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20 Law. & Banker & Cent. L.J. 61 (1927)
Saint Louis

handle is hein.journals/lbancelj20 and id is 65 raw text is: Saint Louis
By Thos. W. Parry, Jr., Director St. Louis News Service
When, more than a century and a half ago, Pierre Laclede-Liguest
and Auguste Chouteau founded St. Louis on the west banks of the Mis-
sissippi River as a modest fur trading post they set the stage for a page-
ant of civic and industrial progress that has had a far-reaching effect
throughout the United States and in foreign countries. It was in 1764
that the two men founded the city, choosing the site because of its cen-
tral location. Chouteau, being conscious of the fact he had made a wise
selection, later told companions that here is a site where will spring up
one of the finest cities in America. If that settler could witness the pro-

A skyview of downtown St. Louis.

gress made by St. Louis today it would no doubt surpass his fondest
St. Louis has never had a boom. There has been a stability about
its industrial growth, which has been steady and certain. Its expansion
has been along varied lines of business and it now perhaps leads all Amer-
ican cities in diversified production. The United States Census Bureau
is authority for the statement that there are 357 different varieties of
manufacturies. St. Louis now has 218 different types, or 61 per cent of
the whole. It is the largest market in the world in. eleven lines, includ-
ing hardware, boots and shoes, piston rings, stoves and ranges and steel

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