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14 Seton Hall J. Sports & Ent. L. 101 (2004)
Take Me out to the Synagogue

handle is hein.journals/shjsl14 and id is 7 raw text is: TAKE ME OUT TO THE SYNAGOGUE

Michael A. Mogill, Esq.*
I was recently called by a member of our congregation beseeching
me to deliver a sermon on the upcoming high holy days. While I
naturally had the experience of speaking before judges, lawyers,
legislators, client groups, faculty and students, among others, nothing
quite made me so nervous as providing remarks on religion, given my
own ambiguities. about formalized religion. So I reacted quite naturally
- I thanked the caller for the invitation, put off any decision as long as I
could in the hopes that another speaker could be found, discovered that
the congregant was very persistent in seeking my supposed wisdom,
and eventually caved in to the repeated requests that I preach to this
new  audience.   Once having accepted, my panic intensified as I
acknozvledged my superficial formal knowledge about the holidays to
come and turned to the one source of inspiration I trusted. . The result
was the following remarks, as delivered before Congregation Beth
Tikvah on Friday evening, September 26, 2003.
Where to begin? We greet each other with L'Shanah tovah
*Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Professor of Law, The Dickinson School of
Law of the Pennsylvania State University; B.S., University of Illinois, Champaign-
Urbana; J.D., Northeastern University School of Law; LL.M., Temple University
School of Law. The author wishes to thank the inspiration for these remarks, his
children, Adam and Sarah, and the congregants for their kindness in listening.
This essay relied on materials found in the following sources:Judaism 101: Rosh
Hashanah, at (last visited Sept. 25, 2003).
Sanford        Braun,                  Sandy        Koufax,        at (last visited Sept.
24, 2003). Jeff Merron, Green, Koufax and Greenberg B same dilemma, different
decisions, at on-green.html (last visited
Sept. 24, 2003).  Brian Moynahan,  Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax, at koufax (last visited
Sept. 24, 2003). And attribution also must be given to Hillary Duff of television's
Lizzy McGuire for her contribution of that favored phrase of pre-teens, which is, of
course, whatever...

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