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39 Buff. L. Rev. 313 (1991)
Buffalo Change & Community

handle is hein.journals/buflr39 and id is 321 raw text is: BUFFALO LAW REVIEW

Volume 39                             Spring 1991                            Number 2
Buffalo Change & Community
;    F   ROM    Rust Belt to Money Belt in Buffalo..              ,  announced the
X headline in the New York Times. Since the late 1980s, the na-
tional and international press has reported the apparent renaissance of
Buffalo, New York,2 as this medium-size industrial city strives to dis-
tance itself from a troubled past. So, too, have local players broadcast
and celebrated Buffalo's re-emergence.3            The overall rate of unemploy-
* Associate Professor, University at Buffalo, School of Law. Pitegoff formerly was legal coun-
sel to the Industrial Cooperative Association in Boston, Massachusetts, and a community organizer
in Oakland, California. He was lead organizer of the April 1990 Conference on Buffalo Change and
Community and founder of the community economic development law clinic at the University at
Buffalo, School of Law.
1. Sack, From Rust Belt to Money Belt in Buffalo, N.Y. Times, July 20, 1990, at B1, col. 2.
2. Crawford, Buffalo: Our Kind of Town, Toronto Star, July 3, 1988, at Al, col. 1; Buffalo
Shuffling Back to Prosperity, THE ECONOMIST, July 2, 1988, at 24; McKibben, Buffalo Stirring
Again, Boston Globe, Oct. 26, 1990, at 61, col. 3; Lowenstein, Buffalo Starts to Come in From the
Cold, Wall St. J., Dec. 8, 1988, at A2, col. 2; MacKenzie, Buffalo Finally Favored, N.Y. Times, Jan.
23, 1991, at A19, col. 1; Auerbach, Once an Industrial Dinosaur, Buffalo Prospers from Free Trade
Pact, Washington Post, July 16, 1989, at H2, col 2. Cf. Fink, Buffalo Shines in Yet Another Survey,
Business First of Buffalo, Mar. 27, 1989, at 1, col. 1 (cites growth in non-residential construction).
Note, also, favorable endorsements in Gannes, Some Real Comers Among the Midsize U.S. Cities,
TICS 1990 799 (1989).
3. See, eg., Madore, Buffalo Making Big Pitch to Nation's CEO's, Buffalo News, July 19, 1990,
at D9, col. 2; Bus. WK., July 9, 1990, at 79 (announcing special advertising section, Buffalo: The
Hot Spot for Business); Campbell, MBA Program Reins in Foreign Business to WNY, Business First
of Buffalo, Aug. 6, 1990, at 9, col. 1. Professional sports franchises serve as popular vehicles for
Buffalonians to celebrate and broadcast Buffalo's re-emergence, most notably the Buffalo Bills of the
National Football League (reaching the Super Bowl in January 1991, only to lose by one point to the
New York Giants), the Buffalo Sabres of the National Hockey League, and the Buffalo Bisons, a
successful Triple A minor league baseball team and a finalist in a bid for a Major League Baseball
franchise. See Summers, Opening Day Puts Major League Road Warriers in Gear, Buffalo News,

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