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72 Dick. L. Rev. 35 (1967-1968)
Off-Record Risks for Bona Fide Purchasers of Interests in Real Property

handle is hein.journals/dlr72 and id is 45 raw text is: OFF-RECORD RISKS FOR BONA FIDE PURCHASERS
I. Forgeries and Frauds
A. Forged Instruments
B. Fraudulent Releases
C. Defrauding of a Grantor
II. Incapacity of a Grantor
A. Mental Incapacity of a Grantor
B. Infant Grantor
C. Legal Incapacity
II. Lack of an Essential Formality in the Execution of an
A. Lack of Delivery
B. Lack of Acknowledgment
IV. Mechanics' Liens
V. Unrecorded Family Rights
A. Dower
B. Rights of Pretermitted or After-Born Children
C. Community Property Rights
VI. Prior Adverse Possession and Undisclosed Easements
A. Prior Adverse Possession
B. Undisclosed Prescriptive Easements
C. Undisclosed Implied Easements
VII. Failure to Inquire with respect to Possession Not on its
Face Inconsistent with Purchaser's Rights
VIII. Tolled Limitations Periods
IX. Prior Holder in Chain of Title Senior in Record but Junior
in Time of Actual Notice
X. Rights of Prior Transferees under Recording Acts with
Grace Periods for Filing
XI. Void Judgments and Court Orders
XII. Subsequently Discovered Will
*  Member of the New Jersey Bar. B.A., 1964, Yale College; LL.B.,
1967, Yale University. The author gratefully acknowledges the assistance
and advice of Professor Quintin Johnstone of the Yale Law School.

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