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28 Isr. L. Rev. 601 (1994)
Arendt in Jerusalem, Jackson at Nuremberg: Presuppositions of the Nazi War Crimes Trials

handle is hein.journals/israel28 and id is 613 raw text is: ARENDT IN JERUSALEM, JACKSON AT NUREMBERG:
James Friedman*
I. Arendt in Jerusalem
II. Justice Jackson at Nuremberg
III. Conscience
I. Arendt in Jerusalem
In 1961 the government of Israel brought criminal charges in Jerusa-
lem against Adolf Eichmann, a former Obersturmbannfuher (Lt. Col.)
in the S.S. Eichmann's name had frequently come up at the Nuremberg
trials, as he had overseen the substantial task of transporting European
Jews to Nazi concentration and death camps during the war. However,
he was never tried at Nuremberg because he had evaded capture by
allied armies and begun a new life in Argentina. In 1961 the Mossad,
the Israeli intelligence agency, kidnapped Eichmann and brought him
to Israel to stand trial. Given Eichmann's notoriety, and the rather
unusual way in which Israel obtained in personam jurisdiction over him,
it was not surprising that the trial' received world-wide attention.
In Jerusalem Eichmann was charged with violations of the Nazi and
Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law of 1950.' The indictment as-
serted that he had committed crimes against the Jewish people.., with
*   Professor of Law, University of Maine School of Law, U.S.A.
1  Attorney General of Israel v. Adolf Eichmann (1962) 16(iii) P.D. 2033; 56 Am. J. Int'l
L. 805.
2   4 L.S.I. 141.

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