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Jasentuliyana, N.

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Jasentuliyana, N.
Article Topics
Air And Space Law (5) International Agencies (2) International Law (2) United Nations (2) Adoption (1) Business and the Law (1) Commerce (1) Environmental Law (1) Environmental Protection (1) Foreign Affairs (1)
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Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
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Accessed 88 Times
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Second Annual Symposium on the Law and Outer Space: Keynote Address
Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 5, pp. 1-8
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
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Cited by 2 Articles
Accessed 1 Time
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Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
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Keynote Address
Singapore Journal of International & Comparative Law, Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2001), pp. 10-21
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
5 Sing. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 10 (2001)
Cited by 1 Article
Accessed 11 Times
Recent Developments in Space Law with Special Emphasis on Nuclear Power Sources
Assessment of the United Nations Principles on the Use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space, An [notes]
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
Telecommunications and the Geostationary Orbit
Space Telecommunications - Issues and Policies: Role of the United Nations [notes]
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
Space Law Teaching and the History of Space Law
Space Law and the United Nations - A Research Guide [notes]
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
Space Activities and the Legal Aspects of Protection of the Global Environment
Space Activities and International Environmental Protection: Perspectives on the United Nations Role [notes]
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
Patterns of International Space Cooperation (International Regimes Applicable to Space Activities; Regime for International Manned Flight and Other Space Applications, etc.)
United Nations Perspective of the Moon Agreement, A [notes]
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
Introduction [comments]
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
Space Law
International Space Law and Cooperation and the Mining of Asteroids [article]
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
Space Law
Civilian and Military Space Activities: A Third World Perspective [article]
Jasentuliyana, N. (Cited 44 times)
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