale, E. It. Clement, tliai
 other emiielt tBostoniins.

   A nuiiber of the llies iteested Ii the
servaiit problein net rec'ently att the i'el-
deuce of Mrs. John A. Logan, li Wash-
higton.    Ai liiterestihg paper Oil the sub-
ject was given Iy Mrs. ]11. B. Day, of New
Or'leansi, and an idustrial Association
wits forined.   A house lias beeni retedI i
which to trai   yoting colored gi'ls for
domestic selrvice, inii thatilsoie Stlm is
pn'oitused to begint the work.  The school
will be maiageti by a board of di'ectors,
and il Is expec'ted after awhile to lie self-

to anend Art, -, See. -        of tite code
of Washigtou'lerritory, isteadof An       At it recent neeting of the Polltical
act to eEsfrachise wounei.   The Stuprele  Equality Chll of Rochhester, N. Y., the
Coturt of tle Stite of Washingloni hlis jttst  followlhig spiritedh eehutm'ttlon of prlll~hes
reverse(' this (ecistioi. It i some satis- wiis Presenited ')3 ,ltuuies Sirsgtent.  It hiua
faictions to have so  bsuiird a  lecision set  beetssigiel by it niumlie%' of promiientt
Ailde, illthough It is nsow too late to do the   Citlzens of Riochester, atnd -ill be ch'cumhit-
wonien of Wishihgtona aly good. The        ed over the country for further endorse-
-ecaitu lipl)eal (thatt of the salooii-keeper's Imneti:
wife, aifter the law had becni re-enicted    We, the    tnlmesigned, recognizihg the
with it uspro-per icamiig) wasnotoriousli'a equal mights-social, civil, personal ad
                                                politital, of outr wives, nlotiers, sister's
 Itumped-upease,tat     it3' woan w'ho   tind dauighilers, with Ottu'seIves, andbe-
 wi s opposed to sutil'u-uge, aid wit  did It lieving that the (lisfilichiseitienst of ole-
 piurely fort lhe saike of blnginhg the mitter hatlf of tile rightful citizens of these United
 before a hostile Terriltoril court. The    Stuttes, Oil ttie sole ground of sex, is iti
                                                 outlrage upon every pineiple of Justice, it
 tse WitS iitl)ieatled by Mrs-. Alstihi, with-   lbel ilpOt onur iiaomtal lsmanhioodati amit-
 out hey eoii'rrence, to the U. S. Supreime  tiontih womaanhood alike, fitditdbirand of
 Co'rt, w'here it has just been (ilsinissed b3   shame il)On the embhizoied escutchieoin
 hteii'eqihst, withoutt atty consldertiol of of at governimnet professedly based iponi
 its mierits. If was a miistake to take fill.1istuce fith eqiial rights to all, mba hereby
 it nstts  twitcse. Ai istettae l~in  pleige ouirselves to use oimr lllienee and
 appeal oil sucitciiease. ..geiiuhtiephlhi-  our eflbrts to secure the'norminhatioun to ill
 till' is esseit  id to it gentiine test ciSe.   legislative Iodiles, Stitu atnd imantiouta, of
                                                stuchiei (1111 ' only as siallloptenly avow thteit-
                                                selve4 iii favor of the itineuwiate aid couts-
   Prof. Ellen Hayes, professor of iathie- plet enfranchiisemenit of wonsers In all the
 hntiles'at Wellesley, coitributes to tis  rights find privileges of citizenshih, sub-
 week's VOMAN'S JOutNAl. lull interesting   jecr to 1suchi legal r'estrlctionss only as shall
 biographical sketch    of Marlt   Gaetna npPly equally to men; antd we further
 Agut'si, it elbrated  matheimaticianof    pledge omurselves thItt, when such noirhn-
 A glM i  t  c l b at d  m  t e  a i i n o   tions  s all  have  be e -it  m ade,  w e   w ill  su p-
 the eighteenth centtry, one of time futanous  )Ol' suth auies wie ou ittlorshil-
                        portstichscatidautes withi attn lTorts fitd
 women connected with     Bologna Univer- ou -votes, without regard to pirty afllla-
 sity. tions on considerations.
                                                   A mdeclaration of this sort, signed by i
   Reports of the annuial neetings of the ! large numier of voters, wouhl have more
 Indianaand South Dakoa WomanSufrage    ieghtt wtithite .a'verae polltleaus than
 Asiociations will be found in another col- petitions from  thousands of women who
 umnt.   The report of the annual meeting    have no votes.


   li oi' bestl illatlielitt itil li'biiiesr, one
 colles iirlss lilt olil hook lii't'iiri lh iI le,
 ''Atialytieal hisitiltullts, hIi Foi ' looks:
 oirigially writtlenih  'lllain,).by Deliia
 .ttl'ia rl ietanti * o giesl Professor of i li
 )ithelil bks andl I'hiosoihy int lh  I iii-
 yi'   ofsi l (i lloiii.
   '.ii'A-akjgile l li ilo'r1of ltiis work,
 wis born ittMilali i 1718; sit, was, thrie'-
 fore'e imconlinlilolr-. iof Anlia Mizzolini
 a:1d 1(iau'it l a iassi. Sh litlehiig to iie
 giill~y felhowshiii of lhii f'itiiols iiii
 of Bolog,lihotli li) l'ighlt. of giiiihis, itiii of
 acadeit I nlilie'.  Her fithr' i itofi'essot
 of   iltheilil ies at loloill, hi tint witih-
 hol leaitiig frolili hi child llii iitecitlit of
 liiir li'ittg oii a 'il; fioi'  he   sit was
 ilie yeiirs old slie had such a aC eoiimiaitl'of
 Lathis i Ihat litiguUlie  iaithlahihig tli-
 the lpiiisill of Ilileral stludies \.Itliot lI1-
 Inoper for itt' sex. At tIl t!'ge of thi , li cc
 she lie       Gieck, Ire ellrew, tench, Spilish
 anid Gtrianit, aiad wis coitstiuteil lv cilh'd
 tiie wlllhi g )o1yglol.  IlSiltlit was far
 I'r-o ilo Jlp iig eoliitelilte.il %%-J ~igiI ,, I  site
 le rinei   tlililaitittiii -tlte iitgIlitige  of
 exal; sctielin-e-aliil slit o upciell eletself
 with Cerainlilies of tile liest scitntilc
 I tholit of lietlay. ''le Irenichtrt livelli',
 . I)e l'tosses, fitihis L ters nilit aly,
 gives   an llet011i of un tior   a r'irt'ci'.tin to
 which   lie Ihts invitId to iit'ee   Sigiora
 Agtit'si. Ile f~tit(l ni yotitig iad(y of tpigrl-
 hiein or   wetity y'ear'( of ltgt, sitr'onidedh
 by at eoipaiy  of tiltolit; tlth' peolle,
 itliity of Iliett froil tlit'erell vloil i's  of
 Europle :
   The Count, Belilli aiiilh'i'ssild htr' i   a
 ltie Loat inspeect'e 1 1iil sli' iiisweri  with
 gl'eaditiiess and iilility Ii li sliilie
 hligitage ; anid Ihey t lhi literedi Intit
 disp)Ubitiihli  (still it I.tilt) oilt litorigi
 of foutins, alid il t  ih  i'ues of the
 elihiig iiiifhlowig wI leh is observil i
 SOlle of Ihieti, like  ie thit es hli the sea.
 S''e.spoke oil Ihis sutilec. like tin iitigel,
 anll I it'ver heard it rtllettt ihi ai nitainer
 that 'gave ile itore  satisfaction.   ''lihe
 countil heti desiredt ile to tnter willth her
 otlit' t!discissioni of aniv other tiille;t. I
 chose, provilded     that It its eonicted
 w'ithilltheilattles or' itiat Il Illillosoihy.
   Thiis inivited  lie Bh'nsses, after aiolho-
 gizing for his hitck of skill Ihi Latin, hiltro-
 diict't the sulijecl sof sense-I'eeption, the
 l-rollagatln llIf lig~lrill, llti lul-.lailtle
 citlor. Another ot' ilhe ctOltitny Ihitn ils-
 cotised wIvitlhi l e Sigiora l o t lie Iiiits-
 pilrency of hotlies, iid oil ctirvihii'ir fig-
 ir'es ii geonetry, 'of whichi last, hDe
 Bh'osses iulvely    lts,   Ih inot itilici'-
 silid a wordTh 'rh  i'tlielh rtl'orter'goes
 Ott to s Iy:
   Site spoke woilderfilly oi till these' til-
.iects, tllough she eColl  lt have beei il--
laredl beforechianil iany li Oe thiti we
were.     She is isil attachei to tlit Ihil-
o8o)1iy   of Newtoi, itid it  iIs miairvellouts
to see it persoin of her age so conversait
with steli abistruse 1sijects.  Yet, how-
ever itueh 1 was sirpi'sed ill, lie extent
atiil depth Of ther kiowlege, I was still
nilore aiized to hear her speak Latinwiiih
such pit ilt. ease anid acel itiie   thait I ti
lot  ''eeollhect iiii Ibookl hinlidern   Latihi
wrilttenii niso chssicil a stv ie hits t huti
which  site protiOitCed thies     c tistour'ses.
'Thie conversatioti ifterwairds beeane gen-
erial, every one speaking i lt thtlniiigia e
of his owili COllltl'y, lit? site answerhig/in
lhe satmtte laligiaire; for hitr'' kiowhetge of
hligliage i Is-'odligiotis.  Sit' tohl ie site
wits sor '  Ihiat the Coiveriathion of this
visit hatd lakei sot imich the forltill'll
of illt iteiteiiieial ilhlsliiiltIiit  , and lthit
site very iii ti Idislk'dl sp'aki e ig Oi such
sit) ijects hi tintmerous e an ilt iles. where,
tor' onte Ihat; witsitlimi slh, twenii 3' w'1er'e
probalyf lheil to death.
   In  1750, oil tile Illiess of her fither',
Miti Agliesi Wits         i  t   ebilli y Polle
Ielenteict XIV. iO oCcl]).% lit' echair (if
mitlhtemtics and niiatural philosophty itt
olohoita.      [er faither diehit 1752; site
seetits then to hi'et inied lii'tiltentioil
to the    studly (if theology.     Liter site
joined it lie Butie Nns,t al ordern iioledor
Its aisterit',andI we know iiothItig of h er
Selllsquent life.   Site dbet bit 17919.
  No ililysiscal here lie given of tlie gl'citt
work oi which the flilhie of Marhi Glieltnl
Agitesi chiely r'ests.     To    thie stiulent
of natheaittics, the .Alialit cal lhstitui-
lis' shleikg for Itself. Iboth i 113' Its or'ghi-
alty aid d y the eatr and elegalit pri'sei-
titioi of a brlinch of scleiee wihelt Is lit,
Oince ftscinatiig ilih ail)Rti'tse.   It Is i
work   thit intist'lways holdi t phie
aitmong  the valuable proiuctions of the
years hmiallhtely followlg the Newto-
ntn epoch, being one of the fhst treatises
to reveal the power of the Ihuixonall analy-
sit; when applied to curves. Of Its author,
Ma[nltcha, ii his 111sfohie des M[utlh~nat-
iquss watS cOhlielei to sait
   Wle eanllilt tieholi without the grealtes;
astoishnitenr, a p~erson of la sex ihuit

setills so lit the filled to Iread tie lthoriy
atilis of I hese absilliiet sienees. plietri'ate
SO   leih*' vits seli hisi donte hilo fill the
IiiIlhis of\Algel r, hoth the eoimio
an ile~ th rainstet, lldhnlihI]orhIniites ial,
   (olso140ii 10ulit1hililn'rofessor of iilathle-
 llatics  al lh iii' \m'i i', i . (  it ii iihg',
 tlteiel It, wi'th his while i to larn lhtilii,
 at, fiillvanced lige.l hi orri'itl. ile. iilghl
 ie ile t t tran.hites   Aglttsi'i' work into
 Etiglishi.  A writer   i the E.'hibu'trflh B e-
 r'itu, 1801 regret''tt s t hatt Ihii   tillulslloll
 \%%i. iolt puillishiedlearlir.   Had Iiiap-
 iviasotli   Olvuihshil lii't'ie Illtile. doItll,

 tlht, it wouhl havemniiateii'lly oltributel
 to alctt'ehi'litt  I it'h'rgr'ess if the liitilie-
 Ililical sciences o hIn llin,.
   li tht tuithttr's iflitiite Ii hte''Atnlilyieil
 I litihihiits' we Ihtitli thit shie hiid it llthl
 aiid i4spiiig teilite , h,:ther ii IIinh'o
 Iihtlibhlin    uitnitn oh ito ()oivettlihi ()t'lei',
 iLiiii IWNSl'of soif lilahelinlhI14 In tile IHOyal
 U',iiversil'y of I'a\'i, . Sie gri'tiefiilly ae-
 kitno'heilges Ihit. slit' is iihihit t'i Ithibii
 for whitteve'' riiiglsslit' tilt y hiive tuthde
 hi tiis hisitid of stuly. Sllt ilso says thilt
 Ihie wo1k wit li'gsii igu lt   u11 ilctiuet f'lor her
 Owln prlivahe   illl1ellilvil, 01 atIlls, ~ forl
 tile  istructii on t' it  oe i'f ' her y'lligt'
 bu'ihll hrt's, w'hi poss1ibly iighit hitve' titste
 tot' itlhelt,hhtiill stlit's.   It wiis oly
 wheli the work wi  a  lliivitliedI hiat she
 resoilvei hi 't'selid It, iihrolld.  It Is sillite
 ceii froit his li, l fit'C, :11ed fromn thit.
 hiotitilois coitexl, htr life, thlut Agiesi
 did hot wi   efoilelot'  nie o'r glory  i 4111.hil
 not Coiitlll  silei lzs oi' seek tii ike hitrscl,
 t'Os141hpii'hts ; shl iilidy hIvl 'Trith, iil
 enieavtorid, li; she sys, to I)' tistl h'l Io
   Bhesih es her ''A\illyicl  I list Itlitillus ,
 sle ivtOIt litletistLt one ot.herma lithematal
 work, :I ient~ary oill tie C(onic  et'-
 titus of Ilie Malq1Is ie I' 1r1l11tlil. 'l'hiis
 tl-Pl'iLlSP, illifor,lliiillelv  wii%'IsleVVIor ill).
 IIslied ; like Iiypaiili's  Oliiuhiuttrytoi iflit'
 '( oles' Iof   Plo1hlllllI ti, t Its  ul te lostt ho
 Is, ut, Its excellectI is teshi Itli I y
 those whi' etti it I inlluiscrlpt.
   Neirly it huinlr'yl 'eitr's have ro'hlle'away
 slice t    sileii in  (!losing of tlhe iss of
 those who tolled Il thi eightettil celi-
 tuiry to alviince] hinitil 1tow'eilge.  It
 WIN Itli tillr. iOf gl'!it aCtl~tlvlIllh!
 donini of ihat seilece which Ilhs    lthe
 fouidtioihtt of  ikni  i'ge, 'hitleil'shtc-
 tli'e of  ht' vilhilhatts   the wisdhtim   of
 those who eutrly i' zegtilz atI I hit Ile itaie
 of   iirlt (hiitinl Agiiesl tithtlngs oilt tlie
 Ihtiliih   lists. Shut isiIhailig Ilu! ilillt'-
 liilittchitli, inot ly Cuiuryts lbehitg i ti'o-
 uiuti, bitut iy 'iglit ,livhig ait disc'vei'er it1it1
 teacher of ti-ilhi. '11ir'i Agtit'sl was to
 tlte eighleenth century wiihatl ut' Ow' Itb'st,
 leloveal tdt  hately lost, Sophi o yu  Kow-
 ai'vshy wa'ts to t lihieleteentlhi-Oi'tborn
 to ;i'hig hpilpe athdispiaihii to weimien,
 indtu tihithIi 1(1 h hi iliiiw Oimei.
   Erosio n  reveals it the getltogist thl
 deposits of iil earlehr agec Oliihiig %he
 fossils  'eresetitlvi of i lity-goile life.
 Fromi fhe sti1fitce of iiodherni hututiii lift-,
 concessio!ns aund comliplimetuts are sollie-
 th e s   ft iL iiw 1 3', i y ig   I re thi   s i i ii-
 tuni of ihei' Ishiellefs aii lrejuiclhes. Of
 these ]lthimozolc iperSlilnliliS, ilone Is, pier-
 hilis, iOre widlesreidt  i thiii tle belief lit
 tile iehtal inferirity of woiin-tlhe toli-
 vlehiti   Intat soiiehow  hert huntelect,. Is
 K.Cond l ttle, atill throuigh solite Iits''ila-
 lileeege11, i lii Ilii'tys ruTtiTi ii 1 i Tl'hie
 wearilng iLwaI  Of   chl 'e)l'   tl Ices IieOllg8
 to the slow ii' Hoeesie    fIt of i soch1 thhl
 evol htlon ; anth yet.itone cantniot help wIsh-
 lIg for sieh hiasteinhig of the iil rc5 its
 miight occuri If thiose who iiee'lIt timi
 wouhl tathe the tliice of fit!wierltl i the
 Ediiihi r'h Beri'iw aliove referred to:
   Wec ainot, tie leatve of it work that
does so i) ith hoior to feutitlegelnhis wIth-
Olit e'triiestly reclolii itelilhugthe I)n!iuI8tLI
of it It ise %%1o ehieve tiliatt greal, till-
eits are bestowedl 1byfitire exchislvely
oul mteni, until o'fio tll,ge thatt Wi i'ot , ive'
hI tithei hIghest tltUali.ii..ll  are i  hie
con)paled only tI lmrunt rh[idrt, 11 I  ilhtLT
hi io Inshita e giveni proofs tif o'lghiitl
ilI i  vellive lioVi', of it Culllaty for
pailleil, i't'stlrch, oh flit'rofounid hivestl-
galln .  Ixt u hose who hohl these oildi-
hliis enltiivor ti follow Ihue iuillhor of
the ''Autlyel   hitushtii toiis lhllligh thie
oig Ser'ies of deihiotstrailllIs whlchI shte
has toilrived with so iteli skill tiliil ex-
illiiet with stuchi elegainci ainil persltleu-
ifi lf they     treu ile ti (o so, Iill dto
icotiiliir'e her work with o1iicru of the sitiie
himiili, tile i%%'Ill irobtbl3'1t ri1ict thel'
forilet' oliilois, anid aiicutowledge Ihiat,
lit one histuice at least, Itellectutl pow-
ers of tlie highest Order have beets lodged
li hue I'east of it wonill ; iil(If t e , tllfe
liiutble to oilletil thllu Ihtsti'ioius feltale in
hItr gielitllti exehints.ot of coturse they
il   n ot  s n'( I he reasonts fot'it aihnhih  g lie'r
geius thutat olieu's hoe; but I hey uity, at
heist, Icutlii to lihi ilt iii oltly 3 of theh '
owit'1.                    IIIEN ][Au'K.

W   E( )IEN.

   MIIus CI.AiA  AIIrTON hilts  i ittahbsltt
 heaidliiuliul(trs i'liih hlieu Cross atti, he 11-
 Iei Oxfordut, W'tshbingon. I). C., for' hie
 collectiton adii foiuwardhig of relef sill-
 lilies fort lieiisi ltig ieisat1lit   i sshi.
   Mits. DNNY,116 it',i (Ti'  V.  ithiler,
 W'atshtitgto'sii is. wolaut n hiwyer, died i at
 Settile, IIi thilil ,Sitte, it few tays ago.
 Sie is sio iid tohvi e iltOgsessed st'hoir]% 'at-
 litlitilil s ut1n1i gr'eatt WOllitily alt ritet e-

   .htus., s'i'rt'I'. ll i siI, of h'ittlebioro',
 Vt., hiltiersonally  reli onsti'lit ethile
 Iheiilth Cliilhir for 18112, which, witht a
 bill of fare for (tell dy, will conti it
 helllf i Itemperanctse stIllnitent. i1 rs. I hit sh
 Is preshlent of the Vei !ihoit IV. C. T. U.
   ,lilts. II. It. Loil wasl ttly re-elected
 Woirthy Mastler of thie Ora'nge itt Shichihi'-
 vilh, ChlihituuiiU 'o., N. 1'. This (lraige
 Is one of the stoigest lit the Stitfe.     It
 hits ii.iit iltberslhit oi over :too, aiitl ite
 piropery', worthi iboiiit 85,000.
   3MUis.   u.IZAIETI!t1 I., CHACI, iwhose
 iiiiory goes litelt over iiore than elghlly
 'o'i's, give ill lIa hlstl tliiilial leelig of
 tlhe. Rhoiih Isldi%' . S. A.,it very hitvet-
 I    histoii'lepeI lil    t It huloI shtiid
 Woiilien. ItI, will lit, h eil ilhIhl it lhe Wo-
 .tAN'S JI)UtINAI, It'Xt; iWee'.
   Miss Fi,oIuNC,:K HAI.t;AltNIl hits g', one
 West, after tS i hig (Jhi'lstililis with Iel-
 ati'i've i CllilisiShli hits it few viiltct
 ihiltt s fori helii'res, fromi% ,hni. 2:1 to ,l. I.
 lDiiig thtt.l Ibtte slt iil lie bI lIlliois,
 aii hiii rriihhress %'11 lit ('iireI 1t. SoimervUlle,
 I95 S. ('h1it'kt, St., Chiciigo. It will hue It
 good iirilitly for winien's cluhii anth
 iisstithilloiis bit unighborlig townis t) heatr
 Ills iliutetiiL En.iiglishwomian.
   'ill' COUNTiS'SL Eio ''ois'oLx1 Is conisid-
 ered th itgood Itigel of Ile starviig lets-
 tilt;  hi tIuslti. As a 't'restiIt of an aItlpeui
 w hiIh slit' receitly irhi l h i ouet of'lhe
 Motst'ow. aie's,i hiiiuidreds of liteoile of all
 clisses i n eclidhhI itiis hiave eided lit her
 hitlii ut liil left Ihht'Olrcoitriutiis. Thoui-
 soiHds of rollble have I uccutcollected by
 her i tilh esent  lit once ho hter' Solitild
 iaughters, whu hiv'e estbilisied hpulilc
 kicheiis bit tile sli'lckehi ndisti-Icts.
   31is. If. It.  li, i.hS, oif  ilssissiltlil,  hais
 beet elected AgsoulaIe Editor of tihe Union
 ,s'ini l to fill the vitetiltey slititle by thi
 tieah i of Miss Julhi Alles. 'This will be it
 glt it loss to MIs-Issippli, whrier Mrs. Kells,
 is eiltoro of thil .lississipljiI 'hiit' 1iblbo,
 lilts ioe iiuch to spreadtl it kiow'ledge of
 Ihie aitigilitil s for i'itllUal ilghtis, uiiiit lig
 Ihi i freely Io her lii , llslpite of  if' ig
 couititer itprssue it fromLu th! collseiTalueves.
 Mrs. KIell Is sit gooi wriller liltabl Ihitor,
 intli alt elich'iet worker.  Site will be ai
 tccessioni to I he stifi' of tle Untiou n iIllmul ;
 lit hi Clictgti eqlitl right s womeni tire is
 pleiity Itsilukel rrie sadlet e i ' w canitiot
 help feehinug 114 If she were liiire e itedd In
 M1Isshsshll1l, to stretigIhel the sinull I hand
 of fitithfuIii o rt'kers there.
   3Miss E.iMuA C'. Sici.usiIs spechl itihist-
 autt to I'rofissor I hitiini, hiavhig charge
 of tle irhill lVe Iildhii Iutxhiblt aL th e(-
 hiillhutiIn liosltlon.   Slie lately returied
 frou ]'fllhi hlge Agelliy, where she was
 enugaged for six weeks hi lthe prelhiinary
 hivestigatlons inecessary for the proiosed
 exhibit.    Miss Sitl'es hits been spiechilly
 coltiisloited ly I    rechlent Ilir-soni, See-
 retiry Noliaitd Coloe%l Dii's, tiuvhig
 bieeni selected for the post beause of her
 wide IlCe110 t11,11ltce with Indii life, icl-
 uiiht'e duing her ullerhitendency of Ihie
 lIilhii hioartlhig schol lit Ple ihlge.
 Miss Sltles iet e, ias meiatttor duithig the
 Iiill trOlbit' oft lustwiliter, avhig bseen
 Intrust ed w'ith lmportant Iessages fromt
 the 111th liio'llbItsht ;Wa'ishhgtonh to the 11os-
 tile trlies.
   ,Irs. LAUA   I.I'TON IIAZAitD, hi griuid-
tilee. of Ihe late Siuilil .1. I1ilden, ht s
iade over to the elIty of Neii' York two
iilllloi dolhirs of the sits coiihig to her
front the divlsion of the late Goveriior's
esLte, li order thti lls desire to eidow I
public Iibi'try ittay ie it least partly car-
tied out.   Mrs. lHizaurd antd her grand-
mnolher, Mrs. Pelton, dil not join with the
other heirs In tryilg to break the will, and
sitce It its been set aside, Mti. huizard
takes tills iiiethoil of fiililling, so fl' its
she iii, lier unleh's wishes. The breik-
Ilg of wills iade by heifectly saute tmid
coimpetenst testlutors, through time elort.s of
self-hiuerested relative, hits become i itub-
lIe seandal. It Is refreshiig to thid ouse
womna too hoiest to titke  dvantage of
atn tnlqiltus legal decision.

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