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39 Nassau Law. 1 (1991-1992)

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OCA To Conduct Voluntary Pro Bono Survey -Victory For NCBA

A committee appointed by chicr indic
Wtcht kr to monitor profcas under the New
York Stae Bar AssoclIation's voluntary pm
bono plan had supported a proposal that
every attorney in the Stale be required to
report iothcOmceorcotl Andnhltraoion
(OCAltheamo tmr pro bnoworkwhich
that attorney had performed. NCBA and
other metropolitan area Bar Associtioo
hve opp tsed thi proposal, which Is one
steptowardImposittoa ofacompulorypro
hona requtretert.
The New York State Bar Asscnlaion's
PresIdentsCommihteeon Accns toJsice
IP'AJi was prepared to endorse that pro.
ponot Hoeevigorous oppostion by     -
NCBA Il'udcnt-Elect A. Thomas Lenln,           -
member ofothe PCAJ, and other Bartenders
from across the Stale (including NCRA
member Tom Malino) prevented endoro-
ment of the compulory reportlng rule. In-
stead, the PCAJ recommended that a
volunarysurveyecondct ed Inteadora
compulsory one. Such a recommendation
was ufmwanled to thaWahtfrfCommltm
At a meeting or the NYSBA PCAJ an            A. Thomas Levin
De. 13, 1990 NYSBA Preldent Angelo
Comela and PCAJ Co-Chair Joseph      torneysIntheState. to ascertain the client
Oeovannonedtha theWachlef Com-     to which attorneys were doing pro bono
mitte had agreed withtheINCAnd CA)  work In 1990 The attorneys to besurrys
pitlon. In early 1991, the OCA will con-  will be selected at random and response to
nuct a survey of approximately 5,000 at-  the surveywIll beon a voluntl be. The
PhysicalF~iness:A NewFormOf HeIthInsurnce
By Andrew J. Simon           coat at a group rate: For up to 10 new
NCSA,, hiN Wie President         omikntecot will be$695; for upto25,
Amvdlatlonontheoldawpos falfutowe  thatfiluealllbeed0ced 0kadfrmone
Meum jna In orporesano: Tlake ysor  than 25, the new mesmberahip ree will be
picli We Iyrs have to pick and choose  reduced to r00. a savingeof 1295t You
olionu and make judgandet about alter  should alab know that a requirement of
natiilthetinre(atthoagh themesmsona  monbcrshIplhthateyosaiaheaeaniovcular
hisuppeseto miponglwiththopore so  strsaittest, whkh Isawo  fuithingtodo
notoneortheothet).Iathindaysnd aeof  to check pon your essntial bodypads to
soarlnghealthcota, pastkmutlysatoheith  makesure thatthym faaedolns pmpoer-
Itnurince premiums and hoaptad ere, one  ly. The cet of Ihe straa UIK Is 41, and as
atersmhe it eltively nmxpenive rme.  &cortsythe Doanwilh aet oageont
ly tlearspeulk  a nvers -anloe ree y o ed  ofu ucholdhnahanoben   Ifuviable
aboul youraelf, I a laklnabout phylcal  forsuchipncedur., wittheapilcatkbe-
fitness, the preventive type of health In-  tngresponibleonlytf'oro-paymetorany
sumancethatcan go longwarytoulta-dig  unpaiddeducsible. Ai  nilnAapetlytrac-
and enichiPng your lif: perlpa ever mor li e pckage.
so than a Blue Cro/Bl  Skld plan.   Tie membership ree Include  a Life
While I know that Charlie Brownthinks  Check Health Aseunmet, in which the
thatalikflawrsrejogeeo(andthecorlleM  Domes technical experts prepare a per-
ls: That to be J ogger you malt be  n sonaed risk fcors peoleanllziynlnine
iwsy.rl), theusd fact Is that manyof us are  differesrtrla racromsastheyrdateto len-
so caught up In the trials and travails of  dividunra likelihood of henrt diseasc, The
deliwringlegal sevice to thepubicehat we  result is u program recommended tomrduce
don't find the time to invest In a healthy  such rhks. The esembenship renewal fec is
foturebyrugatngInosce uparleogrm    S595 a year, and a discount may be
orphyulnl itrneae.tarohippytodvisaorr  negotlited by NCBA depending on the
mxhemttharthte Ho fatt Health Domepe -  numhers Involved.
vide such an opportunity, at a modemte  Accoeding to the Hofstra Health Dome,
coa undo: a regular basis Its lci on i  It features a comprehenive personallm
coInvenlent and It has many programs to  upproachorstructuredexerchedesignedto
chose from,                         help you achieve your optimal car-
We cull this to the attention of the  diovsculrcondlilonandeadhalthler,
membersofNCfBAbecouseHfaamHealth    happler mor productlve lfestyle. In ficire-
Domehasadvisedru that irIswillingt0pro.  centrmenarchlsows youeann vnIvelonge
vIdeuto updiscount foroumemenwith  Furthermo your personalized exercise
the amount varying depending an the plan Is etablihhed based on the results fao
numberjoinng.Thecrret newmember.  cnldiotoglat-snpervised esercse tolerance
shipcoSlts,and I amsadved abet wewill  test and Is reviewed after each exerelse ae-
beuble toataganlfaont dihcorsnt frorothat           (conttnuad unpose t6)
Bicentennial Of The Bil Of Rights
pm I, 1991 is tire m undwsay otthe ratification of the Bill of Rigt  The
Namu County Bar Association is participating in the national ce ebration of this
monentousoccasoon withatgamntundrtreaotspiecsofthe BiofRightsBicente-
udelCommitee(Hon. Onbdl Koth, Chair).Eachmonth, untilDecember1991, The
Nosau Lawyer will hishliht one Amendment Aoa the Bill o Rillhti
Amendment I
Congressshall make no law respectraln establishment of rliglonor mhlbitlnl the
free esercis thereof: or aeldginitIhe freedom ofspeech or of the pes; or the right of
lvtt       h'tr nt,,anltoiui ttntte (viircrt fw tednsufofy muicur,

reponse forms will na Identifylictoruny
in any way.
Asimilarsnrveywill beconduted in 1992
tooscertainthe degretno which Iheamaunt
of pr bon work increased during 1991 as
a result or the NYSBA rogrm. Such a
survey can provide satisticlly accuratc
reultswilthintwopercentgepeih, tn pro-
vies performed by allattorenrsln New YOrk
Slate before Implementation of theNYSBA
prposal toecourage volunary pw oto.
Tbesurvy willbe gentmItt er =om
ly selected participansr toward the end or
January 1991 andt eresutwltilbecoiieled
over thu next tO weeks. Membern  of the
NCRA who recive the surey form are
rtedtoompete Ihulfomtanidrefarn them
promptly. The Information provided by
these forms will eable the 'achtilr Com.
milte to establish a base number for the
amount ofpro bono work which was eolun.
tadlybelngdone beramthe NYSBA plan to
rfster ich work was adopted.
Inearly 1992, another such survey wlllbe
conducted, to acertain the inrcase in pro
bono work which haoccuardib theprlod
between the two smrveys. It Is to e hoped
that the flrtsurveywill ndlatearelattely
lowievelorpnrtic   l nscomsed otre
second survey, thus demonstratnthat the
increase the level of voluntary pro bono
work. NCfAaupporttheNYSfAproum
to Increase the voluntary pro bono effor,
and demonstrate that a compuisory pro
bone progpann ta not necessary.
Moe  Gid Neos hall
athe Dean    needr oftkei'CAttwa
also arrnouned that NCBA sand other Bar
Assotlaosthadonsemusfullyoppmed Con-
greaslonal proposals (known as the

McCoIlum-Stnagecr.Sle0holm aneed-
meets) which would hrvesrealy restricted
the activities of the LegalServices Corpora.
lion (and throuah it, Nastau-Ssufolk Legal
Serv,ces, Inc.). NCA and other Bar
Asocwiatlaaceos thenatiot had joined to
lih t sep    allndthepraposabwere
withdrawn, tt isexpected Ihat effortstoim-
pose such restrictions will continue in the
next sesion of Congress, and NCBA will
continue to express Its opposition.
The PCAJ has proposed appropriate
amendments totbeCPLRand the Uniform
Court Rules to facilitate applicatlions for In
torma pauprils relief. These recommends-
tom have Ieen reviewed favorably, and the
new rules areexpecledto be publshed short-
ly after Jan. . 1991.
The PCAJ also urged Bar Associtions
throughout the Stale to join NCBA In op-
posing any effort to divert IOLA funds to
generial State useandiocondnaeto limit the
use of those fundslo suzIlglegal services
totheindigent. NCBA hnolfledalloftlte
StatSenatosand AssemblyMtembes from
NasauCounty that IOLA fundsshould he
appropriated only for their original pur-
poses andshouldnot beautilized to solve the
State's fiscal problems It appears that
NCRA'seflosrtwillonntlnue tobesccessfll
on this issue.
In another announcement, the PCAJ
noted that NYSBA has appointed Thomas
Robeta formerlyofrSan Frnnsco, as full-
tine Pro Boao Coordinator, to work onIm-
gran. Mr. Robrt awasmirt Interviewed and
recommended byn PCAJ earh enirmtlce
which cbualted or NCBA President-Blet
'Tm Levin. NCD   mereber 'turo Malino
and Suffolk County Bar Asciation Past
Prestdent Ed Est~ce.

NCBA Spnsors 'Legislative Forum: Prev ew 91'
By Arlene Zaliye             eounech will respond to the commentary
On Jamnuay3l, 991, the Bar willapooor  proffered by the Bar mmbers.
a legislative forum. This willt afford bar  The program will he divided Into three
member the opportunity to participate In             (eontinued an pae 14)
apenlcsuaalon withlocalgictslorsand
legislative counsels. The discussion will        We Care
focus upon currently proposed legislatlon  Members of the Nassau County Bar
which potenataly will affect the practicing  Association generously respondcd to the
attorney.                             December W a CARE appeal.nThe next pro-
The panel will be composed or severa  lee tIn the WE CAROs Program l the
member or the Nassau County leeistte  ibrunar Pest PartylIfiuary 21) for under-
delegation Including Anaelo J. Manls.  prvilciedchllrm. ifyouwoulltketouake
counueltoStateSenator Ralph Marino, te  a contribution to WE CAR to be rued to
NYS Senate Majority leader, and       buyfood, gift, cc., forthechldn, plene
Assemblyman Michael A.L. Balbonl. The  send yur WECARcckstothe Asola-
audience will offer comments pertaitnl to  lion. Ths party Is oneolThe highlghts otftie
several pending bills. The legislalors and  WECARE Program.
Surrogate's Court Announces
Estate Tax Proceeding Filing Deadlines
By DonaldJ. hrloaed and       orwhen a non-resideetmaco f SI0,333.00
Edward A. McCoyd             or more contains New York iltus real and
The Hon. C. Raymond Radigan, Sur- tangible personal property.
rolie of Nassau County, has announced  ifan estateis required to file a New York
that the lst dalteon which thecout will ac-  estate la return and ailm fies a petilion to
cep1 Form TT6.5, Petilon for Fixing the  commence either a prohte proceeding or
New York Estallt en estates of persons  administration proceeding in Surrogate's
dying an or before May 23, 1990 will be  Court, then a cop or the New York Str
Febrary25. 1991. Flluretomerl Ihetiling  estate tax return Form T-90 mat be flied
deadline will result in the los of all those  with the Surrogte's Court Ii the County
deductions whith can be claimed on Form  where Ihe petition was filed at the time the
T-16.5 only.                        original return is filed with the lb Depart-
With respect tothe estate of perons dy-  met. With some excepions thee will be a
Ing afler May,25 1990. thenew procedures  tllingreedue[otheSurmate'sCourtonthe
aignedlnto law by Govenor Cuomoon May  fllng of the copy of the rur.
2Sthwitl apply.Thosoeutoles are required to  aighty percent (tm) or the New York
file Form ET-90, New York Estate tu  en'  'in Is due wilhin sin (6) months of
Return. within ninel9)monhorthedate   with Ihhalenepayable within nine
or death with the New York State Depor.  ,or months. Eslimited payments of retste
realinthslate'mrr tnmri hWocewhenrt keIcw  tan sthuuid I Imad oit a0 loit V130.
York reuttlfitd utel $t1U1,i3).01OForrtr,

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