68 Fordham L. Rev. 2401 (1999-2000)
Waging a War on Drugs: Administering a Lethal Dose to Kendra's Law

handle is hein.journals/flr68 and id is 2419 raw text is: WAGING A WAR ON DRUGS:
Jennifer Gutterman
Imagine that you are sitting home watching television with your
family. You hear a knock at your door and think it is odd that
someone is knocking this late at night. You answer the door and it's
a police officer coming to take you to a psychiatric hospital. You
have not hurt anyone. Your family is safe and happy. The only
crime you committed was that you did not want to continue to live
with the side effects of Lithium and you chose to stop taking the
drug prescribed for your bi-polar disorder.
Does this sound incredulous? Hardly.'
People often fear what they do not understand, and for many
individuals, mental illness falls into this category.-    This fear is
amplified by highly publicized incidents of violent acts committed by
people with mental illnesses.'      The New     York legislature was
propelled into action recently when, on two separate occasions,
unmedicated mental patients violently assaulted innocent bystanders.!
On January 3, 1999, after terminating his medication, Andrew
Goldstein, a diagnosed schizophrenic,5 pushed thirty-two-year-old
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Schizophrenia is a condition that splits apart the normal integrated functioning of
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Drugs: A Biopsychosocial Perspective, in Refusing Treatment in Mental Health
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