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28 J. Pat. Off. Soc'y 109 (1946)
Brunelleschi's Patent

handle is hein.journals/jpatos28 and id is 135 raw text is: February, 1946, Vol. XXVIII, No. 2

Brunelleschi's Patent
CONSIDERING that the admirable FILIPPO BRUN-
ELLESCHI, a man of the most perspicacious intellect, in-
dustry and invention, a citizen of Florence, has invented
some machine or kind of ship, by means of which he thinks
he can easily, at any time, bring in any merchandise and
load on the river Arno and on any other river or water, for
less money than usual, and with several other benefits to
merchants and others; and that he refuses to make such ma-
chine available to the public, in order that the fruit of his
genius and skill may not be reaped by another without his
will and consent; an d that, if he enjoyed some prerogative
concerning this, he would open up what lie is hiding, and
would disclose it to all;
AND DESIRING that this matter, so withheld and hid-
den without fruit, shall be brought to the light, to be of
profit both to said FILIPPO and to our whole country and
.others; and that some privilege be created for said FILIP-
PO, as hereinafter described, so that he may be animated
more fervently to even higher pursuits, and stimulated to
more subtle investigations,
DELIBERATED on Juno 19, 1421:
THAT NO PERSON in being, wherever 'born, and of
whatever status, dignity, quality and grade, shall dare or
presume, within three years next following from the day
when the present provision has been approved in the Coun-
cil of Florence, to commit any of the following acts on the
river Arno or on any other river, stagnant water or swamp,
or water running or existing in the territory of Florence:
(a) to have, hold, or use in any manner, be it newly in-
vented or made in new form, a machine or ship or other
instrument designed' to import or ship or transport on water
any merchandise or any things or goods, except such ship
or machine or instrument as they may have used until now
for similar operations, or (b) to ship or transport or to
have shipped or transported any merchandise or goods on
other ships, machines or instruments for water transport
than were familiar and usual until now; and further that
*Attorney at Law, Chicago, Ill.

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