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17 Harv. Women's L.J. v (1994)
Board of Editors

handle is hein.journals/hwlj17 and id is 5 raw text is: Harvard

Editor in Chief
Jane E. Willis

Denise Jefferson
Jill Thompson
Recent Developments Editors
Jane Ashley Barr
Paula Beck
Peter J. Eliasberg
Tamara Jones
Jill Prater
Divonne Smoyer
Technical Editors
Sarah E. Mitchell
Julie E. Steinberg
Projects Editor
Alicia Lowery
Kate Arms
Catherine Baatz
Lashanda Branch
Melissa J. Bristol
Elizabeth Brown
Ketanji Brown
Joanna H. Buck
Cynthia Chandler
Lisa Choi
Nicole Clark
Heather Cornell
Barbara Fiacco
Amanda Fischman
Leigh Fraser
Erika Frick
Erika George
Melinda Good
Wendy Harlan

Executive Editors
Jacqueline Davis
Becca Winters
(Recent Developments)
Marie E. Burke
(Managing Editor)
Articles Editors
Jodi B. Danis
Ingrid Eagly
Hilary R. Hall
Lisa Manshel
Jennifer Middleton
Law and Literature Editors
Lisa Binder
Lisa Davis
Erik Lindseth
Yih-hsien Shen
Jacqueline Sherman
Rebecca Hollander-
Jennifer Hopeman
Dave Kahn
Kiya Kato
Sarah Kim
Victoria Kuohung
Stacy Kleiner
Meredith Kotler
Gia Lee
Shannon Liss
Maxine Lum
Angelique Mamby
David J. Marglin
Njeri Mathis
Amy Mayer
Nicole Montague
Jean Murphy

Carmia N. Caesar
(Law and Literature)
Yun Gyong Lee
(Book Reviews)
Book Reviews Editors
Caroline Cuthbert
Leah Guggenheimer
Melissa Hart
Catherine Hinton
Lisa M. Peets
Cristina Toro-Hemandez
General Editors
Diane Embry
Wady Milner
Stephanie A. Robinson
Karen E. Timberlake
Kimberly Parker
Angela Payne
Jennifer Plitsch
Jessica Rosenbaum
Judith Rosenberg
Kathleen Ryan
Jodi Simme
Sasha Smith
Cassandra Spurlock
Rebecca Sullivan
Robyn Tarnofsky
Joanne Tsung
Alissa Vradenburg
Joan Weiner
Elizabeth S. Westfall
Lisa White
Julia Wong

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