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28 UCLA L. Rev. 151 (1980-1981)
Richard C. Maxwell Dean of the UCLA School of Law 1958-1969

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Murray L. Schwartz*
It is of course impossible to recapitulate or summarize in a
few pages what Richard C. Maxwell accomplished in his eleven
years as Dean of the UCLA School of Law. His was a truly pro-
digious performance. The limitations of the printed page being
what they are, I shall try to convey some feeling for what he
wrought by comparing briefly the state of the Law School when he
became its Dean with its condition when he left office, and by
trying in a few words to describe the personal attributes that in my
view made it possible for him to effect the changes.
I regret that my account is inadequate. The story should
some day be writ large and in extenso.
When Richard C. Maxwell became its Dean in 1958,1 the
UCLA Law School was nine years old. Those early years had
been marked by difficulties that transcended the normal growing
pains of a new institution. By 1958 the School had not only
stopped growing, it had been in a state of administrative receiver-
ship for several years.2 There were but nine regular faculty mem-
bers the preceding year; the arrival of three new members in Fall
1958 increased the roster by one-third.3 Of the 432 students in the
* Professor of Law, University of California, Los Angeles.
1. As will appear, he was named Acting Dean in 1958; he did not become Dean
until the next year.
2. In 1956-57, the UCLA Chancellor was Chairman of the Department of Law;
a two member Law School Advisory Committee, elected by the Faculty, was the de
facto administration. In 1957-58, the School was administered by an Acting Dean,
who had retired from his own Law School some years before.
3. The author was one of these three.

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