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2 NAFTA: Law & Bus. Rev. Am. 102 (1996)
The New Voice of Mexico Environmental Regulation: Official Mexican Environmental Standards: A Tool Required in the Field

handle is hein.journals/lbramrca2 and id is 244 raw text is: 102                                    NAFTA: Law and Business Review of the Americas
The New Voice of Mexican
Environmental Regulation: Official
Mexican Environmental Standards:
A Tool Required in the Field
by Sergio B. Bustamante'
Ar'eh M. Flemenbaum2
I. Introduction to the Current State in Mexican Environmental Protection
Mexico has had environmental legislation within its body of law since 1971, starting
with the Federal Law to Prevent and Control Environmental Pollution. Upon its inception
it was hailed by many as a progressive and comprehensive regime for environmental pro-
tection and Mexico was viewed as the leader in the field. Since then Mexico has not always
had a sterling reputation, many critics were not content with the mere passage of legisla-
tion, the critics called for tough regulation and enforcement in order to make the law
meaningful. The criticism was heightened when the Maquiladora program was initiated.
Many alleged that the only reason a Maquiladora program would flourish in Mexico is
because of its absence of a meaningful legal framework and ineffective enforcement of
what little did exist; allowing companies to execute their goals without regard to environ-
mental nor worker safety. The attitude towards environmental protection from the govern-
ment on through the companies locating there was one of complete indifference.
1.   Sergio B. Bustamante is the founding partner of the Mexican Law firm of Lopez Molinar,
Gayou, Bustamante, Guti6rrez y Salvatori, S.C. based in Ciudad Judrez, Chihuahua, Mdxico,
which has affiliated offices through the Republic of Mexico. Bustamante was admitted in 1986
in the Republic of Mexico. Bustamante is a participant in the National Program for the
Training of Environmental Consultants recognized by the National Institute of Ecology. He is
also a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) International Section, Mexican
Committee and Environmental International Committee as a Regional Leader for Mexico;
International Bar Association (IBA), Environmental Committee; Texas-Mexico Bar
Association, Co-Chairman of Environmental Committee, Mexican Bar Association.
2.   Arieh M. Flemenbaum was a summer associate in 1995 for the firm of Lopez Molinar, Gayou,
Bustamante, Gutierrez, and Salvatori, S.C. in the Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Ms.
Flemenbaum was a former law clerk for the United States Coast Guard Legal Department at
their Eighth District Headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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