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1969 Law & Soc. Order 161 (1969)
Lawyers on the Reservation: Some Implications for the Legal Profession

handle is hein.journals/arzjl1969 and id is 173 raw text is: Lawyers on the Reservation:
Some Implications for the
Legal Profession
Among the many projects of the Office of Economic
Opportunity has been the provision of legal services for
Indian reservations. The position of the lawyer on a reser-
vation is much different from that of the lawyer for the
urban poor, both because of the Indian culture and be-
cause of the vast potential and actual natural resources
held by Indians. Professor Price, who is closely connected
with California Indian Legal Services, examines the pro-
gram and some of its unique cultural problems and ob-
stacles. He then discusses the proper role of the legal
services lawyer on the reservation and concludes that he
must assist as architect in helping to define and to effect
economic development of the reservation's resources.
Monroe E. Price*
This is an essay on a tiny corner of the legal profession, a small
but growing band of lawyers financed by the Office of Economic
Opportunity to provide legal services for American Indians. But,
as is sometimes the case, a part can illuminate the whole; and
here, in the hot house of the reservation context, important ques-
tions about the law and lawyers can be treated in a comparative
way within a domestic setting. The experience of the OEO lawyers
provides some insight into the relationship between law and
economic development and also into the role of a lawyer where
there is substantial social and institutional change.
The lawyers, about 40 in number, are distributed throughout
the country: there are OEO programs at the Choctaw Reserva-
tion in Philadelphia, Mississippi; at Cheyenne River, Crow Creek,
*Professor of Law, University of California at Los Angeles.

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