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32 Comm. L. World Rev. [vii] (2003)
Table of Contents - Issue 3

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Volume 32                                      Number 3 2003
Stranger than Fiction? The Jennens Inheritance in Fact and
Fiction. Part 1: The Jennens Fortune in the Courts
Patrick Polden                                            211
The Constitutional Role of the Queen of Australia
Hon Justice BM Selway                                     248
Safety in the Air: Air Carriers' Rights and Responsibilities
at National and International Law
Ruwantissa Abeyratne                                      275
Book Reviews
Good Governance in Europe's Integrated Market,
edited by C. Joerges and R. Dehousse
Reviewed by Phil Syrpis                                   304
Random Justice. On Lotteries and Legal Decision-Making,
by Neil Duxbury
Reviewed by Patrick Capps.                                307
© Vathek Publishing Licence, 2003

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