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47 Cal. W. L. Rev. 173 (2010-2011)
Silencing the Voices of Battered Women: How Arizona's New Anti-Immigration Law SB1070 Prevents Undocumented Women from Seeking Relief under the Violence against Women Act

handle is hein.journals/cwlr47 and id is 175 raw text is: SILENCING THE VOICES OF BATTERED WOMEN: How
Claudia flinches as she touches the side of her face where her
husband just slapped her. She hadn't properly greeted him when he
came home from a long day of work. It seems she never greets him
properly; sometimes, he is mad when she doesn't act excited enough,
and other times, he wants her out of his way. He is so unpredictable.
But what is predictable is her daily beating. As an undocumented
woman married to an abusive United States citizen husband, Claudia
does not have a job to escape to, or friends to confide in. She is a
prisoner in her own home, with a husband who enjoys using his status
to degrade and abuse her. He especially enjoys making sure she knows
that if she reports the abuse, he will contact the authorities and have
her deported. Helpless, Claudia wants to call the police herself in the
hopes that they will treat her as a victim rather than an undocumented
immigrant. But she cannot. She knows the police here have a different
agenda. They will ask about her legal status before they ask about any
abuse she may have suffered. After all, the law requires them to.
Defeated, Claudia chooses to suffer her abuse alone rather than risk
being sent back to a country she no longer calls home.'
On April 23, 2010, the governor of Arizona signed Senate Bill
1070 (SB1070),2 also known as an Anti-Immigration Law.
1. For a similar story (in this case true), see Laura Tillman, Exclusive on a
Border Near Arizona: How Police can Protect Immigrant Women, WOMEN'S
MEDIA CENTER (May 4, 2010, 7:06 AM), http://womensmediacenter.com-
2. Randal C. Archibold, Arizona Enacts Stringent Law on Immigration, N.Y.
TIMES, Apr. 24, 2010, at Al, available at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/24/


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