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13 Sing. L. Rev. 60 (1992)
Judiciary under Siege

handle is hein.journals/singlrev13 and id is 64 raw text is: Judiciary Under Siege?
The late 1980s and early 90s were a truly tumultuous period for the
development ofthejudiciary and the rule of law in both Singapore and
Malaysia. Two events caught the attention of lawyers and non-lawyers
alike, both locally and abroad. They were the Malaysian Tun Salleh
Abas Affair and the Marxist Conspiracy in Singapore.
As the localjudiciary gears up to the challenges ofthe 90s, it would
perhaps be useful to remind ourselves of these events, and of other
related occurrences which illustrate the eternal conflict between Execu-
tive power and Judicial independence.
The primary focus of this article shall be the above-mentioned
events. There will then be an attempt at comparison with the English,
and the Israeli experience. Hopefully, this will illustrate the disparity in
the importance accorded to an independentjudicial attitude, locally, and
In any Constitutional Government, it is axiomatic that there must be
a separation of powers. Since the time of Montesquieu, the ideal

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