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31 Banking L. J. 783 (January to December 1914)
Bankers' Trust Company of New York

handle is hein.journals/blj31 and id is 825 raw text is: THE BANKERS TRUST COMPANY, NEW YORK CITY

Seward Prosser, who for the past two and-a-half years has bren plesident of the
Liberty National Bank of New York City, succeeds Benjamin Strong, Jr.. as I-resident
of the Bankers Trust Company. Mr. Strong having been elected governor of the Fed-
eral Reserve Bank of New York. Mr. Prosser has for iany years been proninent in


banking and insurance circles in New York. At one time he was head of the well-
known insurance firm of Prosser & Homans, general agents of the Equitable Life
Assurance Society. In 1807 Mr. Prosser, with otheis, organized the Astor Tiust Com-
pany. He was one of its directors and also vice-president, holding that position until
he became president of the Liberty National in March, 1912.
Mr. Prosser from his long connection with the banking haternity has made hosts
of friends who wish him well in his new position.

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