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76 Niles' Nat'l Reg. [i] (1849)

handle is hein.journals/nilesreg78 and id is 1 raw text is: The_.?Iatonal egister
I                                                                   fil      i'g       IT     W          I
* Iaio
AD                    RtI INq                                  OLINIW .
G. WV. Crawford, f Gn.   Sec. of War,    6,000  AREA, NUMBER         OF CObNTIES, AN
SN ationa*                        V  . Ballard Preplan. of G2. qc of Navy,  6,000  CAPITALS OF THE SEVERAL STATES.
Jacob Colamer, of Vt.      . M           6,0)0'
PILADEI          a   EPT. 14, 1849. I    ReverdyJbhnson, of Md. Attornek Gen. 4,OO
i                SUPREpaE COURT JPS ICES.       I                        o
The NATIONAL REGISTER, is designed to serve Roger Taney,       Chief Justice  1.      1836 836
a4 a depository for cyar kind of useful infor. John McLean,'  Ase. db I    Cincinnati, 1829  -
mation, foreign and doinestic but bspeeially for James M. Wayne,        Savannia.      1835i                                      k a
inforantion rcspectinlg our own bountry. I its Jupr n.               Nnihvill,       1887 Nesy H    i       i 1(a   2i 9    nComa
Id its1187 lNe                                     flatmpsbile  1  10    9iO   Cmcor
varied list of contents is emabraced-         Pere'anel              c' Richmond,       1841 Yer7nons             11    10,:1  _ P.'npeller
I Presideinta nppointnict~tsIpoar id, corn.(Sanuel NWilsozn,l   ' Coop'o't X.T J. 2845 Masschiusetts         14     7,600 Boston
nounicaionrs, &c. the monthly satoements of Ele Lev i Woodlitry'       PorthilrntiiAH 1845,J Rhod isa I li ,360 rovidence an4,
Treasuirit department; circulars io collectors gnidI Rbert C.'Grier,    Pitsburgh, Pa. 84   Connecticut    I   I 8     4,674 Hartfordad k.
other oflicers of thu Customs ;' instructions to offi Reverd  Johnson, Attry, Gen.11Vashn.  '1849  j                           avon
cues of the govqrine  gengrally, an.d Diplomatic, Benj C Howard, Repurte.'  Ba!imore, 1849 New York           50   46,000 Albany
irjiy and nayy intliw e           I         TV  . T. Carroll, Clerk, %Vashinaton     1843 New Jersey            19   461    Trenton
Cinarcsitional proceq  eas8 and dqbales; reports  The Salary of the Chief Justicp Is $5,000  Penusylvania I     61   43,-   Iirrisburg
f Conmnittees in Golaress; spechea ofrprrni- of tile Adsociate Justices, $4, 00 each; of lhe  lawnd             2      0. Ito Ana polis,
nent members o, leading questions; treaties and Attorney General'4,000, an of the Reporter V Virgi Aa          135   64A(XK)  aichmpud
l * .      I        . I        $4,300.. The Clerk as coipensated by fees, North Catolina         77    43800 Raleigh
E  av  t lfl , n111i3:1 11   StateS. p  leisle                                                    (D istricts)  29      Colti  ibl l
E~ceutimcs; flatiollia  State papre's ge teray 11  The  u orcnic Court is field in i the City                       f   5833  ,2WU  Iilledgeville
the dii~ii ;crt  lI iv   aii    and Stat      Wahigtrand tiione session annuallcry     ~    ~   d    'R                410 ITilhse
Wnshlegton, 10weihtepoedago    0                                            e    Alabamk           I 51    5O, -w  Mouhgoinlry
priifts; 1, td~wt the ;rceig .i ,~ In I                    first M1onday coC Decernbir.   Missniippi         59    ,,5   Jaeksoi
Leaisitures;         . I              I                                 I   .                Lnuisiana (Parishes)  47   49,220 Baton Rouge
Tabular statements and emnparative views o                                                - Tkas                07   307 319 Austin
the finanqcs', conimerce, 'manufacture. population,    I     OV    RNORS                     Arkansas  I         5     60    bitte Rock
and. i lernal inprqvdinents of thd country  and  Of the ieveral Slated and Te iteries, toith theirf Tennesed     1 74   41,3001 NashvilleI
Statistics ofthe monied corporations, and v rius       Salaries Terms of  fee, 8f.           K oucky          I 00       Of) Fukl
benevolent, literary and sciendilifc mttutions                                     Term     I0i36,250 Indian olia
I hn-raphiosof diitiislied persons  d   eert Ir               n5 100                                                         Col0mbue
spuituic discovperjes; nyine~alogical intelligence, Massach'sts GEORGE N. BRIGGs  2A.JO  Jan. 18 0o Wisconsin   26   12,000 Madimon
WILl nocices (1f tne arts.           '        Rhode Is'jd II~dRT i. ANT IONCS  400  IMay, 18~50     on          ,0   ,1,6
Judicial elecisins and opinions *Conla' Jbsetu Tas                 L     1,10 I May,   5                     100    16        i
1'oiticli facts and doings-voictd   conrovesy, N. York  ' H.ofuToN as0       Jan. 1 1
and thdeasvourinito minntain a strict neutraity  N. Jerse)  Danl HDaines  8100  Jan. 13    POPU    ATI      Pl.THE 'U.STAT         y
reg'Itlgec;ad                   Penn' nia  wM. V. Josox     ' 3,00    Jan.* 1.52           avr   orZ:~ ksu$ror 1840.
Fu  1.i' I11/hnc  avnd s                 Delaware   Wliamn Tharp    1,2333  Jani. 18'51 FIS~AE.     Wites. Colored. Slaves. Total.
I      siyc       .F...s... a compie.e               1 ' .  fal             I 0} (j9             .\   oooe-use         -i     501.793,
contempor~kndous .recotd of tue ings--parefuiiy N. Cari'na OnaKPs M4ss.T 9.t Jan. 18I .N. IFlpshioe 2854,436 537 1 281,57l4
prepgr <o :.9 to be pr. ecty relikshie-Taluale~ tS. Cy~AI'ha 11'aiarn .7. Seabrook Samue  Dele  6-j Vermot  29 .218  730     -      29,948
the statemn, bltorian. politician, and diana oGeorgia Georgu LY. To'.wns 3,500 No~v. 154u~ Mansackh'sts 729 ,U30 8,C68' - 7137,699
businiesa generadliy, both for present use and futu; Florida  -- nown      2.500 Jh. Isat R. Island     105,57   3,28S     5     103,830
sefrnee. I         i                          a;ibana  Reubtn Chapman 3500       Dec. 110 ICon8eClicut  301,866  8,105     17    309,978
Ac'piibs inidex willibe furnished at the close of Mus ip  Jue$  W.s angthews 3dI  Jn. 1FO                       --
ach vicsOf.     I           I                oI exas I  George T. Wood  2.)0   Dec. 100  Tot    Iew
TJui s.-Four 'dollars, per' annum. To n     oe ArkAns tal Julin l. Rtine  2.I 0  N- l 1  dgand .2.212,165   22,733     23   2 23'4,82l
sUsithers aTnI toT present suLbsr  wh     n        *   NIz. . Ifnows a.n00        Oct. 1    N9w York 2.878,90 Yok   07       4   2 428,921
the amnount previou~ to tlpe 15th Octler'next.pos Kentucky Jodiv J. URITTEN~DEN  ~  Sepr.  2      Pe tiFU 3+T     14      Q      ~33J
paid) theo Iprice will bq THRE dollre, paid 'iniad OhIO  .saun Foa        1,5W    Dec. 1I ennsylv'ia '676,115    47,854     64  1,724,013
areadypaidi be credied at S3, per annum.  is i Aui A. KRig  1;1000  ovn. 152 Illinois  47,4    3,59     331    476,183
d    paid         ce o                              Annld Brigs1000            e.       1 Michig      211,5E00-  707     -     212,267
kl                  I                DeaaeliitnTap                 1=     Jn    &1
ftF\V  owe an .nlol gy to our1 subscribers fo   i~aNelsn Dw            1,2po  17e. 1~o W-isconsjf      3079      15              4~
1i  p t u c e d   t e   s u p n s i a    ( o  R  iW   :C                                                  ofn i aok yr e d 4 209 2A'   7 2 .  S a e I  oTa F r
o dtlp  ilovsr.cTo ireding nurber(Fon:i  Mininesta Alrl Riamsy          I0    r            SIas     9b 557,065 1704727  1,129  9,728,921
tirept I~ i s,)  he U pr.6ily dlableast n bs ' S.circumWlam4.  Sebrok___ lK  ILe  1.U Vemn          29.2       73I9,4
thstices winl  , low, a d porwarded i season to bI G           I'@ I
bound wiih bhe rshaIsnder of thvu             TIMES OF wIir.DIG  L ECTIuniOh0STATE OFF[9E St  Slatve  te     Fi    o        $
T los Eil ' !GISLAp Ea J   o                                                             a. 2ba?.

OiF r   'NIT    I   ATES
Elected from  Term commenced,
George 11ahinngton, Virglnia,  plil 3. 1789.
Jubi Admint-,     M..    N aruh 4. 1797.
Thomuk Jefferson I Virginiai March 4. 180.
James Madison,.     Virginia, March 4. 1809*
James Monroe,      Virginia, Marcill 4. 1817.
'John Q. Ada1m,     Virginia, Matcfh 4. 1825,
Audrdw Jackson,    I Tenn. k  arch 4 . 1 .
blar~in Van Buren,  N. Yqrk, Maich 4. 1837.
Wl 1-. Harrison,    Ohio,   March 4. 1841.
Jdhn Tyler, j       Virginia, April, 4; 1641.
James K. Po1lk,     Tenn.    Mdreb 4 1845.
Zachaay 'Ta) for,  ' Lou.  Iarch 4. 1d49.
Zachary Taylbr, Ad La. fPresident   825,000
Miliard F'lujoure, of NJ Y. Vice Prs'L.  5,000
I       I      -    I     .  I  ga  zrv.
NI. Clay ton, of Del. Sec. of State, 80,ui t)
al. Al tiUi , oI  l'a. I  Sec. of Tras. .6,kU
opts1Eiug, of wido. Sec. fok h      0
J~ie Depair tutei               6,(1

A N   HE I E    G OF THE L        U        LTU
State.        Elections.      Logislatures.
Maine       l1t Mon t) Sept 2d WVeh in May
N. lanbsire 2d Tueli in M1ir 1st Wed in June I
Vearin. >  le  t Tt uin Sept  aiThurd in oat
MassachijsW  2Ad Moui iii Nov  I-At %Veil iJail
Rhode Island 1Al Wed in April let Tu in May &
 I             last Mdi in Oct
Connicielit 1st  310n i April lt Wed in Many
Ntv Yrk   Int ude in Nov 1stTues inl Jan I
NewJrsey  14   neTu  in Nov hth Tues in Juin
PenosylVania 24 Tuei in Oc; Ist Tues in Jan
JDelaware   2d Tues in Neid 1ltTuea ini Jan bien
Ma~rylnid  1st We~d in Oct  Last Mddn iI Dec
Virginia   -4111 'Vll IniApri  1wt31n 17 Dec
N.L'Carolina  Isi Th it Aug '3d Moll in Nov I jemi
.. (jorolna  21 Mon in Oct ' 4th Mon in Nov
Georgia     In 1i0to inl Oc  lot Mon ir Nov hienn
Florida      lit Man fi Oct  lot Mon jmNov
d       I        Mon in Aug  o n01 in D ec lni
i missipi  1st Mi I in Nov. 1ot .41n in Ju n
Lo~~kia'lot N*Ihn in Nov  3d 31001 In Jani
e   IdtlMon tn-Nv I fit linl
Arkaipan    1st Mon'in Aug  hl MoU in NOV
Tnniw      iscrn .r ir Aug,  lt 1on In Oct
K(entucky' I A ZII)I. fi Ikul * 1t M611 In J~it*
Ohio  -     2d To id Oct     t Mon in Dec
In tana-.  ha 11lbo in Aug   t Mon in IMr
Illinois    id'lu in Nov  I 1st Mon   ai l beii
*Thjur   i 1 st3fn ilt Augj  lot Milo in Nov
3t chigan ,    ''u [it Not  L't Man ill Jai  .
'          I-c Man in'Aug in   Mon in De bien.
k1tcp in ltu tit i Nov  I l'un in JarI I  - .

Delaware     5--561 16,914    2,605   78.085
.1aryjland  ,31S.201 6 ,O78  89,737  410,019
uD. u Colutnb. 30,57,  %,61   4 64    43712
Virginia    740,99  49, 42 J48'987 1,839,797
N. Carolina  484, 0 22,732, 245.817  751,419
'. Carolina  259 O4  8,276 327,038  694,398
ceorgia      407,695  2 753 260,' 4  691,392
Flurida       27,943  I  17  25:77    54,477,
Alabanja '   335     2,039 253,532  590,756
Missiislpi  I7no   074  1,36  195,211  375,654
Louisiana    158,457 25.O   168,451  ' 362,411
Arkansas      77,174   465   19,935   97,574
Tennessee I 640,621 I 5,524 18.3,09  829,219
11-ol dr      0.\3       472
misouri     313,sw   £~I   Y._   383,.02
t,al, Slave
Sales    4,632,640 2J5,568 2,486,F26 7,334,431
T.Vl U.S. 14,19,70 386,296 2  ,355 17,003,355
I--I--            I  .
nerease Of 1OIllation in the U.
States in Fifty Vearg;             I
1760.     1840.  . Incedse.
wiites       3,172i464 14,19,705  11,017,211
A'r.0 Ckrcdi    59,446   346295    32f649.
Slaves         679,807  2,457,355  1,072,456
Tot    73,9 160   .17,063 355  151.58

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