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11 Whittier J. Child. & Fam. Advoc. 115 (2011-2012)
One Not-So-Dirty Word

handle is hein.journals/wjcfad11 and id is 117 raw text is: ONE NOT-SO-DIRTY
I had received requests to speak outside the law school many
times during my career in academia, but never one like this. The
invitation to become what I would later learn to be a Vagina
Warrior came from my students themselves, as I was to be the only
male in what I realized would be a highly provocative theatrical
production. Moreover, I was being asked to give the introductory
remarks to the performance, thus establishing the atmosphere for what
some may view as a forum for radical artistic expression. Our Director
of Student Services, who delivered the invitation, urged me to accept,
as the students had uniformly expressed their desire that I do so, based
on what she suggested was their respect and admiration for my
perspectives. And so, truly flattered by this request and fully supportive
of my students and the goals of the evening ahead, I agreed, quashing
my own inner fears of what I would be able to add to advance this very
worthy cause. Thus, there I nervously stood in front of the audience in
the Shlechter Auditorium on the campus of Dickinson College. So it
*Professor of Law, The Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University;
B.S., University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; J.D., Northeastern University School
of Law; LL.M., Temple University of Law. The author wishes to dedicate this article
to his students in appreciation for their remarks over the years which have inspired this
commentary and to his children, in the hopes of an ever better world. The author also
wishes to acknowledge that the use of the title is evoked by George Carlin's Seven
Dirty Words, and to Sherry Miller and Lisa Woltz for preparing this manuscript.


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