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25 J. Pat. Off. Soc'y 73 (1943)

handle is hein.journals/jpatos25 and id is 87 raw text is: January, 4  Vol., XXVj,2No. i

Thomas Ewing
Thomas Ewing, Commissioner of Patents from 1913 to 1917,
during the administration of President Wilson, died :at his
home in Yonkers, N. Y., on December 7, 1942, after a long
Mr. Ewing was born in Leavenworth, Kansas, May 21, 1862.
His grandfather, Thomas Ewing, was the first Secretary of the
Interior and also Served as Secretary of the Treasury under
President Harrison. His father, General Thomas Ewing. ,was
elected Chief Justice of the'Supreme Court of Kansas at the
age of thirty-one.
Mr. Ewing was graduated from the University of Wooster, at
Wooster, 'Ohio, in 1881 and from Columbia University in 1885.
He received a Master's degree from Columbia the following year
and a law degree in 1888. During the latter year, he was ad-
mitted to the bar.
Mr. Ewing came to the Office of Commissioner of Patents
well equipped for the service, having been ai Assistant Examin-
er in the Patent Office and later actively engaged in the practice
of patent law.
On his retirement from the Office of Commissioner, Mr. Ewing
was made Chairman of the Munitions Board of the War and
Navy Departments and later resumed the practice of his pro-
fession in New York City.
He was a former president of the American Group of the In-
ternational Association for the Protection of Industrial Property
and in 1.931 served as president of the American Patent Law
George Francis Scull
George Francis Scull, senior partner of the firm of Gifford,
Scull and Burgess, New York patent attorneys, died December
10, 1942, in Montclair, N. J,
Born in Camden, Mr. Scull was graduated from, Rutgers Uni-
versity with a civil engineering degree in 1895. While serving
as an Examiner in the Patent Office, Mr. Scull, attended George
Washington University, receiving his law degree in 1905.
After his graduation he became associated with the late
Thomas A. Edison, serving in the patent department of. the
Edison firm until 1.913 when he entered business for himself

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