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10 Jurid. Rev. 395 (1898)
Judicial Work of Chief Justice Cockburn

handle is hein.journals/jure10 and id is 397 raw text is: THE JUDICIAL WORK OF CHIEF JUSTICE
IR     ALEXANDER       COCKBURN      was appointed Chief
Justice of the Common Pleas on 2nd November, 1856,
on the death of Sir John Jervis. On Lord Palmerston's
return to power in 1859 it was expected that he would be
made Chancellor, but the appointment was given to Lord
Campbell, who had political claims that could not be over-
looked, and the Chief Justice of the Common Pleas took his
seat in the Court of Queen's Bench as Lord Chief Justice of
England on 24th June, 1859.
In dealing with Sir Alexander Cockburn's judicial work
and worth I shall depart from the strict chronological order,
and endeavour to group his contributions to English case law
and to jurisprudence under a few principal heads. Only his
strictly judicial efforts can here be noted. No reference will,
therefore, be made to the part taken by him in the
Commission on Fugitive Offenders, with regard to the
doctrine of the exterritoriality of warships, or to the
Alabama arbitration.
Chief Justice Cockburn was not, and did not pretend to
be, -a great commercial lawyer. In the Court of Queen's
Bench he had as one of his colleagues the late Lord-
then Mr. Justice-Blackburn, and on the learning and
experience of this great judge he relied, at least for some
time, very much as Thurlow used to rely on Hargrave and
Kenyon. Thus, in Swire v. Redman (1876, 1 Q.B.D. 536),.
a case relating to the right of two joint-debtors as against a
creditor with notice, to be treated as principal and surety,

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