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6 Int'l L. 324 (1972)
North Korean Nationality Law

handle is hein.journals/intlyr6 and id is 334 raw text is: CHIN KIM*

North Korean Nationality Law
In 1963, the Korean Democratic People's Republic promulgated its
nationality law prescribing citizenship qualifications; a citizen being one
who owes allegiance to the People's Republic and in turn has various rights
to reciprocal protection from it.'
The nationality law of North Korea consists of a total of ten articles.
Despite the limited number of articles, this law contains most of the basic
ingredients found in the modem nationality legislation of other nations.
Author's English translation of the Korean text of the Nationality Law of
October 9, 1963 which appears in the Minju Choson (Democratic Korea),
Dated October 10, 1963:
Article I
The following persons are citizens of the Korean Democratic People's Re-
1. Koreans and their children who have possessed the Korean citizenship
prior to the establishment of the Korean Democratic People's Republic
and who have not abandoned their citizenship prior to the date of the
promulgation of this Law; and
2. Aliens who have acquired the citizenship of the Korean Democratic
People's Republic in a manner prescribed by law.
Article 2
Citizens of the Korean Democratic People's Republic irrespective of their
residence shall receive the political and legal protection of the Korean Demo-
cratic People's Republic.
Article 3
Citizens of the Korean Democratic People's Republic who reside abroad may
freely visit their fatherland-the Korean Democratic People's Republic.
*Associate Professor of Law and Library Administration, Univ. of Illinois; A.B., Florida
Southern College, M.S., Columbia Univ., LL.B., Korea Univ., M.C.L., George Washington
Univ., LL.M. and J.S.D., Yale Univ.
'Rights and duties of North Koreans are prescribed in articles II through 31, the
Constitution of the Korean Democratic People's Republic, September 9, 1948, as amended
October 22, 1962.

International Lawyer, Vol. 6, No. 2

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