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10 Ind. L.J. 169 (1934-1935)
Indiana Bar: A Message from the President

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A Message From the President
The Board of Managers met at Bloomington on November 3rd with every
member of the Board and every officer of the Association present. Such
interest and loyalty are more impressive when consideration is given to the
fact that many of the members traveled over four hundred miles in making
the round trip, all at their own expense. Although the By-Laws authorize
the payment of such expenses where the meeting is not in connection with a
meeting of the Association, the officers, board members and committee mem-
bers for years have waived their right to reimbursement so that funds needed
for the Journal, for speakers of note at the meetings of the Association and
other necessary expenses would not be depleted.
The Board decided to recommend for passage at the ensuing session of
the General Assembly the three bills presented to the last session. No change
was made in the procedural bill-the one restoring the rule making power to
the Supreme Court, but a change in the method of appointing some of the
members of the Judicial Council was made. (These bills, as heretofore ap-
proved by the Association, will be found in the October, 1932, Indiana Law
Journal VIII, pages 52-54.) The integrated bar bill published in the January,
1933, Indiana Law Journal VIII, pages 260-263, was approved except for the
following changes: In Section 4 the dues for active members is reduced
from seven dollars to five dollars, and in Section 7 the first three words of the
fourth line reading: from its membership are omitted.
Elsewhere in this issue of the Journal will be found the report of the
Committee on the Administration of Justice of the Indiana State Committee
on Governmental Economy, of which a summary will be given at the mid-
winter meeting. Time did not permit the reading, much less a discussion, of
this comprehensive report by the Board, and it is therefore offered to the
members of the Association at the earliest date possible so that they may
individually express any criticism to the committee or to those who draft the
bills recommended in the report.
The program of the mid-winter meeting and the sketch of the attainments
of the banquet speakers, which appear elsewhere in this issue, speak for them-
selves and warrant a large attendence.
WILMER T. Fox, President.
A Message from the Secretary
Your Secretary dislikes to insert into these otherwise pleasant pages of
the Indiana Law Journal any mention of delinquent dues but this is the time
of the year when the subject is uppermost in his mind.
The financial status of the Association has improved considerably in the
last several years and there are fewer delinquent members at the present
time than there were at this time last year or the year before. There are,
however, a great many members who have not paid their dues for the year
now ending and quite a few who owe for the preceding year as well. If
these members would pay up at this time the Association would be on a
thoroughly solvent basis, with sufficient funds on hand to carry on confi-
dently the rather ambitious program mapped out for 1935.
In any voluntary association the problem of collecting dues is most im-
portant. The Indiana State Bar Association instead of resorting to drives
or disciplinary measures has endeavored to make the Association's activities

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