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78 B.U. L. Rev. 229 (1998)
Memorial Tributes for Professor Elizabeth B. Clark

handle is hein.journals/bulr78 and id is 251 raw text is: IN MEMORIAM
Today we come together to remember Professor Elizabeth Battelle Clark,
Betsy to all who knew her. We were shocked to hear of her illness, inspired
by the intensity of her fight against it, and deeply saddened by her death.
We have come together before to mourn her loss. Now we gather once
more to celebrate our good fortune to have known Betsy and to share our
remembrances of her.
I first heard of Betsy from a friend when she was a Visiting Professor at
Harvard Law School. He told me that we should try to hire her, advising
that she's fabulous and simultaneously that you and she will disagree
about everything-adding matter of factly, you'll love her!
My friend was right on all counts. Betsy was fabulous. We disagreed
about everything. And, like all of her colleagues and vast circle of friends, I
did love her.
Betsy's life was, from the start, a wonderful fit to her personality. Cities,
states, and schools could not contain her, and ordinary conventions did not
bind her. Her peregrinations were not meanderings but purposeful marches.
Everywhere she went, Betsy went with incredible energy, gathering friends,
dispensing advice, collecting ideas, and generating good-willed mayhem.
Betsy was born in Ohio, just eight days before the Republicans recaptured
the White House and both Houses of Congress, after a quarter century of
solid control by Democrats. Betsy must have hated that-I'm sure Betsy's
political views were fully formed and firmly held, even as an infant, and I'm
not sure she ever fully forgave the American public for 1952. She moved in
early childhood from Cleveland, Ohio, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and
attended Indiana University, the University  of Michigan, Princeton
University, and the University of Wisconsin, earning her J.D., Ph.D.,
LL.M., and universal admiration of students and teachers alike.
She joined the law faculty at Cardozo Law School in 1987, and in just one
decade held faculty positions at five schools plus a fellowship at the Charles
Warren Center at Harvard. We were blessed to have Betsy as a member of
the Boston University law faculty for six of those years.
* Dean and Melville Madison Bigelow Professor of Law, Boston University School of

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