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34 Can. Y.B. Int'l L. 89 (1996)
The Expanding Role of the Supreme Court of Canada in International Law Issues

handle is hein.journals/cybil34 and id is 99 raw text is: The Expanding Role of the Supreme Court
of Canada in International Law Issues
T HE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH OF interstate activities in recent
years, whether by states, corporations, or private individuals,
has produced a corresponding demand for the resolution of legal
disputes arising out of these activities. The world community
has responded to this rapidly increasing need in many ways. These
range from the establishment of a wide assortment of international
bodies, from war crimes tribunals to permanent and ad hoc trade
enforcement tribunals, to private corporations resorting to interna-
tional arbitration.
National courts, as the principal fora for individuals who seek
recourse to legal processes in relation to claims arising out of
transnational activities, have also been significantly affected by the
rapid globalization that marks our era. Increasingly, our courts have
had to deal with both a larger number and a wider range of
international and transnational issues than was the case only a few
years ago. This development has been increasingly felt by the
Supreme Court of Canada, which in many areas has attempted to
reformulate existing principles to meet modern needs, as well as to
foster compliance with international law. In undertaking these
tasks, the Court has increasingly adopted interpretive techniques
under international law. These techniques not only assist under-
standing but also promote uniformity in applying international
*The author is ajustice of the Supreme Court of Canada. This article is based on
an address given at the Banquet of the Annual Conference of the Canadian
Council on International Law, October 18, 1996. The theme of the Conference
was Fostering Compliance with International Law.

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