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11 Colo. J. Int'l Envtl. L. & Pol'y 411 (2000)
The Evolution of Two Water Resource Management Systems: Case Studies of Tampa Bay and the Middle East

handle is hein.journals/colenvlp11 and id is 423 raw text is: The Evolution of Two Water
Resource Management Systems:
Case Studies of Tampa Bay and
the Middle East
Martin A. Rowland-
Fast growing regions in the United States and around the world fre-
quently experience water resource management crises. Whatever causes
population growth, water crises occur for the same underlying reasons,
which include water shortages from increased domestic use and indus-
trial, commercial, and agricultural development. This paper presents a
comparative case study of the water systems of two regions: the Tampa
Bay region of west central Florida, and the Middle Eastern countries of
Israel and Jordan, and the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories of the
West Bank and Gaza District. Although these cases differ dramatically in
environmental, social, cultural, political, and religious factors, the under-
lying water resource issues are similar. These issues include a limited
natural supply of water and disputes over it. The evolution of the water
management institution in Tampa Bay through clearly definable steps to
its present, optimal stage can be used as a model for analyzing the situa-
tion in the Middle East and a guide to resolving water resource manage-
ment issues there.
Supplying water for domestic, industrial, commercial, and agricul-
tural consumption is an increasing challenge of global magnitude as
population growth impacts the natural flow of rivers, lakes, and water-
Marty Rowland is a doctoral candidate in Urban Studies at the University of New
Orleans' College of Urban and Public Affairs.

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