29 Int'l J. Legal Info. 543 (2001)
Rohn's World Treaty Index: Its Past and Future; Pearson, Glenda J.

handle is hein.journals/ijli29 and id is 583 raw text is: Rohn's World Treaty Index: Its Past and Future

The question of national self interest
reconciled to the demands of a treaty obligation
inevitably calls upon a different level of perception
than 'pure' self-interest, outside such a system,
Maxwell Cohen1
The World Treaty Index (WM!), first published in print form in 1974,
has been a mainstay of treaty research for over a quarter of a century. A
second edition was published in 1983 and a reprint of that edition appeared
in 1997. Both editions of the print multi-volume set can be found in almost
* Administrator of the World Treaty Index, and Human Rights Resources
Coordinator, Suzzallo Library, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. The
author thanks Dr. Peter Rohn for his continued interest and generous counsel in
moving the World Treaty Index Database into the 211t century. I also acknowledge
the outstanding contributions of Research Assistant Lisa Spagnolo, graduate student
in the University of Washington School of Library and Information Science, whose
intellectual acumen and empathy were essential to recent progress made with the WTI
Database. The efforts of Ms. Spagnolo, who worked with University Libraries
Systems Intern Jennifer Ward to bring this resource to the web, have set the index on
a course to modernize it, make it more responsive to the needs of researchers and
more reflective of the dynamic developments now occurring in international law and
politics. I also wish to thank former library technician Paul Priest who contributed
countless hours in 1999 and 2000 to update the database. His personal commitment
to furthering universal human rights is an inspiration to all who know him. © 2001
Glenda J. Pearson.
I Maxwell COHEN, Impartiality, Realism and the International Process, in
International Law at a Time of Perplexity; Essays in Honour of Shabtai Rosenne.
Yoram DINsTEIN, ed. (Dordrecht: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1989), 91.

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