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18 Antitrust L. & Econ. Rev. 17 (1986)
Structure versus Conduct as Indicators of Market Performance: The Chicago-School Attempts Revisited

handle is hein.journals/antlervi18 and id is 131 raw text is: STRUCTURE VERSUS CONDUCT AS
Dr. Joe S. Bain
Scholarship and Fishing
Dr. Bain is Emeritus Profes-
sor of Economics, University of
California, Berkeley. Born in
1912 in Spokane, Washington,
he received his A.B. from UCLA
in 1935 (Phi Beta Kappa, with
highest honors) and his M.A.
and Ph.D. from Harvard in 1939
and '40, serving as Instructor
in Economics at Harvard from
1936 to 1939 and thereafter as
Professor of Economics at Berke-
ly until his retirement in 1976.
His publications include numer-
ous books and articles, most
notably Barriers to New Competition (Harvard Univer-
sity Press, 1956), Industrial Organization (Wiley, 1959
and 1968), and Essays on Price Theory and Industrial
Organization (Little, Brown, 1972). He reports to us that
his hobby is salmon fishing.
'High In the Alphabet'
So much for the bare-bones biographical data. A few
(@1986 Antitrust Law & Economics Review, Inc. * Box 3532, Vero Beach, FL 32964

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