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42 Jurimetrics 465 (2001-2002)
Dendrite v. Doe: A New Standard for Protecting Anonymity on Internet Message Boards

handle is hein.journals/juraba42 and id is 475 raw text is: DENDRITE v. DOE: A NEW STANDARD
Kevin Wein*
ABSTRACT: In Dendrite v. Doe, 775 A.2d 756 (N.J. Super. Ct. App. Div. 2001), aNew
Jersey appellate court sought to create a test to determine when a plaintiff may obtain the
identity of anonymous online message board posters. While the court correctly insisted on
a higher standard before granting a request to unmask potential defendants, it failed in
developing a clear framework that sufficiently protects the important constitutional rights
in question. A more appropriate approach would be the institution of a qualified privilege
for the identity of online message board posters.
CITATION: Kevin Wein, Dendrite v. Doe: A New Standard for Protecting Anonymity
on Internet Message Boards, 42 Jurimetrics J. 465-477 (2002).
Anybody else notice that since May, Dendrite's world class upper management
team has been exercising their options and unloading their stock? Doesn't show
much confidence, gang, now does it? On the other hand, maybe a Porsche dealer
was running a really good sale .... Now how does that saying go... something
like Rats deserting a sinking ship.'
Message boards dedicated to stocks and stock trading have become one of the
more popular features of the Intemet.2 They reflect people's desire to protect and
*Kevin Wein is a candidate for the degree of Juris Doctor at Arizona State University College of
1. Posting of Sonofihethunder to the Dendrite International message board at http://
(posted July 19, 2001).
2. See, e.g., Arthur M. Louis, Investors Beware in Internet Chat Room, SAN FRANCISCO CHRON.,
June 29, 1998, at BI.



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