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2 Rev. Socialist L. 195 (1976)
Constitution of the People's Republic of Angola, The

handle is hein.journals/rsl2 and id is 197 raw text is: 195 - Legislation

Article I: The People's Republic of Angola is a sover-
eign, independent, and democratic State whose prime
objective is the total liberation of the Angolan people
from the vestiges of colonialism, the domination and
aggression of imperialism, and the establishment of a
prosperous and democratic country entirely free from
any form of exploitation of man by man, thereby fulfill-
ing the aspirations of the masses.
Article 2: All sovereignty is vested in the Angolan peo-
ple. The MPLA, their legitimate representative consti-
tuted from a broad front including all patriotic forces
engaged in the anti-imperialist struggle, is responsible for
the political, economic, and social leadership of the
Article 3: The masses are guaranteed broad and effec-
tive participation in the exercise of political power
through the consolidation, expansion, and development
of organizational forms of people's power.
Article 4: The People's Republic of Angola is a united
and indivisible State whose inviolable and inalienable
territory is defined as the present geographical limits of
Angola, and any attempt at separating or dismembering
its territory will be vigorously combated.
Article 5: Economic, social, and cultural solidarity shall
be promoted and intensified among all regions of the
People's Republic of Angola in order to provide for the
common development of the entire Angolan Nation and
the elimination of remnants of regionalism and triba-
Article 6: Under the leadership of the MPLA and the
President as Commander-in-Chief, the People's Armed
Forces for the Liberation of Angola (FAPLA), the
armed wing of the people, is institutionalized as the
national army of the People's Republic of Angola. The
Text based on the official Portugese, English, and French editions
issued by the Angolan Ministry of Information. Text revised by
William B. Simons, J.D. (University of Wisconsin).

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