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15 Pat. Trademark & Copy. J. Res. & Ed. 557 (1971-1972)
The Commercial Value of Patented Inventions

handle is hein.journals/idea15 and id is 563 raw text is: The Commercial Value of Patented Inventions

THE PURPOSE OF THE CURRENT RESEARCH has been to determine the
value of inventive activity by a direct method and to compare a direct
and indirect approach. The results suggest that the direct method is
reliable. The results are consistent with the original attempts to
determine the value of inventive activity. An indirect method de-
veloped by F.M. Scherer is incompatible with the direct method.
of empirical studies concerned with inventive activity and related
areas. Their advantages and disadvantages have been a constant source
* Assistant Professor, School of Business Administration, University of Cali-
fornia, Berkeley. The author wishes to thank the National Science Foundation and
the Institute of Business and Economic Research of the University of California
for their generous support.

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