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11 Law Text Culture 13 (2007)
En Piel Ajena: The Work of Teresa Margolles

handle is hein.journals/lwtexcu11 and id is 17 raw text is: En piel ajena:
The work of Teresa Margolles
Rebecca Scott Bray1
Darl from William Faulkner's novel As ILay Dying:
Some time towards dawn the rain ceases. But it is not yet day when Cash
drives the last nail and stands stiffly up and looks down at the finished
coffin, the others watching him. In the lantern-light his face is calm, musing;
slowly he strokes his hands on his raincoated thighs in a gesture deliberate,
final and composed. Then the four of them - Cash and Pa and Vernon and
Peabody- raise the coffin to their shoulders and turn toward the house. It
is light, yet they move slowly; empty, yet they carry it carefully; lifeless,
yet they move with hushed precautionary words to one another, speaking
of it as though, complete, it now slumbered lightly alive, waiting to come
awake (Faulkner 1935: 73).
Teresa Margolles is a founding member of SEMEFO, Servicio Mdico
Forense (Forensic Medical Service), an artist's collective in Mexico
City that created artworks using forensic materials between 1990 and
1999. Since the late 1990s Margolles has created her own solo
encounters around death and the mortuary, extending SEMEFO's
interest in the biographies of the dead in relation to social, political and
economic practices. This article traverses Margolles' distinctive forensic
and aesthetic history to arrive at her testimonials to the dead women of
Ciudad Judrez on the US/Mexico Border. Known as 'The City of the
Dead Girls', Ciudad Juirez has more than a decade-long history thick
Law Text Culture Vol 11 2007                                 13

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