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American Law Institute Library
Bar Journals
Code of Federal Regulations
Federal Register Library
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III
Law Journal Library
Law Librarian’s Reference Library (BETA)
Legal Classics
New York Court of Appeals Records and Briefs
New York Legal Research Library
Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law
Session Laws Library
Taxation & Economic Reform in America: A Historical Archive, 1781-2009
Treaties and Agreements Library
U.S. Congressional Documents
U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals
U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
U.S. Presidential Library
U.S. Supreme Court Library
United Nations Law Collection
World Constitutions Illustrated
World Trials Library

American Law Institute Library


Story of the American Law Institute, 1923-1961
1 v. St. Paul: American Law Institute Publishers, 1961
Goodrich, Herbert Funk; Wolkin, Paul A.


Practical Tax Lawyer
Vol. 19 (2004-2005)

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Bar Journals


Alaska Law Journal
Vols. 1-9 (1963-1971) All Published


Advocate (Idaho State Bar)
Vol. 53#4 (2010)

Appellate Advocate
Vols. 21-22#3 (2008-2010)

Arkansas Lawyer
Vol. 45#1 (2010)

CBA Record
Vol. 24#4 (2010)

Vols. 57#1 (2010)

Georgia Bar Journal
Vol. 15 (2010)

International Society of Barristers Quarterly
Vol. 44#3 (2010)

Los Angeles Lawyer
Vol. 33#4 (2010)

Michigan Bar Journal
Vol. 89#6 (2010)

Nassau Lawyer
Vol. 59#10 (2010)

Nebraska Lawyer
Vol. 13#6 (2010)

Nevada Lawyer
Vol. 18#6 (2010)

Pennsylvania Bar Association Quarterly
Vol. 81#2 (2010)

Texas Bar Journal
Vol. 73#6 (2010)

Washington State Bar News
Vol. 64#6 (2010)

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Code of Federal Regulations


2010 Edition:

Title 17. Commodity and Securities Exchanges
1 to 199

Title 18. Conservation of Power and Water Resources
400 to END

Title 21. Food and Drugs
600 to 799
800 to 1299

Title 22. Foreign Relations
300 to END

Title 24. Housing and Urban Development
0 to 199
500 to 699

Title 25. Indians
300 to END

Title 26. Internal Revenue
50 to 299

Title 27. Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms
400 to END

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Federal Register Library


Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents
June 21, 2010 – July 19, 2010

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Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)


1969-1976, Richard M. Nixon/Gerald R. Ford
Vol. VIII Vietnam, January-October 1972 (2010)

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History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III


Digest of Personal Finance Laws
1 v. Washington, D.C.: American Association of personal finance companies, 1932
Camalier, Renah F.

Origin, Progress, and Present Practice of the Bankrupt Law, Both in England and in Ireland (2d Ed.)
2 v. London: W. Clarke and Sons, 1818
Christian, Edward

Principles of Bankruptcy: Embodying the Bankruptcy Act, 1914 (12th Ed.)
1 v. London: Stevens and Haynes, 1915
Ringwood, Richard

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Law Journal Library


American Bankruptcy Review: The Monthly Magazine for Lawyers, Bankers, and Business Men
Vols. 1-14 (1924-1937) All Published

Child Law Practice
Vols. 1-27 (1982-2009)

Corporate Reorganizations, Combined with American Bankruptcy Review
A1-A6 (1937-1947) All Published

Corporate Reorganizations: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Law of Corporate Reorganizations, Railroad Reorganizations and Municipal Relief
Vols. 1-4 (1934-1937) All Published

Law Papers
1989-2010 (External to HeinOnline)

Law Recorder, containing Reports of Cases, and Proceedings in the Courts of Law and Equity, &c. &c. &c. at Dublin and Elsewhere
Vols. 1-4 (1827-1831) All Published

Law Recorder, containing Reports of Select Cases and Decisions, Chiefly on Points of Practice, in the Courts of Equity and Common Law in Ireland
Vols. 1-6 (1833-1838) All Published

Monthly Law Magazine
Vols. 1-10 (1838-1841) All Published

Police Journal
Vols. 1-82 (1928-2009)

Scottish Jurist
Vols. 1-46 (1829-1873) All Published

Sports Law eJournal
2005-2010 (External to HeinOnline)

Welfare in Review
Vols. 1-10 (1963-1972) All Published

William & Mary Policy Review
Vol. 1 (2010)


Adelphia Law Journal
Vol. 16 (2009)

Akron Intellectual Property Journal
Vols. 3#2 – 4#1 (2010)

Akron Law Review
Vol. 43#3 (2010)

Albany Government Law Review
Vol. 3#2 (2010)

American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review
Vol. 18#1 (2010)

American Bankruptcy Law Journal
Vol. 84#2 (2010)

American University International Law Review
Vol. 25#3 (2010)

Animal Law
Vol. 16#2 (2009-2010)

Annual Review of Criminal Procedure
38th Ed. (2009)

Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law
Vol. 27#1 (2010)

Army Lawyer

Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal
Vol. 24#1 (2010)

Australian Feminist Law Journal
Vol. 32 (2010)

Ave Maria Law Review
Vol. 8#2 (2010)

Baylor Law Review
Vol. 62#2 (2010)

Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice
Vol. 25#1 (2010)

Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
Vol. 37#2 (2010)

Boston College International and Comparative Law Review
Vol. 33#2 (2010)

Boston College Law Review
Vol. 51#3 (2010)

Boston College Third World Law Journal
Vol. 30#2 (2010)

Boston University Law Review
Vol. 90#2-3 (2010)

Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law
Vol. 4#2 (2010)

Brooklyn Journal of International Law
Vol. 35#1-2 (2010)

Brooklyn Law Review
Vol. 75#2 (2009-2009)

Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal
Vol. 7#1 (2009)

Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal
Vol. 28 (2009-2010)

Canadian Journal of Law and Society
Vol. 25#1 (2010)

Capital University Law Review
Vol. 38#3 (2010)

Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution
Vol. 11#2 (2010)

Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender
Vol. 16#3 (2010)

Cardozo Law Review
Vol. 31#5 (2010)

Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law
Vol. 42#3 (2010)

Case Western Reserve Law Review
Vol. 60#1 (2009)

Catholic University Law Review
Vol. 1-59#3 (2010)

Charleston Law Review
Vol. 4#3 (2010)

Charlotte Law Review
Vol. 2#1 (2010)

Children’s Legal Rights Journal
Vol. 30#1 (2010)

Cleveland State Law Review
Vol. 58#1 (2010)

Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy
Vol. 21#2 (2010)

Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Vol. 41#3 (2010)

Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
Vol. 43#3 (2010)

CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy
Vol. 18 #2(2010)

Cornell International Law Journal
Vol. 43#1 (2010)

Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
Vol. 19#3 (2010)

Cornell Law Review
Vol. 95#5 (2010)

Defense Counsel Journal
Vol. 77#3 (2010)

Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Vol. 38#1 (2009)

Denver University Law Review
Vol. 87#3 (2008-2010)

DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal
Vol. 8#2 (2010)

DePaul Journal of Health Care Law
Vol. 12#1 (2009)

DePaul Law Review
Vol. 59#3-4 (2010)

Drake Law Review
Vol. 58#3 (2010)

Drexel Law Review
Vol. 2#2 (2010)

Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law
Vol. 20#3 (2010)

Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy
Vol. 5 (2010)

Ecology Law Currents
Vol. 37#6 (2010)

Elder Law Journal
Vol. 18#1 (2010)

Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal
Vol. 26#2 (2009-2010)

Emory International Law Review
Vol. 24#1 (2010)

Emory Law Journal
Vol. 59#2-3 (2009-2010)

Environmental Law
Vol. 40#2 (2010)

Environs: Environmental Law and Policy Journal
Vol. 33 (2009-2010)

Faulkner Law Review
Vol. 1#2 (2010) Supersedes Jones Law Review

Florida State University Law Review
Vol. 37#2 (2010)

Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal
Vol. 20#3 (2010)

Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law
Vol. 15#3 (2010)

Fordham Urban Law Journal
Vol. 37#3 (2010)

Foreign Affairs
Vol. 89#4 (2010)

George Washington Law Review
Vol. 78#4 (2010)

Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy
Vol. 16 (2009)

Georgia Law Review
Vol. 44#3-4 (2010)

Georgia State University Law Review
Vol. 26#3-4 (2010)

Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal
Vol. 3#2 (2010)

Harvard Journal on Legislation
Vol. 47#2 (2010)

Harvard Journal on Race and Ethnic Justice
Vol. 26 (2010)

Hastings Business Law Journal
Vol. 6#1 (2010)

Health Law Journal
Vol. 17 (2009)

Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal
Vol. 27#2 (2009)

Hofstra Law Review
Vol. 38#1 (2009)

Houston Law Review
Vol. 47#2 (2010)

IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review
Vol. 50#4 (2010)

ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law
Vol. 16#2 (2010)

Indian Journal of Law and Technology
Vol. 6 (2010)

Indiana Law Journal
Vol. 85#4 (2010)

Indigenous Law Journal at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
Vol. 8#1 (2010)

International Journal of Evidence & Proof
Vol. 14#3 (2010)

International Journal of Legal Information
Vol. 37 (2009)

International Law Update
Vol. 16#1 (2010)

International Tax Review
Vol. 18-19 (2007-2009)

Iowa Law Review
Vol. 95#4 (2010)

James Cook University Law Review
Vol. 16 (2009)

Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy
Vol. 26#2 (2010)

Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues
Vol. 19 (2010)

Journal of Criminal Justice Education
Vols. 20-21#2 (2009-2010)

Journal of Criminal Law
Vol. 74#4 (2010)

Journal of Gender, Race & Justice
Vol. 13#3 (2010)

Journal of Intellectual Property Law
Vol. 17#2 (2010)

Journal of Land, Resources, & Environmental Law
Vol. 30 (2010)

Journal of Law and Commerce
Vol. 28#2 (2010)

Journal of Law, Philosophy and Culture
Vols. 2-3#1 (2009)

Journal of National Security Law & Policy
Vol. 4#1 (2010)

Journal on Telecommunications & High Technology Law
Vol. 8#2 (2010)

Justice System Journal
Vol. 31#1 (2010)

Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice
Vol. 28 (2010)

Lewis & Clark Law Review
Vol. 14#3 (2010)

Louisiana Law Review
Vol. 70#4 (2010)

Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law
Vol. 11#2 (2010)

Loyola Law Review
Vol. 56#1 (2010)

Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review
Vol. 30#2 (2009-2010)

Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review
Vol. 43#1 (2009)

Loyola University Chicago Law Journal
Vol. 41#4 (2010)

Maine Law Review
Vol. 62#2 (2010)

Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review
Vol. 14 (2010)

Marquette Sports Law Review
Vol. 20#2 (2010)

Maryland Journal of International Law
Vol. 25 (2010)

Maryland Law Review
Vol. 69#3 (2010)

Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review
Vol. 16#2 (2010)

Minnesota Law Review
Vol. 94#6 (2010)

Missouri Law Review
Vol. 75#2 (2010)

Nanotechnology Law & Business
Vol. 7#1 (2010)

Natural Resources Journal
Vol. 49#3-4 (2009)

Nebraska Law Review
Vol. 88#4 (2010)

New England Law Review
Vol. 44#2 (2010)

New Mexico Law Review
Vol. 39#3 (2009)

New York University Environmental Law Journal
Vol. 18#1-2 (2010)

New York University Journal of International Law and Politics
Vol. 42#3 (2010)

New York University Journal of Law & Liberty
Vol. 5#1 (2010)

New York University Law Review
Vol. 85#2 (2010)

New York University Review of Law & Social Change
Vol. 34#2 (2010)

North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation
Vol. 35#3 (2010)

North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology
Vol. 11#2 (2010)

North Carolina Law Review
Vol. 88#5 (2010)

Northern Illinois University Law Review
Vol. 30#2 (2010)

Nottingham Law Journal
Vol. 18 (2009)

Nova Law Review
Vol. 34#2 (2010)

Oklahoma Law Review
Vol. 62#3 (2010)

Osgoode Hall Law Journal
Vol. 47#4 (2009)

Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal
Vol. 7 (2007)

Pace Environmental Law Review
Vol. 27#2 (2010)

Pittsburgh Tax Review
Vol. 7#2 (2010)

Quinnipiac Health Law Journal
Vol. 13#2 (2010)

Regent University Law Review
Vol. 22#2 (2009-2010)

Review of Litigation
Vol. 29#3 (2010)

Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy
Vol. 7#3-3 (2010)

Saint Louis University Law Journal
Vol. 54#3 (2010)

Santa Clara Law Review
Vol. 50#4 (2010)

Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues
Vol. 12#3-4 (2010)

Seattle University Law Review
Vol. 33#4 (2010)

Seton Hall Circuit Review
Vol. 6#2 (2010)

Seton Hall Law Review
Vol. 40#2 (2010)

SMU Science and Technology Law Review
Vol. 11#1 (2007)

South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business
Vol. 6#2 (2010)

South Carolina Law Review
Vol. 61#4 (2010)

South Dakota Law Review
Vol. 55#2 (2010)

South Texas Law Review
Vol. 51#2 (2009)

Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal
Vol. 19#2-3 (2010)

Southern California Law Review
Vol. 83#3 (2010)

Southern Illinois University Law Journal
Vol. 34#2 (2010)

Southwestern Law Review
Vols. 38#4 – 39#1 (2009)

Sri Lanka Journal of International Law
Vol. 21#1 (2009)

St. John’s Journal of Legal Commentary
Vol. 24#3 (2010)

St. John’s Law Review
Vol. 83#4 (2009)

St. Mary’s Law Journal
Vol. 41#4 (2010)

Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Vol. 29#2 (2010)

Stanford Law Review
Vol. 62#5-6 (2010)

Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Jurisprudentia

Suffolk Transnational Law Review
Vol. 33 (2010)

Suffolk University Law Review
Vol. 43#3 (2010)

Sustainable Development Law & Policy
Vol. 10 (2009-2010)

Temple Law Review
Vol. 82#3 (2009)

Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review
Vol. 19#2 (2010)

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights
Vol. 15#2 (2010)

Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal
Vol. 11#1-2 (2009-2010)

Thomas Jefferson Law Review
Vol. 32#2 (2010)

Thomas M. Cooley Law Review
Vol. 26#3 (2009)

Transportation Law Journal
Vol. 37#2 (2010)

Tulane European & Civil Law Forum
Vol. 25 (2010)

Tulsa Law Review
Vol. 45#2-3 (2010)

U.C. Davis Law Review
Vol. 43#5 (2010)

UCLA Entertainment Law Review
Vol. 17#1 (2010)

United States Supreme Court Bulletin

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review
Vol. 32#3 (2010)

University of Baltimore Law Review
Vol. 39#3 (2010)

University of California Davis Journal of International Law and Policy
Vol. 16#1 (2009)

University of Cincinnati Law Review
Vol. 78#3 (2010)

University of Colorado Law Review
Vol. 81#3 (2010)

University of Detroit Mercy Law Review
Vol. 87#3 (2010)

University of Hawai’i Law Review
Vol. 32 (2009-2010)

University of Kansas Law Review
Vol. 58#4-5 (2010)

University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class
Vol. 9#2 (2009)

University of Memphis Law Review
Vol. 40#3 (2010)

University of Miami Business Law Review
Vol. 18#1 (2010)

University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law
Vol. 31#4 (2010)

University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Vol. 158#6 (2010)

University of San Francisco Law Review
Vol. 44#4 (2010)

University of Tasmania Law Review
Vol. 28#2 (2009)

Valparaiso University Law Review
Vol. 44#3 (2010)

Vanderbilt Law Review
Vol. 63#4 (2010)

Victoria University of Wellington Law Review
Vol. 40#4 – 41#1 (2010)

Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal
Vol. 17#2 (2010)

Virginia Law Review
Vol. 96#4 (2010)

Washington University Law Review
Vol. 87#5-6 (2010)

Western New England Law Review
Vol. 31#3 – 32#2 (2009-2010)

Widener Law Journal
Vol. 19#3 (2010)

Wisconsin International Law Journal
Vol. 28#1 (2010)

Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender and Society
Vol. 25#1 (2010)

Yale Journal of International Law
Vol. 35#2 (2010)

Yale Journal of Law and Technology
Vol. 12#2 (2009-2010)

Yale Journal on Regulation
Vol. 27#2 (2010)

Yale Law Journal
Vol. 118 (2008-2009)

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Law Librarian’s Reference Library (BETA)


Brief Making and the Use of Law Books
1 v. St. Paul: West, 1906
Lile, William M.

Check-List of Legislative Journals of States of the United States of America
1 v. Providence: the Oxford Press, 1938
MacDonald, Grace E., Compiler

Checklist of United States Public Documents 1789-1909
1 v. in 2, Washington: Govt. print. off, 1911. 3d ed.

Exhaustive Legal Search, Illustrated
1 v. St. Paul: West Pub. Co, 1917
Foster, George N.

Finding the Law: A Workbook on Legal Research for Laypersons
1 v. Denver: The Center, 1982
Coco, Al

Index to Legal Periodical Literature
6 v. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1888-1939
Jones, Leonard A.; Chipman, Frank E.

Law Books, Their Purposes and Their Use
1 v. St. Louis: Carter & Wilson, printers, 1920
Zumbalen, Joseph H.

Law Teachers’ Manual of the Analysis of Cases and the Use of Law Books
1 v. St. Paul: West, 1914
Daly, R. A.

Working Bibliography of Greek Law
1 v. Harvard series of legal bibliographies, 1. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1927
Calhoun, George M.; Delamere, Catherine

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Legal Classics


American Trade Mark Cases; a Compilation of All the Reported Trade Mark Cases Decided in the American Courts Prior to the Year 1871
1 v. Cincinnati: R. Clarke & Co, 1871
Cox, Rowland

Brickwood’s Sackett on Instructions to Juries containing a Treatise on Jury Trials and Appeals
3 v. Chicago: Callaghan & company, 1908
Sackett, Frederick; Brickwood, Albert William

Common Law of England
2 v. London: Sweet and Maxwell, 1920
Odgers, William Blake; Odgers, W. Blake

Digest of the Law of Trademarks as Presented in the Reported Adjudications of the Courts of the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and France, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
1 v. New York: Ward & Peloubet, 1878
Coddington, Charles E.

Elementary Treatise on Estates
2 v. London: Printed for J. & W.T. Clarke, 1820-1827
Preston, Richard

General Principles of the Law of Evidence with Their Application to the Trial of Civil Actions at Common Law, in Equity and under the Codes of Civil Procedure of the Several States
2 v. Rochester, N.Y.: Lawyers’ Co-operative Pub. Co, 1892
Rice, Frank S.

Law of Slander and Libel in Civil and Criminal Cases
1 v. Chicago: Callaghan, 1914
Newell, Martin L.; Newell, Mason H.

Law of Unfair Competition and Trade-Marks
1 v. New York: Baker, Voorhis, 1917
Nims, Harry D.

New York Law of Sales
1 v. New York: C. Boardman, 1927
Jensen, C. Arthur

Patentability of Inventions
1 v. Boston: Little, Brown, 1883
Merwin, Henry Childs

Practical Treatise on the Law of Partnership, with an Appendix of Precedents and a Supplement, Containing all the New Decisions to the Present Period
1 v. London: J. Richards, 1841
Gow, Niel

Real Estate Law and Title Closing: Deeds, Contracts, Mortgages, with Forms
1 v. New York, N.Y.: C. Boardman Co, 1956
Harvey, David C. B.

Texas Law of Water Rights
1 v. Austin, Tex: Texas Legislature and Texas Board of Waters Engineers in cooperation with Farm Economics Division, Economic Research Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1961
Hutchins, Wells A.;

Treatise on the Law of Identification: A Separate Branch of the Law of Evidence
1 v. Albany: H.B. Parsons, 1892
Harris, George E.

Treatise on the Law of Trade-Marks and Analogous Subjects, (Firm-Names, Business-Signs, Good-Will, Labels, &c.)
1 v. Boston: Little, Brown, & co, 1898
Browne, William Henry

Treatise on the Law of Trials in Actions Civil and Criminal (2d Ed.)
4 v. Chicago: T.H. Flood, 1912
Thompson, Seymour D.; Early, Marion C.

Treatise on the Laws Regulating the Manufacture and Sale of Intoxicating Liquors
1 v. Saint Paul, Minn: West Pub. Co, 1892
Black, Henry Campbell

Treatise on the Limitations of Actions at Law and Suits in Equity and Admiralty
1 v. Boston: Little, Brown and Co, 1861
Angell, Joseph K.; May, John Wilder

Treatise on the Property Rights of Husband and Wife, under the Community or Ganancial System
1 v. Seattle and San Francisco: Bancroft-Whitney Co, 1895
Ballinger, Richard Achilles

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New York Court of Appeals Records and Briefs


14 NY3D 153 People v. Kisina, Tatyana
14 NY3D 161 Lighthouse Pointe Property Associates LLC, Matter of v. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – PT. 1
14 NY3D 180 People v. Ochoa, Mark
14 NY3D 192 Wadler, David v. City of New York
14 NY3D 198 People v. Williams, Darrell
14 NY3D 230 Maron, Edward A., Matter of v. Silver, Sheldon
14 NY3D 230 Larabee, Susan v. Governor of the State of New York and New York State Senate SEE: 14 NY3d 230 Maron, Edward A., Matter of v. Silver, Sheldon
14 NY3D 230 Chief Judge of the State of New York v. Governor of the State of New York SEE: 14 NY3d 230 Maron, Edward A., Matter of v. Silver, Sheldon
14 NY3D 266 People v. Baker, Avery V., Jr.
14 NY3D 275 New York State Office of Children and Family Services, Matter of v. Lanterman, Lauren
14 NY3D 296 People v. Zephrin, Patrick
14 NY3D 335 People v. Assi, Mazin
14 NY3D 344 Hirschfeld, Sidney v. Teller, Mitchell
14 NY3D 358 People v. Mothersell, Robert
14 NY3D 369 People v. Caban, Lynette
14 NY3D 377 Bikman, Charla, Matter of v. New York City Loft Board
14 NY3D 382 People v. Tolentino, Jose, also known as Tolentino, Jose R.
14 NY3D 392 Trupia, Luke Anthony v. Lake George Central School District
14 NY3D 399 American Standard Inc. against Oakfabco Inc. f/k/a Kewanee Boiler Corp.
14 NY3D 410 Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. v. Jared King
14 NY3D 419 Racepoint Partners, L.L.C. and Willow Capital II, L.L.C. v. JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
14 NY3D 426 People of the State of New York against James Kadarko
14 NY3D 440 People of the State of New York against Norman McBride
14 NY3D 452 Leon St. Clair Nation against The City of New York, The New York City Dept. of Buildings, The New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings and Patricia J. Lancaster

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New York Legal Research Library


Civil Procedure Reports. Containing Cases under the Code of Civil Procedure and the General Civil Practice of the State of New York
4 v. New York: S.S. Peloubet, 1882-1913
S.S. Peloubet

Reports of Cases decided in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York
130 v. 1864-1885
Sickels, H. E.; et al.


New York State Register
Vol. 32 #24-27 (2010)

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Selden Society Library


Britton: The Second Edition. Faithfully Corrected according to Divers Ancient Manuscripts of the Same Book
1 v. London: Moore, 1640
Wingate, Edmund

History and Antiquities of the Four Inns of Court
1 v. London: Printed for G. Kearsly, 1780
Cunningham, Timothy
G. Kearsly

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Session Laws Library








District of Columbia Register
Vol. 57 Nos. 25-28 (2010)



New Jersey

Rhode Island

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Taxation & Economic Reform in America: A Historical Archive, 1781-2009


Bank Collections
1 v. New York: Homans Pub. Co, 1893
Bolles, Albert Sidney

Commercial Banking and the Stock Market before 1863
1 v. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1938
Hedges, Joseph Edward

Federal Income Tax Explained
1 v. Boston: Little, Brown, 1894
Gould, John M.; Tucker, George F.

General Sales Taxation; Its History and Development
1 v. New York: Business Bourse, 1932
Buehler, Alfred G.

History of Banking; with a Comprehensive Account of the Origin, Rise, and Progress, of the Banks of England, Ireland, and Scotland
1 v. London: R. Bentley, 1850
Lawson, William John

Income Tax Law and Accounting 1918 (2d ed.)
1 v. New York: Macmillan, 1918
Nelson, Godfrey Nicholas

Laws of the United States relating to Currency, Finance and Banking from 1789 to 1891
1 v. Boston: Ginn, 1893
Dunbar, Charles Franklin

Laws of the United States Relating to Loans and the Currency, [since 1860.] Including the Coinage Acts
1 v. Washington: G.P.O., 1878
United States.

New Internal Revenue Law, Approved June 30, 1864, with Copious Marginal References, a Complete Analytical Index, and Tables of Taxation
1 v. New York: D. Appleton, 1864
Dresser, Horace E.

Practical Information concerning the Public Debt of the United States, with the National Banking Laws (2d ed.)
1 v. Washington, D.C.: W.H. & O.H. Morrison, 1873
Richardson, William A.

Science of Wealth: A Manual of Political Economy. Embracing the laws of Trade, Currency, and Finance (7th ed.)
1 v. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1874
Walker, Amasa

Silver Question Settled by Enactment into Law of a Proposed Bill to Establish a Gold Currency and a Silver Currency on a Basis of Interchangeable Value, including a Proposed Coinage Bill (2d Ed.)
1 v. New York: The Baker & Taylor Co, 1893
Smith, Roderick Henry

State Taxation of Personal Incomes
1 v. New York: Columbia University; [etc.], 1921
Comstock, Alzada

Taxation and Taxes in the United States under the Internal Revenue System 1791-1895
1 v. New York: T.Y. Crowell & Co, 1896
Howe, Frederic Clemson

Taxation in the United States 1789-1816 (2d ser.)
1 v. Baltimore: N. Murray, publication agent, Johns Hopkins University, 1884
Adams, Henry Carter

Treatise on the Federal Income Tax under the Act of 1894
1 v. Boston: Boston Book Co, 1895
Foster, Roger; Abbot, Everett V.

Unclaimed Money. A Handy Book for Heirs at Law, Next of Kin and Persons in Search of a Clue to Unclaimed Money, or to the Whereabouts of Missing Relatives & Friends (3d ed.)
1 v. London: E.W. Allen, 1896
Preston, Sidney H.

United States Federal Internal Tax History from 1861 to 1871
1 v. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co, 1914
Smith, Harry Edwin

United States Tax System. A Brief History
1 v. Washington: s.n, 1960
United States.

Use Tax. Its History, Administration, and Economic Effects
1 v. Chicago, Ill: Public Administration Service, 1941
Criz, Maurice

Wall Street and the Country: A Study of Recent Financial Tendencies
1 v. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904
Conant, Charles A.

Work and Jurisdiction of the Bureau of Internal Revenue
1 v. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off, 1948
United States.


Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Staff Reports
2 v. Washington: 2010
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

Publications of the National Monetary Commission
Vols. 21-23 Washington: Govt. Print. Off, 1911
United States.; Aldrich, Nelson Wilmorth

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Treaties and Agreements Library


Abridgment of the Laws of the United States, or, a Complete Digest of All Such Acts of Congress as Concern the United States at Large
1 v. Harrisburgh: John Wyeth, 1803.
Graydon, William

Diplomacy of the United States
1 v. Boston: Wells and Lilly, 1826.

Diplomatic Code of the United States of America: Embracing a Collection of Treaties and Conventions between the United States and Foreign Powers, from the Year 1778 to 1827
1 v. Washington: Jonathan Elliot, 1827.


KAV Agreements
7227, 7288, 8598, 8615, 8627, 8640, 8782, 8953-8979

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U.S. Congressional Documents


Congressional Budget Office:

-Using Biofuel Tax Credits to Achieve Energy and Environmental Policy Goals (July 2010)
-Social Security Policy Options (July 2010)
-Long Term Budget Outlook (June 2010)

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U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals


9/11 Commission Report including Executive Summary
1 v. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 2004.

Social Security Handbook
1 v. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. 15th ed.


Customs Bulletin
Vols. 37-42 (2003-2008)

Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin

Statistical Abstract of the United States
United States; Bernan Press

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U.S. Federal Legislative History Library


Civil Liberties in Wartime: Legislative Histories of the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918
2 v. Buffalo, NY: William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2007
Manz, William H.

Compilation of Selected Acts within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Energy and Commerce
1 v. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 2005
Committee on Engery and Commerce

Energy Resources and Their Control: Selected United States Documents and Studies
Series A-K in 44 v. Buffalo, NY: William S. Hein & Co., Inc, 1981

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 with Amendments: A Legislative History of Pub. L. No. 94-583
2 v. Buffalo, NY: William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2000
Manz, William H.

Institutional Investor Study Report of the Securities and Exchange Commission
3 v. Covington & Burling, 1971
Covington & Burling

Legislative History of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Public Law 101-476 as Amended by Public Law 102-119
5 v. Buffalo, NY: William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 1994
Reams, Bernard D., Jr.

Posse Comitatus Act of 1878: A Documentary History
1 v. Buffalo, NY: William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2003
Young, Stephen

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U.S. Supreme Court Library


Life of Mr. Justice Clarke: A Testament to the Power of Liberal Dissent in America
1 v. Cleveland: Western Reserve University Press, 1959.
Warner, Hoyt Landon

Supreme Court: America’s Judicial Heritage
1 v. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1961.
Acheson, Patricia C.


United States Reports Slip Opinions

09-8854 Demarcus Ali Sears v. Stephen Upton, Warden; June 29, 2010
08-964 Bilski et al. v. Kappos, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director, Patent and Trademark Office; June 28, 2010
08-1371 Christian Legal Society Chapter of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, AKA Hastings Christian Fellowship v. Martinez et al.; June 28, 2010
08-861 Free Enterprise Fund et al. v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board et al.; June 28, 2010
08-1521 McDonald et al. v. City of Chicago, Illinois, et al.; June 28, 2010
08-876 Black et al. v. United States; June 24, 2010
08-1196 Bruce Weyrauch, Petitioner v. United States; June 24, 2010
09-559 Doe et al. v. Reed, Washington Secretary of State, et al.; June 24, 2010
08-1214 Granite Rock Co. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters et al.; June 24, 2010
09-158 Magwood v. Patterson, Warden, et al.; June 24, 2010
08-1191 Morrison et al. v. National Australia Bank LTD. et al.; June 24, 2010
08-1394 Skilling v. United States; June 24, 2010
08-1498 Holder, Attorney General, et al. v. Humanitarian Law Project et al.; June 21, 2010
08-1553 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd. et al. v. Regal-Beloit Corp. et al.; June 21, 2010
09-475 Monsanto Co. et al. v. Geertson Seed Farms et al.; June 21, 2010
09-497 Rent-a-Center, West, Inc. v. Jackson; June 21, 2010
08-1332 City of Ontario, California, et al. v. Quon et al.; June 17, 2010
09-6338 Dillon v. United States; June 17, 2010
08-1457 New Process Steel, L.P. v. National Labor Relations Board; June 17, 2010
08-538 Schwab v. Reilly; June 17, 2010
08-1151 Stop the Beach Renourishment, Inc. v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection et al.; June 17, 2010

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United Nations Law Collection


Statement of Treaties and International Agreements
March 2010

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World Constitutions Illustrated


Abrege Chronologique de L’Historie et du Droit Public d’Allemagne, Contenant les Querres, Les Traites de Paix, Les Loix, Les Capitulations Imperiales, & Les Reces Qui Composent le Droit Public de l’Empire
2 v. Paris: 1766

American Republic: Its Constitution, Tendencies, and Destiny
1 v. New York: P. O’Shea, 1866

Analytical Digest of the Military Laws of the United States
1 v. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co, 1873

Anniversary Discourse, Delivered before the Historical Society of New-York, on Saturday, December 6, 1823; Showing the Origin, Progress, Antiquities, Curiosities, and Nature of the Common Law
1 v. New York: E. Bliss and E. White, 1824

Anti-Dictator, the Discours Sur La Servitude Volontaire of Etienne de La Boetie
1 v. New York: Columbia university press, 1942

Antiqvitatvm Romanarvm Pauli Manutii Liber de Legibvs
1 v. Venetiis: Aldvs, 1559

Argentina Pivot of Pan-American Peace
1 v. New York: Hastings House, 1944

Argentine Republic
1 v. Washington: Govt. Print. Off, 1894

Asia Minor and the Caucasus
1 v. Boston: J.R. Osgood and Co, 1877

Brandeis Guide to the Modern World
1 v. Boston: Little, Brown and Co, 1941

Brief History of Montenegro, to Which is Added a Short Account of Bulgaria, Compiled From Mackenzie and Baker
1 v. Boston: J.R. Osgood and Co, 1877

British Constitution, Analyzed by a Reference to the Earliest Periods of History
2 v. London: C. Chapple, 1811

British North American Act and Amendments
1 v. Ottowa: E. Cloutier, King’s Printer, 1948

Canadian Freeholder: In Two [-Three] Dialogues between an Englishman and a Frenchman, Settled in Canada
3 v. London: Sold by B. White, 1777-1779

Caribbeana. Containing Letters and Dissertations, Together with Poetical Essays, on Various Subjects and Occasions; Chiefly Wrote by Several Hands in the West-Indies
2 v. London: Printed for T. Osborne and W. Smith, 1741

Changing Order Essays on Government, Monopoly, and Education, Written During a Period of Readjustment
1 v. New York: Putnam, 1914

Civil Law in its Natural Order: Together with the Public Law
2 v. London: Printed by J. Bettenham, for E. Bell [etc.], 1722

Civil Liberty
1 v. The Reference shelf, v. 4, no. 9. New York: Wilson, 1927

Code of Maimonides Book Thirteen The Book of Civil Laws
1 v. Yale Judaica series, v. 2. New Haven, Conn: Yale University Press, 1949

Codes of Hammurabi and Moses with Copious Comments, Index, and Bible References
1 v. Cincinnati, Ohio: Jennings and Graham, 1905

Coinage Act of 1965 Hearings before the Committee on Banking and Currency House of Representatives Eighty-Ninth Congress First Session on H.R. 8746
1 v. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1965

Commentaries on the Constitutional Law of England (2d Ed.)
1 v. London: O. Richards, 1846

Commentaries on the Laws of England
5 v. Philadelphia: Printed for the subscribers by Robert Bell, 1771-1772

Constitutional and Parliamentary History of Ireland Till the Union
1 v. Port Washington, N.Y.: Kennikat Press, 1970

Constitutional Law: Comprising the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitutions of the Several States Composing the Union
1 v. Philadelphia: Bennett & Walton, 1822

Constitutional Rights of the American Indian
1 v. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off, 1965

Day of the Liberals in Spain
1 v. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1938

Edward Plantagenet (Edward I.) The English Justinian or the Making of the Common Law
1 v. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1901

Enquiry into the Natural Right of Mankind to Debate Freely Concerning Religion
1 v. London: Printed for C. Davis in Pater-Noster-Row, and G. Hawkins at Milton’s-Head between the Temple Gates, Fleet-street, 1737

Fragments of a Political Diary
1 v. London: Macmillan, 1930

Freedom’s Charter The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1 v. Headline series, no. 76. [New York]: Foreign Policy Assn, 1949

God in Freedom
1 v. New York: Macmillan, 1930

History of the Legislative Methods in the Period before 1825
1 v. Yale historical publications. Miscellany, 5. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1917

Holmes Reader
1 v. New York: Oceana Publications, 1955

I Saw Poland Betrayed An American Ambassador Reports to the American People
1 v. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Co, 1948

Law-Finders and Law-Makers in Medieval England; Collected Studies in Legal and Constitutional History
1 v. London: Merlin Press, 1962

Legislative History of Naturalization in the United States From the Revolutionary War to 1861
1 v. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1906

Legislative Process Lawmaking in the United States
1 v. New York: Ronald Press, 1948

Maxima Charta of 1832, for England, Ireland, and Scotland: Comprising the Various Acts Passed during the Reign of William IV. for Amending the Representation of the People in the Commons House of Parliament
1 v. London: H. Fisher, R. Fisher, & P. Jackson, 1832

Modern Greece
1 v. The Eastern question. Boston: J.R. Osgood and Co, 1877

Oregon Territory, Its History and Discovery; Including an Account of the Convention of the Escurial, also, the Treaties and Negotiations betweeen the United States and Great Britain
1 v. New-York: D. Appleton & Co, 1846

Political Ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas Representative Selections
1 v. New York: Hafner Press, 1969

Rights of Man: Being an Answer to Mr. Burke’s Attack on the French Revolution
2 v. London: Printed for J.S. Jordan, 1791-1792

Sketch of Chili, Expressly Prepared for the Use of Emigrants, From the United States and Europe to That Country, With a Map, and Several Papers Relating to the Present War Between that Country and Spain, and the Position Assumed by the United States
2 v. New York: Printed by S. Hallet, 1866

South Africa
2 v. London: Chapman and Hall, 1878

Suppressed History of the Administration of John Adams, (from 1797 to 1801,) as Printed and Suppressed in 1802
1 v. Philadelphia: Walker & Gillis, 1846

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World Trials Library


Case of the Private Armed Brig of War Gen. Armstrong, Containing Letters and Documents Referring to the History of the Claim, Brief of Facts and Authorities Cited, Arguments of Charles O’Conor, Esq., Hon. P. Phillips, and Sam C. Reid, Jr., and Brief of the U. S. Solicitor before the United States Court of Claims at Washington, D. C.
1 v. New York: Banks, Gould & Co, 1857
Reid, Samuel Chester

Full Report of the Trials of the Bristol Rioters before the Special Commission Appointed to Deliver the Gaol of This City in January 1832, with the Sentences and Executions Consequent Thereon
1 v. Bristol: Printed by W.H. Somerton, 1832
Brereton, Thomas

In the Matter of the Complaint against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover. The Andover Defence
1 v. Boston: Cupples, Upham & Co, 1887
Smyth, Egbert Coffin; Tucker, William Jewett

In the Supreme Court in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In Equity. Between Joshua Spering, assignee of the National Safety Insurance and Trust Company, Plaintiff, and Frank A. Drexel, Anthony J. Drexel, and Joseph W. Drexel
1 v. S.l: s.n, 1868
Spering, Joshua; et al.

Life of Kate Stoddard: (Betsey King)
1 v. [S.l. : s.n., 18—]

Monroe Oyer & Terminer, the People of the State of New York against John Clarke: Tried Sept. 7, 1875, before Hon. Jas. C. Smith, Justice Presiding
1 v. Rochester, N.Y.: Osgoodby & Duffield, 1875
Clarke, John

No Church without a Bishop
1 v. [S.l: s.n.], 1845
Potter, Alonzo; William, E. P.

Proceedings of a General Court Martial, Held at the Castle of Edinburgh, on Tuesday the 6th, and Continued by Several Adjournments till Saturday the 24th of January 1795
1 v. Edinburgh: printed for Peter Hill; and for John Stockdale, London, 1795
McCallum, Donald

Remarkable Trials of All Countries; with the Evidence and Speeches of Counsel, Court Scenes, Incidents, &c. Compiled from Official Sources. Volume II
1 v. New York: S.S. Peloubet Co, 1882
Cole, George W.

Special Report of the Proceedings in the Case of the Queen against Daniel O’Connell, Esq., M.P., John O’Connell, Esq., M.P. In the Court of Queen’s Bench, Ireland. Michaelmas Term, 1843, and Hilary Term, 1844, of an Indictment for Conspiracy and Misdemeanour
1 v. Dublin: Duffy, 1844
Flanedy, John

Trial of Christ from a Legal and Scriptural Viewpoint
1 v. St. Louis: Thomas Law Book Co, 1948
Breed, David K.

Trial of George Robert Fitzgerald, Esq. Timothy Brecknock, Esq. Barrister at Law, and Others for the Murder of Patrick Randal M’Donnel, Esq. and Mr. Hipson
1 v. London: Printed for R. Randall, 1786
Fitzgerald, George Robert

Trial of Timothy Murphy, at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bailey, for Felony and Forgery, on Saturday, January 13, 1753
1 v. London: Printed for J. Hodges; and sold by M. Cooper, 1753
Murphy, Timothy; et al.

United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Transcript of Record. The United States of America, Appellant, vs. William A. Clark, Appellee. Testimony
1 v. S.l: s.n, 1901
Clark, William Andrews

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