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63 Judicature 24 (1979-1980)
Cameras in the Courts: The Situation Today

handle is hein.journals/judica63 and id is 26 raw text is: Cameras in
the courts:
the situation
Despite ABA opposition to the
idea, more than 20 states are
now permitting photographic
coverage of courtroom
by David Graves

Only five years ago, television stations and
newspapers in almost every state depended
upon courtroom artists to sketch drawings of
important trials. But recently many states
have decided to open their doors to televi-
sion, radio, and still photography coverage
of trials and appeals.
Alabama and Washington initiated the
trend in 1976 when they passed rules allow-
ing cameras in both trial and appellate
courts. Altogether, seven states have now
adopted permanent rules giving the media
the right to photograph courtroom proceed-
ings, and 15 other states have experimented
with camera coverage, usually with positive
But as cameras become part of the Ameri-
can courtroom, many groups still hesitate to
accept the idea, including the American Bar
Association. At its mid-year meeting last
February in Atlanta, the ABA House of
Delegates rejected a proposal to change its
Fair Trial and Free Press Standards to read:
Television, radio and photographic coverage of
judicial proceedings is not per se inconsistent
with the right to a fair trial. Subject to rule
established under the supervisory authority of
the highest appellate court in the jurisdiction,

24   tudicature/Volume 63. Number 1/fune-fulu, 1979

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