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1 Barrister 1 (1927)

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                                                                                                                                                     No. 1

FR ES H INI A. N                                 1~A IN C I~                       BICHAJID D, CUEX TEE                      STUDENT COUNCIL
                                                                                  is is a great pleasure  ta have Ihe in anslanee With eserfalle had
                                                                                cipeetanity  ta wteerne Ties lIes- p~sbrnes tilly at slants af Ne's'
                                                                                riser  i's the stedent  lii a at New   ,lersey  Law  Ached assembled in
                                                                                Jersey   t~aw   ilehani, interest  in   tips ~thisg seem  at the itt smcis
                                                                                esa'sde eetcvmtms has  sever been  as   lIsts'1, Siantlay,  March  P.  After
                                                                                  meet in Lees  Scheel  as this ieee avers-mae had hnsd sAns want sam-'
                                                                                  the   Law   Seminal  ltmscalty hays   jeyabls  Ismacteeps Na', Ncnsaleer in-
                                                                                been  a~mpased In general ha asset Ca-' satresiocecl tle teestanmater at  The
                                                     A   Tine het               cml  nativities an  the pretest  thus.  atterneen  Ilaysnand       eisa Pies-
                                                          ev                    there iv nat seplelene time in a Pea-   id'ut at time Aftera'aan Staler Class,
                                                  A     a enmemens              tessienni  arheal  Ow  each   events,   lila, Phrma'der  explained  te thase
                                                                                We   have  always   emmesmaragmal dim-  veatemi at the  tablea that the  par-
                                                                                hating  as  having  a direct Leering pave ci the aseeting was tar a
                                                                                en  t students' fatere week in diertissian at plans ta stimetate the
                                                                                law.   Jeinsanulisma we feel is like-   sale at  the Legacy  and  it passilinte

                                                                                wise  entitled ta acme hearty ermesor-  laying  ef the carnershane  at a semi-
                                     mew iw~J siSal                             agensent,   Pessanally   cad  cc  be-   dent  canacil far  New  Jersey  Law
                                                       ppgy  2yg~  ~            half  at the Faculty,  jt is a glean-   Scheal,
                                                              a'.               are  he e~ttammd ear very heat wishes      The several  weathers  at the cdi-
                                                                                far  the saccesa ci' The ilaretater   tarial atuif al' the Legacy desacl'ihed
                                                                                We   believe sash  a geblierhan  will   the maSecial  sad  geceral design  a~
                                                                                All  a need  in  rime sludenis'  life,  the  editian, A  fall deaceiptine  at
                                                                                TIme present  heard  el' editeasm p sea the Legacy  will he fennel elvewbera
                                                                                premise   ef being  able  te  de this   in the ilum'riater, Dean ibasan then
   Qi' yees4 mates eat te tll~e entire   an inneantien   ned  era   distinctly  in an  enticeism setistectary nasnenme, teld at the same  ci' a cellege ennapi
miphpe~ is tips armiseogeempept That 'the a's eel,                                 One debating  schedate~  macicing    ta  the  sindeats,  He  cismems that
Er~e~l~npep  laipdimg class will bald      The  dance  deserves  the  sscppcrt  debates   with   McGill   University,   the anest  treasured yelume   he has
its tiy~sh mmpeesi sulweniptian ihmnce   at ever-c membee   at the itreslasna's ileetnacath  and   Prinepten  is anly   iv the  ilcarlet Letter ef ibilil lie
ap  Nateeday5   March   huh,  et  the        etass,  in a asnia'erssity ar callege  ene indicetian at the tech that the sepperted  this  stateesteat by melet.
itatel iltejera, Aithasegh the dance  there are class rashes cad ether     student body is easy asneb alive,    lag hew pirates of his college days
is lsglpg a'pppearcd  by  the Fresb~'   ways   si' amaulding class spirit and                   iticissed P. Carrier    are  vividly lsroaght to naled every
~mllg ~Ptllillit (jisinsog it 5s apen pl wetting  The   slicidesta eceellsinsteml            --.----------              time  las uteruses the pages at  that             ass-
aIl etiedeemba lii the - school apel p   with each  ether,  in a pretessiunal             DEAN     MASON                back,
Wp~eeestative    itsmrmpspt tannin all   schoal, as New  Jersey  Law  Pehaci,      it was  the editer's pleasure end       After Thana Macca  had  esancluuled
              tinhmptial, There  psill   the salt  way  te achieve  these cc-   privilege  ta interview the  Dean  ~t   Inc remeriss, the tnpst-mastea ipi'e~em '~
                   maia'e aSciecle until salts, which are as  desirehie, is hy  Nese  Jersey  Lass h'clmal, Me, Char-   doced  the  ether twa   Peeler Class
nolsn~leam~                                                                                                                      ha, They   spoba   cat eply
pa~ tshimst~t, A very Imempahie arches-  giving en  atitair sach as this class  les N.  Macca'  ass tise subject ef lv- prey den
~    ~saa' beep selected far  the eC-,  is  going  ta have.   Tise slegan  ef       gel emlucatlan in New Jersey. We    ahuat  the  Legescy, hut  else ulsemit
tinibiPuP                                the dance  eammeittee cadet welt be   were   amused  he learn ci  time gavat  th5 ferseatiwa et a  permanent  hems-
  Tha  mt(fbii' pl In charge mis a coan- Knew   'Year Class.  Maw,  all ant   prespects  tea  thc future  he isalda,  deet   Ceuncil,    Thea   car   (jam
  Imt~e~ede4 ~my Aihert Itassanan     ta   hgve  tise heat time at year byes,   net  ealy far  the esinpansice af the   friend  life. itunsaker  wets  eclhesi
    Atlastle  City.  The  cennaittee                                            law  ached,  hut else far the grewth    apsa.   tie  elaherated   ssasewhet
~mtsaaiees macmy aevelEes  maci ether      lilsAlILtil 11511,                   at  eec asetrepelis us am's edacatiess- nasa  the linciss at a ctadcwt eaten-
atlsusactiasins. Amang there  will be    the ptage---tietel Itiviera,           el center,                              cit  Anasamag  the  many   seiivitse~s
a  liudineis Pa-ecu, la'cislciv fillet, sad  the time-Saturday, litareb 1Mb,   The building that ease    huasemi  thee cauld be centrelled   by  the
Mardi  hess.   The  prcgramaases  are    the ter-152,iili a cue pie,            the  II slleetman llreewry at  (lgdemm  student's ceancil wem~ld he: a aeheal
                       ____________________________________________                                                               law  jeurnel, sipduet  dis-
                       ________________________________________________      and ilecter Streets, a few    share   paper, a
                                                                                bimmelesa assay Am cam Ness Jersey ta's cisinline, studeat aid, amid the else-
              IAGTS                     cii last an  time  in  instillimig the  Scheel,  ed~ae, nt ic   the  Newark     ices saciel fameciniamie af the sever-
   Op biteadey  meaning,  September     stedents  with  suiheisat easthaviasm   Athietine Clab   is ape  heap   renma-  's~ elarses. Failsaying   Mr.  Itami-
fli, ItlIfi, a cangcegetien   ef  hTh   sa  that  it Isecamane practicable to   seted  ha be meede saiteble far atinidy, saber, the gresidemits al' the Janiar
istosisats asneaslmled in the  fresh-   cellect  dues.   Once   there   were    Al tea time eltar stians are ceampleted asind t5reslsmaa Clauses spalco, Each
ieee  lecture ream   intent sagan m~    funds  ism the tecesney every activi-   ~  ~    leta  -umamer  time pee-legal   ene pledged  Isis smippart to the Leg-
vestigating  tIme eanals cf the  law,   ~' has  gragreased  The  dance  cam-    macate  Sm1 Nec  Jersey  Late Sebtinal  any ammel urged  an  imammaliate far-
This  grasep ef individuals  was  time  mittee  under  Albert  Perentinima lines vaIl he tauglam ma this new balimbeg.  asehien ci' a stedent's cecacil,,
crl~ia  ci' ace  peesemint Freshman     functieneel cettelently emmet a's ll5i~arcli  Nat eels' avili this pertien at legal I ttlbtwistg Chit tnspmrmng speeches
Earning    Class,  Every   nammaicipal. lii, Dlii. the  Freshnsems  litinminsmiag tm-mmi'sing be easpeanded, bet tiwir  ci' else Deems, Me,  Isiansinker, spel
thy af New   Jersey  as well as  5ev-   Class  will ceneheel  its Pest smincial ma else time pacaibility cmi' ether emil- the vericus class presidepta,  the       a
eral  ecasmamysmles  et  Mccc   Yam-li  aetivity.  The  peblicatiosm at   the   legiate wet-Ic being  endeetmilcems in  ehuiemmen emillemi far an open furama
Stats  wean  cepeceeminted ism this em- fleet issue ci' the Ilarristem' snacks  these  amen' quarters,  htte, Maven,    discassiumi, Peversel students  ease
Idhieci group  at legal  minds,         the dispatch  with  sehich Deseld  ~',  as Dean  at New  Jemsey  lmiw PcI maci  ta speak.  Each  in tarn pledged his
  Ia  a very  chart time this matley l$eislee   has handled  the problem   at   ead  a  member at the heard at srlsele hearted eappas't tc beth ar-
assemblage eesela'ed itselt   late  a,  a class paper.                          treatees   mini' Rutgers  tiniveavity   tiadties, the Legacy  sad  the  Pta
hermemmians    ci a as  args'sie~hien      ileface the   year   is aver  the    hapct  thee  the fanner   iestitmmtiaa  elect Cauncil.  These  remarks  ad
With   dignity  and   decarem    they   Freshmen hIum~ning   Class, That was    may  arrange  its carriesmlam be ininiler ed as a 1inrei'mince ha sevesal mnntieas
annelemeted has olisetien at class at-  ence  a granss inst green pemepaseless  a six year cearse, antler which plait,  ahich avere ia foliate.
Tears,   As  seems as  the  name   ci'      individuals, 'sill he cite ct the mast  a atuinlent 'sill receive the degrees The  tinsilawieg aimatimmas a-eels thee
Itaheinh Ileward  was  annonaced   as   ham  ageneinus  class  insegininnisets cats  at tiachelar at Arts and Ileebeler at  adaptest in invguhar ferat
the  emma who  was tins lead the class  in the  histary at Neat' Jersey  teas   sinew.                                    f-il The-c time Sealer  presidents
thecagh   ehe talela of  their fresh-   PaLed,                                    This  is eec  at hlse many   iinleals appaint a  camamlitee tins circa sip a
apse year, the activities af the class  ,            ~                          that  Dean   i'mlasasm Isas set teeth   teatstive rinsn~titiniliea far she Stu-
Imogaut. A  shademit ceeneil was  ins-                                          lie predicts  that the  develepins eat  mietint Cassecil,
psitfhitmtelse ininrgaa'limed tint facilitmite  SI 3115(RIITE  TO          mint the coerces of study trill starve   '21 That the same graces at stem-
~me  nanducting  ci' class basirmesms.                                          to peamale the einlecal-henal advances  dent ninsitresenlatives be called mIme
   'This stadeni cc  execo tine can's-       TIlE       1. E  G  lit C N        at Neasseelt qed vicinity.                    (Cantism cad an pegs 4)

                          in-i  mm

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