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52 U. Chi. L. Rev. 281 (1985)
For Edward Levi

handle is hein.journals/uclr52 and id is 295 raw text is: The
of Chicago
Law Review
o 1985 by The University of Chicago
For Edward Levi
Gerhard Caspert
In April of 1936, Dean Bigelow of the Law School wrote Wil-
liam 0. Douglas, then a member of the Securities and Exchange
Commission, to ask his opinion of Edward Levi. Bigelow had heard
that Douglas thought Levi was good: I should like to know if,
colloquially speaking, you think that he is 'good' or 'damn good.'
Douglas responded by return mail, employing the more emphatic
version of the attribute. Douglas also made a prediction: I think if
he enters teaching, he will be one of the outstanding leaders of that
profession. A damn good prediction it was.
Within a few days of this exchange, Dean Bigelow sent Levi a
telegram, offering the twenty-four-year-old graduate student a one-
year contract as Assistant Professor-in light of the predicted
leadership role, a rather cautious move, at least as seen in retro-
spect. Levi wired his acceptance and also wrote to Bigelow:
I want to thank you for your offer. It would have been hard
for me to have refused it. I have spent nineteen years at the
University of Chicago and its schools as a student. My law
school days are not too near for me to know the affection I
feel towards the Law School and its faculty. I could not refuse
the chance to renew this association.
Levi, incidentally, turned. down a better paying offer from
t William B. Graham Professor of Law and Dean, University of Chicago Law School.

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