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20 Tel Aviv U. L. Rev. 3 (1996-1997)
Table of Contents - Issue 1

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Israeli Law: A Look into the Future

Meir Shamgar

Moshe Bar Niv
Hanoch Dagan
Yoav Dotan
Ron A. Shapira
Daphne Barak-Erez
Sigal Davidow-Motola
Daniel Statman

Consent to Foreign Adjudication in
Business Contracts
Interpretation of Property Law,
Condominiums, and Collective Action
Ripeness and Politics in the High
Court of Justice
The Probabilistic Model of the
Law on Evidence: Part Two - The
Epistemic Logic
Symmetry and Neutrality: Reflections
on the Nachmani Case
A Feminist Decision? The Nachmani
Case from Another Perspective
On Nationalism, Liberalism and
What Cannot be Learned from the
Kastenbaum Case

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