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2 J.L. & Border Stud. 7 (2002)
Ambos Nogales: A Tale of Two Cities and Water Management on the U.S.-Mexico Border

handle is hein.journals/jlbs2 and id is 9 raw text is: AMBOS NOGALES:
A Tale of Two Cities and Water Management on
the U.S.-Mexico Border
George B. Frisvold and Daniel E. Osgood
University ofArizona, Tucson, USA
Abstract: Negotiations between the United States and Mexico over
the scale, location, and financing of water treatment facilities
serving border twin cities are often protracted, leaving water
pollution problems unresolved for several years. Agreements
reached have been reactive to immediate health emergencies, lim-
ited in scope, and have failed to address market failures contrib-
uting to pollution in the first place. Institutions and programs
arising out of the La Paz Agreement and environmental concerns
over NAFTA have helped both nations plan, build, and finance
new facilities in a more coordinated and proactive manner. Yet,
the goal ofdeveloping locally self-financing municipal water sys-
tems on both sides of the border has remained elusive. To illus-
trate, we use a case study of negotiations over water resources
shared by Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora.
Resumen: Las negociaciones entre los Estados Unidos y Mdxico
sobre la capacidad, lugaryfinanciamiento de las instalaciones
para el tratamiento del agua que dan servicio a las ciudades
hermanasfronterizas se yen interrumpidas enformafrecuente,
quedando sin resolver los problemas sobre la contaminaci6n y
suministro del agua. Los acuerdos a que se han ilegado dan
respuesta alas emergencias mas inmediatas en el area de la salud,
aunque en un limitado campo de acci6npero no han tenido jxito
al enfocarse a lasfallas del mercado que contribuyeron en primer
lugar a los problemas ambientales. Las nuevas instituciones
creadaspara abordar laspreocupaciones ambientales generadas
por el NAFTA (Tratado de Libre Comercio) han ayudado a los
dos paises a planear, construir yfinanciar nuevas instalaciones
de unaforma mds coordinaday activa. Sin embargo, sigue siendo
Journal of Law and Border Studies volume 2 © 2002

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