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27 Suffolk Transnat'l L. Rev. [iii] (2003-2004)
Table of Contents - Issue 1

handle is hein.journals/sujtnlr27 and id is 3 raw text is: SUFFOLK TRANSNATIONAL
VOLUME 27                Winter 2003             NUMBER 1
The United States as Occupying Power Over Portions of Iraq
and Special Responsibilities Under the Laws of War
Jordan J. Paust                                          1
The Failure of Unilateralism as the
Phoenix of Collective Security
Valerie Epps                                            25
Putting Iraq In Trust: Reviving the U.N. International
Trusteeship Under General Principles of International
Fiduciary Obligation to Manage the Natural Resources of a
Post-Saddam Iraq                                        37
Run From the Border: The United States Re-Evaluation of
its Northern Boundary                                   77
The Smuggling and Trafficking of Refugees and Asylum
Seekers: Is the International Community Neglecting the
Duty to Protect the Persecuted in the Pursuit of Combating
Transnational Organized Crime?                         101
Sealand - The Next New Haven?                          127
Agreement On Safeguards: Realistic Tools for Protecting
Domestic Industry or Protectionist Measures?           153
The International Year of Ecotourism: Tackling the
Challenges of Global Regulation                        191
International Employment Law-Gender Discrimination-
Case C-109/00, Tele Danmark A/S v. Handels-og
KontorfunktionWrenes Forbund I Danmark,
2001 E.C.R. 1-6993, [2002] 1 C.M.L.R. 5 (2002)         221

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