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1969 Ins. L.J. 131 (1969)
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handle is hein.journals/inslj31 and id is 133 raw text is: Persons and Events
Thomas A. Ford, partner in the Albany, New York law firm of
Bender, Hesson, Ford and Grogan, was elected president of the De-
fense Research Institute, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at a recent board of
directors meeting. He replaces John M. Moelmann of Hinshaw, Cul-
bertson, Moelmann and Hoban of Chicago, who will remain as a
DRI director.
Keith M. Kelly, prominent Fort Worth, Texas insurance defense
lawyer, was elected a vice president of the Federation of Insurance
Counsel at the FIC's midwinter meeting. Mr. Kelly was named to
finish the remainder of a term left vacant by the recent death of FIC
vice president Bruce Bishop of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
The Health Insurance Council has announced the appointment
of Lawrence Newell as associate director of the Community Health
Action-Planning (HiCHAP) program. Mr. Newell previously served
as director of Community Health Services for the Columbus Hospital
Federation, Columbus, Ohio.
William T. Gibb, III has been named associate general counsel
of the Life Insurance Association of America, according to president
Benjamin F. Small. Mr. Gibb was formerly the deputy tax legislative
counsel of the United States Treasury Department.
Dr. William Haddon, Jr., who recently resigned as the first di-
rector of the National Highway Safety Bureau, United States Depart-
ment of Transportation, has been appointed president of the Insurance
Institute for Highway Safety. Donald L. Schaffer, chairman of the
board of governors of IIHS, made the announcement.
Vestal Lemmon, president of the National Association of Inde-
pendent Insurers, has announced the naming of three prominent in-
surance company executives to the NAII's board of governors. They
are Richard R. Dann, executive vice president of Detroit Automobile
Inter-Insurance Exchange of Detroit, Michigan; F. W. Hirt, first vice
president of Erie Insurance Exchange of Erie, Pennsylvania; and
Brig. Gen. Robert F. McDermott (ret.), president of United Services
Automobile Association of San Antonio, Texas.
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