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9 Hofstra L. Rev. 523 (1980-1981)
Final Report on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court for the Implementation of the Apartheid Convention and Other Relevant International Instruments

handle is hein.journals/hoflr9 and id is 535 raw text is: FINAL REPORT ON
M. Cherif Bassiouni*
Daniel H. Derby**
Editor's Note.-Pursuant to a resolution of the United Nations
Commission on Human Rightst the Ad Hoc Working Group of
Experts on Southern Africa and the Special Committee Against
Apartheid were to undertake a study on ways and means of en-
suring the implementation of international instruments such as the
International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of
the Crime of Apartheid, including the establishment of the inter-
national jurisdiction envisaged by the said Conse-
quently, Professor Bassiouni was appointed Expert Consultant to
the Group, and, with the assistance of Professor Derby, prepared
the following report, which was unanimously adopted by the Ad
Hoc Working Group of Experts for the Commission on Human
Rights for the purpose of circulating the report among the member-
states for their comments.-it
The report consists of two projects: (1) A Draft Convention
for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court and (2)
A Draft Additional Protocol on the Penal Implementation of the
International Convention for the Suppression and Punishment of
the Crime of Apartheid. The latter, the Secretariat's Note, and
the appendices are not published here; the remainder of the re-
port is printed verbatim.
* Professor of Law, DePaul University; Secretary-General of the International
Association of Penal Law; Dean of the International Institute for Higher Studies in
Criminal Sciences.
* Assistant Professor of Law, University of Akron.
t G.A. Res. 34/24, ann. 1, 34 U.N. GAOR, U.N. Doc. A/34/618 (1979).
ft G.A. Res. 34/24, ann. 1, para. 20, 34 U.N. GAOR, U.N. Doc. A/34/618
tt-E/CN.4/AC/22CRP.19/Rev. 1 (10 Dec. 1980, orig. English).

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