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Westbrook, Amy Deen (Edit Author Profile)

Full Name Westbrook, Amy Deen
University/Affiliation Washburn University School of Law
Title Kurt M. Sager Memorial Distinguished Professor of International and Commercial Law
# Rank
Cited by Articles
132 7,788
Self-Citations 6
Accessed (Past 12 Months)
92 18,491
Cited by Articles (Past 10 Years)
132 3,721
Cited by Articles (Past 1-2 years)
16 4,120
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9 results searching for (creator_facet:"Westbrook, Amy Deen") in Law Journal Library. , sorted by "Number of Times Cited by Articles"

Enthusiastic Enforcement, Informal Legislation: The Unruly Expansion of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act [article]
Georgia Law Review, Vol. 45, Issue 2 (Winter 2011), pp. 489-578
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
45 Ga. L. Rev. 489 (2010-2011)
Cited by 87 Articles
Accessed 18 Times
What's in Your Portfolio - U.S. Investors are Unknowingly Financing State Sponsors of Terrorism [article]
DePaul Law Review, Vol. 59, Issue 4 (Summer 2010), pp. 1151-1222
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
59 DePaul L. Rev. 1151 (2009-2010)
Cited by 12 Articles
Accessed 10 Times
Sunlight on Iran: How Reductive Standards of Materiality Excuse Incomplete Disclosure under the Securities Laws [article]
Hastings Business Law Journal, Vol. 7, Issue 1 (Winter 2011), pp. 13-76
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
7 Hastings Bus. L.J. 13 (2011)
Cited by 12 Articles
Accessed 8 Times
Learning from Wall Street: A Venture in Transactional Legal Education [article]
QLR, Vol. 27, Issue 1 (2009), pp. 227-284
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
27 QLR 227 (2009)
Cited by 8 Articles
Accessed 4 Times
Double Trouble: Collateral Shareholder Litigation Following Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Investigations [article]
Ohio State Law Journal, Vol. 73, Issue 5 (2012), pp. 1217-1252
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
73 Ohio St. L.J. 1217 (2012)
Cited by 7 Articles
Accessed 28 Times
Does Banking Law Have Something to Teach Corporations Law about Directors' Duties [article]
Washburn Law Journal, Vol. 55, Issue 2 (Spring 2016), pp. 397-426
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
55 Washburn L.J. 397 (2015-2016)
Cited by 3 Articles
Accessed 16 Times
The Inadequate Disclosure of Business Conducted in Countries Designated as State Sponsors of Terrorism [article]
Securities Regulation Law Journal, Vol. 39, Issue 1 (Spring 2011), pp. 15-44
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
39 Sec. Reg. L.J. 15 (2011)

Full Text Not Currently Available in HeinOnline
Does the Buck Stop Here: Board Responsibility for FCPA Compliance [article]
University of Toledo Law Review, Vol. 48, Issue 3 (Spring 2017), pp. 493-518
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
48 U. Tol. L. Rev. 493 (2016-2017)
Cited by 1 Articles
Accessed 8 Times
Blue Skies for 100 Years: Introduction to the Special Issue on Corporate and Blue Sky Law [article]
Washburn Law Journal, Vol. 50, Issue 3 (Spring 2011), pp. xxv-xxxviii
Westbrook, Amy Deen (Cited 132 times)
50 Washburn L.J. xxv (2010-2011)