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28 Notre Dame Law. 169 (1952-1953)
Administrative Procedure and Natural Law

handle is hein.journals/tndl28 and id is 171 raw text is: NOTRE DAME
A Quarterly Law Review

VOL. XXVIII                WINTER, 1953                    No. 2
N 1910, Joseph Charmont, Professor of Law in the Faculty
of Law of the University of Montpellier, France, pub-
lished a short volume entitled The Renaissance of Natural
Law.1 In this work, which was originally delivered in the
form of a series of lectures to law students, the author sought
to call attention to the renewed influence which natural law
concepts have had upon contemporary juristic thought. I
have thought it proper, stated Charmont at the very begin-
ning, to propose to you as a subject of study the present
tendency to return to the principles of natural law. 2
To Charmont, the revival of natural law concepts was al-
most inevitable, because of the inadequacy of pure positivism.
In his brief concluding chapter he asserts: '
The confirmation of natural law, or more exactly of juridical
idealism, has appeared to us to offer the only solution for the
crisis in legal philosophy. This crisis results from the impractic-
ability of rationally and scientifically vindicating the idea of
1 CHARmONT, LA RmN!sSANCE Du DRorr NATUREL (1910). Subsequent citations
are of the second edition, published in 1927 or the English translation of the last
half of the work in volume 7 of the MODERN LEGAL Pzmosopny SERIms, entitled
Modern French Legal Philosophy (1921).
3 Charmont, Modern French Legal Philosophy in 7 MODERN LEGAL PUILOsOPHY
SEP-us 145 (1921).

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