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20 Bull. 1 (1979-1980)

handle is hein.baecl/buletin0020 and id is 1 raw text is: ntBlcto  fte ar Associa tio  ofEre u nty

Penmt N  41

HaeLain -.  olecI  nited a r

County Bar
1-0 Ojjpuz v New
Trial Courts A

Mr. Buckley

Mn thielman

Art r e F derek A Wof
I    a'    (barn-an     o   tie
Vto        S~'er On fo  nbc Co ito
Wa    o  Buffalo and Fri   County
dirm   s II   Prof s  nal Dr    rn
C ar nan o be 19 9 an-pa an
aiagnrrg P r n r of I rrl ard
it Ic lead the o enairo ffo
x~rlc wt than 00 t r ~
pV i nir d iti ph rr cist
no r a V I ets ard ac loot
a I IVi div ion a goal of
0 000 the ov ral c n-pa gr goa
116o lhn-r lb pubi phaco
h n-nan-ri n from 5 p1 mbe 2
Ii No eribe 1
* * *
Ih At rney S no hi
e r h it d by Pbrhp A
thu-ia r I it fir of IVi nat
C   in ra   f law fi  s ocated   o
doss irow ho mg for the 1978
dri II stias fIle driv n n v
under way and n expected to he
iop red b S pt mb~r 17
C aorg rr 199 dti~
dov wo bun it s ni
ard of Direeti i I rh Fr
Count Bar A ociarion He I a
b m a I f r Ve pa I bre cii
Fir d Wiy te phon
a ian 1

Mr Getman

I kF GIn-ar paint ith
irri of Goldriar C osta and
m rman chart hi hI plon
e opango nr tV~ Art 171 'S trot
H        CEa r ian   of lb    Bar
A ocial n Co ime cal law
C rn-itt c aid is act i tvral
N Y Starr Ba A si cratror
C ~
Paul C W a i parlner V
fr i f Jac kle Fl s bn-ai a d

CVldai Fanul S i a
I IdWa Ace n d oster
t I for bdn fal ig
ft i r fa cv to adole toe
en lion ii and adju I it it
pr-hI n- s because iii er 00
problem in heir clarion hip
wi IVeir tact S i Vat
; g' cr1 c&o d c bet
I r In d ib n- In ial nI
I at u ml put data

It is disturbing to mn- with all du
re~p 'A whet the ( hid I ~tice of the
1 n ted States Supreme C ourt suggests that
juries be iminated n cow plicated' civil
cas A thr 'shold qu stion must be
arsw red who detemn-ines what is
'con-nplncated '~ Is not the next tep to
eliminate juries in ur complicated ci inn-in il
trial if what we are really nt rested in rs
speed of d position of cases and rice
sounding statistics showing how fast our
count are turning over cases1
The above
only one reason
why your Assoc
atio i dedicated
this year t in
-    pri ving  our  inc
latnon'h1p vith the
pub c in matters
affecting th egal
profession We are
at a t ne which
dictat s that we a
John I lot elI lawyers and judges
must as ure the public that the professi n
recognizes its obligation to prov de prompt
quality legal servncs
Your Association, dedicated t I his
respons bilitv ha been very busy during
the surimer months The Committee have
been I or-red ard ane getting of to a fast
start oingani ing for th yean ahead Our
Contnnu ng Legal Fducatnon Comwitt e
has scheduled seminars through Ma eb
1980 hit Publ e Ldoeatmor Comnnirttcc I as
its proposal for this year televisnon, aWn
and newspap r mes ages to the public We
a e working rard on a prepand legal

Mugel cEants the
ffort an-org a g
As n 0th r
Wa n cr1 th~ su~
piof SO1 lii 1
nremlw't genen s
p ovide o 150
cry r Buffa
- id o 0
irve Iment in the
e mx ity

I of I
en ton
ti- a

Ito I
ii 17 '~

If an of 1017
n     Idinebildi
they  ha    the  al

lYe House if )eleatcs ) V N w YoIk bra BaI A iation w
mm Saturday Sep 9 r M a iy to de ibm nd ote p t
recommendations )f i Ac ior Fr t N 4 r ir ig piOpi I n erg
the tate s trial Coo
M~j~r urL&r~vrI ~f 'i ~ti' LI )1U1 1011 sruo re mi
states mao )rt luldbcr7iigd a r~ic ou
Mr   Weaver       jurisd et or  ard all it  udg   r±u d b    ho  n   y ii    ifpoirr   ni
irstead of p pular I it n
lb   lii  Coot    BarAs     a        presrttv     )   beHoo
199 Fr ted Way D legal Pr sideit Join I Etiziel Vi Pr sd I Fe i n Fleer)
e law  frm         Hmsa R   Pu~ a And irnm~di r r~     p   nan   ( iii ' I' IX   n-V
a he United mt nd to vote ga rst m p pi I rlthi gh Mr F i zell 1 rI r ir
iport of th~ F
o    t a  it   3 sorie go d th igs in the C ott R organuatn r Plan
II Ho of Di ca e at I red amiog lb Cc trot tV~
will err rue 1 Jun 0 nrc irg wed ird legisaure ar rV J dear
al lunar   ar   discussed tV  report and e pr    d     *  lb r    hio d  be       aiat
nd I tie Cou it
1L1O~     ~      aensers      d   r   o  oiid     h   nmn-irnlii   cnn-    101  It    ii
welbun     of our qoestiors  o    cur    megr    a      ud rat dsrc
udicial s lee on scoara tly A 10 * I he n- e b f rh comr
how er wa dThrred u I the h ld be boil r an
S pren-ber 30 me'irg a n r n- and r Ii ir
mit roort th Ation or fI ti ft leil or iid
headed by Ha burtor Fal 11 thr e rp lion f It udre a
New Y k Cit at d that di rc
sibrara bn'fi' woudr~'ut * lb rim rV I b
frori merairg the t al court or ii r h d b p fIr ab
their b     ~          lEe   urit   reel n-m~id     d  baa e     w h n     )aIt  b vrg
Er taua adorron fapropialbyCv n-It the rrr~
ite  difficulties  HugI L Care    wh rh w uld n-i rge    * Ii    b it o   lIe  in- n-i Si 17
becourt itairs (oui C ut h)rld be I t~d b it
n- tibet at Lam I Court Sun gate C o t on to s on ri r be IV n- I e
and the Civilani Crimira (outs *lh o ur n f lart
r a id b li x'   of New York City into lire Supt n-ic thirds of tEe corir r on  hgibl
rInty to help
Cout                                   I   [0111171 0  r ni r (1 1

tiiinc wiici I CCO 10 irS awa
f on their aninle mi fir
Vort od on- in rngpeiod
II tine pla<' aICE dand
lam Sr e ,(8491515)

s'rvi es plan Our Membership Committec
has met and i~ JdicateJ t~ strength~rang
th wcmbcrship of our rganrzation ard
increasing the activit es o ts ncmber lim
The newly created Benef Ba C om~ ittec
has h id two summr me tings and it
appears that it will b tre nendously
succ slul witf fEc coop ration of all
You will note ir this is u of the
'Bull tin' an a t cle on the Chairman of
the Young I awyers Commrtt e It is rnr
intentro ~ to include simi ar a ticl ~ cacf
ssue on d Iferent (or irnittees and the r
We hope the article will not nly keep
the membership nforme I but will 1 o
encourage mew bers to participate in
C oWMit'Q~ activi'R thc~ if blood of
our organization
Another article in thi i sue describes
the proposal of Action Unit 4 of the N~w
York State Bar Association on Court
organ zation ard Judicial merit
Selection Your President Vic President
and immediate past President are member s
of th Hous~ of I)elegates of the New
York State B r Association and are
prepared to vot against the g res 'nt
P ropo al We weleorn your comments
It will be a busy, active year for your
\ sociation We ask that you dedicate
some time to become pa t of it
Sincer ly,


* * *

I   fu the n-o      omniend d
tabli hnr g part  o  Ii    osi ln
dated er rI I bar die spe na n d
mall rs u h as ci en mn-al
faIn-ily a id probalt' A i acmf r
ed part w Pd h forred to bar
dispute nd r a itano mc i tany
1 mit If e neport estnniated il w bId
cost ab ut $25 million f r Inc
m ge
the Act on Cml al o on-
mcndcd that e ons ii h Clur I
(1w n-  wk~ch b~4>     tI  a~a   I
the State of New York b Ii ed
blo ajurand haIti Ia h
permitted ro sell uch a n s on a
raoiahe hais
In supportr ig r e it e cc ii r of
nil n   lb  ttfllt    UNI ni-~r n
pre nI lecti y e n has pri duc d
man exemp ary udg and w '1
respecled jud eia y
The main nroblc w rh c ion
of judgc accord ng to the port is
that is fa 1 10 ii ore Ifat udi a
candidate are u fornily v c
quahfn d both p oles onal and
* * *
the report d rtrfncd lb
h ractern I es f an at plal
n- nt el et on plan whi F luded
the 111 wing
* Ph pow 'r Ic app 010
commission m nib r bou d
W wceon- tE s new
members of Ihe I in C i un r
A sociarion
Michael Curley
Rebecca P Dick
I awrence ( I' ranco
Barbara B. Guibord
Mary I ouise Hayden
David G. enry
Laurence S. I ewis
Michael J. Mc orrow
Anthony J.     oore
Matthew J Murphy III
Michael S. Nowak
Joseph F Schwab, Jr
Jeffrey A. Spencer

rddr s nan- I he Goeio
I r vOn 'cnct' 01
* * *
*   be  Go e         hoold   b
r qorred to ippoint ho n he I sI 0
aid date       hi     d  by  IV
om ri ssn
*    ~   ruob r of e ididat
ito o oded b In 0170 017
I   each juden I atarcy     uld b
in-mId to a pt bed uih~'
d i    tE
* 1 i p It nes of tIe
to nos n hold E hI ly
rb e neludi ig lb soYni Ita ci
v tnt r reporl It e ib og lb
ron-n s in it i ra ic of
ludena anddar oft-I C tot
Ciov nor ard an accinpan nog
po ho d al o b n-ad pukrhc
hot  i    14111  01 cdi  04     0
on-n- rd d h IV 017107 ssnrn
loul mani lilidert a
*     mbcn   of Ib'   in n-is on
sb luld be prohib I ron old 17 g
puhb r ol I cal m I offiec v in e
st inn t ti 1717)1 17
A itt ton ImwicV
n Ir It ir tis oaoi~ vii
rtaify it hep to itiro
piro an i how 17 it d he
a nine ml in pri to ot iv'r
e  I    sc cli r b'ea       w u d
V   tV     ph  n aol foco   away
ii n- n Ii air and d racIng
pa In an s ut hr n at' II o d
I rjudena irdida s o gag'n
lord in and lent tog
p v de c i stene n U' qoabty of
our   udge   and  roereas   public
onhrd i       the  odin ry   1W'
r port sta d
'U' Ceo 'ii ~ I ~
Ldu ml o r C o n rI ha
hedo d th s Sc moat
Saturday, etoher lIe
Con-n- real Law Cm oil em wlI
nr or avdotip t rarr
icr v Baokrupre R cm Ac
of 1978 ml I I w Sebi 1
Saturday October 13 tEe
law Offie ana r o Commr
It vill prsert a ernna a
H lhcrt College o a mhurg

. .  .................  .......           .......  ..............
Parewl.--s Urgen-,Hl.,,

....... ..

fl--li I


N C'
)LO 2C        . -9



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