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64 Int'l J. 223 (2008-2009)
Sino-Japanese Relations

handle is hein.journals/intj64 and id is 227 raw text is: Linus Hagstr6m
The ice that won't melt
The 20o8 commemoration of the 3oth anniversary of the peace and
friendship treaty between Japan and the People's Republic of China
coincided with much optimism about the healthy development and
prosperous future of this bilateral relationship. Observers around the globe
are welcoming the end to the frosty relations that existed under former
Japanese Prime Minister Jun'ichiro Koizumi (2ooi-o6), while news articles
and reports tend to reproduce the official line that the ice between the
countries has been breaking and melting, and that the relationship is
now experiencing a period of spring.
The recent signs of dtente in Sino-Japanese relations should indeed be
welcomed, but this should not amount to turning a blind eye to the
substantial problems that remain unsolved-problems that could, moreover,
be repoliticized by nationalist forces in both countries. Continuing with the
Linus Hagstr6m is senior research fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs,
and research fellow at the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities. He
wishes to thank Johan Lagerkvist for being a sounding board for many of the ideas developed
in this article, and the many interviewees who shared their views and expertise generously.
A grant from the Swedish Research Council made this research possible.

I International Journal I Winter 2008-09 1 223 1

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